Desperate #Tories: “#Corbyn can win. ALL that matters now is stopping him”

The sense of Tory panic continues and intensified, heightened still further by Corbyn’s ‘tanks on lawn’ decision today to continue in General Election mode and profit from his unassailable position to start attacking now the sixty-five most vulnerable Tory-held marginal seats.

And now the Tories have stopped even trying to hide it.

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) is one of the best-known and most influential Conservative ‘think-tanks’, a thought-leader for free-market Tories. Although notionally non-partisan, it was co-founded by Margaret Thatcher and its current president is Tory peer Lord Saatchi.

The CPS wholly owns and runs an online magazine titled CapX, whose editor is a former head of comment at the Telegraph. And on Tuesday, CapX published an article with the remarkably frank title:


The article examines the threat that Jeremy Corbyn poses to the Conservative worldview and to Tory power and reaches some remarkably conclusions:.

NOTHING else matters – not even keeping the country safe

Everything else is secondary now to stopping him. Austerity, Brexit, public services reform, trade deals with the US, foibles about doing deals with Irish politicians or Lib Dems – even new anti-terror laws. Everything else is secondary and expendable for the moment.

We’re hopelessly out of touch

[we] didn’t understand how it could happen, didn’t believe it was real while it was happening, and insisted right up to the day of the election that even if Corbyn had lots of supporters, they wouldn’t turn out to vote for him.

We were completely wrong, and we were completely wrong in a way that means we have no real chance of understanding why we were completely wrong. So what we are all doing now is to tell you what it all means and what should happen next, despite our just having demonstrated we have no expert credentials for doing so.

We can’t let May fight him again – and we don’t know who else can

we can’t have [May] fighting Corbyn again, because she’d probably lose. …perhaps if May can last a couple of years a better answer will turn up. I don’t know, and at this stage no one else does either.

jc triumph

We have to give up on any idea of, you know, governing

If [avoiding facing Corbyn] means, for the next five years, running a minority government that does little more than pass a holding finance bill each year, with the rest of the Commons’ time spent debating drain repairs and motions congratulating the Queen of Bhutan on the birth of her latest child, that’ll be just fine.

These are just a few examples of the frank terror with which the Tories now regard the ‘strong and stable’ Corbyn and Labour’s outstanding policy platform.

There’s also an accidental but utterly damning indictment of Labour moderates and why they cannot be allowed anywhere near the Labour leadership:

First, there must be no general election until we can beat him or he is gone. If Labour replaced him with someone more acceptable – Yvette Cooper, say – then if business became difficult to implement we could fight another General Election that we might lose, so that there would be a stable majority government.

The Tories are so desperate not to face Corbyn that they would be prepared to lose an election to have someone ‘safe’ like Yvette Cooper maintaining ‘business as usual’.

There could be no more compelling reason to avoid intransigent Labour right-wingers like the plague.

Likewise, there could be no greater tribute to the achievement of Jeremy Corbyn last week – no matter how hard the spin doctors and TV pundits are now trying to downplay it as they recover from their shock – nor to his credibility and eminent electability.

The frank panic and abject terror of the Tories is the ultimate compliment to the Labour leader. It should – and must – encourage all of his supporters to redouble their efforts and to emulate the Labour leader:

By remaining in General Election mode and preparing for government.

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29 responses to “Desperate #Tories: “#Corbyn can win. ALL that matters now is stopping him”

  1. “… we were completely wrong in a way that means we have no real chance of understanding why we were completely wrong.”

    Anyone searching for a definition-worthy example of cognitive dissonance need look no further. The author of that sentence, Andrew Lilico, is blind to a truth that’s staring him right in the face: that he and his ilk are utterly despised by a sizeable – and rising – percentage of the general population. Happy to disappoint, Andrew.

    • Yeah, that sentence stood-out as being bonkers to me too! 😆 Kind of self-contradicting and evidently utterly confused beyond belief!

      • Watching the Tories try to rationalise their election meltdown without a shred of intellectual integrity is eerily reminiscent of Blair at his worst =)

  2. Yes they certainly sound very unhinged. Very worrying for JC’s safety.

    Also what worries me is the mounting pressure, dressed up as coming up with a unified team, to bring back the likes of Caroline Flint, Yvette Cooper, Bomber Benn and their “Trojan Horse”, the “War Hero” Dan Jarvis into the shadow cabinet.

    In my opinion this would be a disastrous move.

    I may be paranoid but I don’t trust “Corporate Labour” as far as I could throw them.

    • Collaborators, saboteurs and cookoo’s eggs, the lot of ’em – oh, to be a fly on the wall during their treacherous schemings, what a blog post that’d be!

      New selection procedures are the only way to bridge the gulf between membership sentiment and Corporate Labourism: trigger, nomination and selection via an all-members postal/online constituency ballot, rather than the usual attendees-only stitchup.

      Technology’s pushed the cost down to near zero, so there’s no excuse for procedures out of the Middle Ages that favour organised minorities with zero grassroots support. Looking at you, Progress.

  3. The CPS is part of a very large network of neoliberal organisations which were set up in the post war period to influence and dominate public debate.

    Billions of pounds have been spent in funding their endeavour to ensure that the neoliberal concepts of privatisation, austerity and deregulation, otherwise know as structural adjustment programmes, became the accepted orthodoxy of all mainstream political parties.

    Jeremy Corbyn is single handedly ratcheting back the neoliberal model, it is no wonder they are so terrified of them.

    Jeremy Corbyn is the nemesis of neoliberalism.

  4. overwhelming evidence of the effects of cuts on todays fire let it be a funeral pyre for Conservatives and austerity.

  5. This is the first blowback from the neo-liberal army out there. Soon we will get articles in the mainstream press about a “sudden new” economic crisis caused by Corbyn. We will see rumours of threats to withdraw capital, threats to call in loans, and/or interest hikes on our loans, with the elites demanding that the only way we can pay off our current debt is by privatiisng assets and even further public funding cuts. I hope Corybn’s team have a counter-narrative and counter-plan in place.

    “… we were completely wrong in a way that means we have no real chance of understanding why we were completely wrong.”
    If this is the case do we carry on letting them suffer in their delusion, or do we try to put them right? It’s a kind of shock doctrine in reverse, maybe we should leave it that way, let them stew in their own shock for a change?

    • You are quite right, we are currently witnessing the counter-shock doctrine.

      But we press home our advantage by applying the same tactics so successfully deployed by the neoliberals and act swiftly whilst they are in a state of shock.

    • The simple retort to any threat of the kind you mention is that the government creates money out of thin air, it always has done and will always in the future.

      The dark secrets held for so long under wraps have now been fully exposed, the Bank of England produces a bulletin that explains money creation in a way we can all understand.

      George Monboit also explains how the right have transformed the political landscape over the last forty to fifty years.

  6. “We can’t have [May] fighting Corbyn again, because she’d probably lose”


    When’s she ever won a PMQ’s? Too scared/arrogant to go head-to-head in a Tv debate…

    There isn’t a single one of them that Corbyn couldn’t wipe the floor with. Heads so far up their arses, they’re all looking for the light switch 🙂


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