Tories falling apart as MEP wants to execute ‘extreme’ remainers. Which is extreme…

A Tory MEP wants to ‘update’ the Treason Act to include execution for ‘extreme EU loyalty’.

David Bannerman tweeted this morning that those exhibiting too much loyalty to the European Union should be treated like jihadis if the law is updated to allow Islamic extremists to be tried as traitors. Although Bannerman later replaced his original tweet with one which did not specify that it was the mediaeval version of the Treason Act to which he was referring, as the original did:


Bannerman considers that those ‘working undemocratically against’ the UK are comparable with those taking up arms against it. Curiously, the Brexit-supporting MEP does not seem to consider that those who have – as already proven by the Electoral Commission – worked undemocratically for Brexit should suffer the same fate.

Unsurprisingly, he also retweets UKippers.

Twitter has responded to hate-speech complaints about the tweet by saying it does not breach guidelines.

Left-wing commentators were quick to point out the extent to which the Tories’ utter Brexit incompetence has reduced the UK’s standing – but some Brexiters were also appalled:

bannerman resp2bannerman resp1

Bannerman also retweets #MayMustGo tweets by other hardline Brexit ultras.

After over two years since the referendum result without any meaningful progress in what passes for its ‘negotiations’ with the EU, the Tory party is in utter disarray and devouring itself – no wonder the Establishment and its media are going to greater lengths than ever to smear Jeremy Corbyn.

Update 17.33hrs 25/7/18:

One reader objected that Mr Bannerman was not calling for executions, because the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 abolished the death penalty for treason.

However, Mr Bannerman’s original tweet called for an update to the Treason Act of 1372. In fact there is no Treason Act of that year, but the Treason Act of 1351 introduced the penalty of death by hanging, drawing and quartering.

Mediaeval punishment for treason was death by hideous means, so Mr Bannerman was being perfectly clear about what kind of outcomes he had in mind:

bannerman 1372.png

That tweet was subsequently replaced by one without the year, perhaps as a result of the backlash to the original.

The SKWAWKBOX is happy to clarify this point.

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  1. The right wing megalomaniacs are taking over the Tory Party! If we don’t bring them down soon we won’t be able to as elections will have been banned and democracy dismantled!

  2. Presumably this law will apply to those within the Tories who defer to the Chinese dictatorship, Erdogan, Donald Trump, The House of Saud, The Amir of Qatar, Benjamin Netanyahu, and various assorted Russian oligarchs?

  3. Do they regard exposing their lies and deceit – ie propaganda – as treasonous. No doubt the following assessment re the likelihood that Russia/Putin was responsible for the ‘Salisbury Poisoning’ would be regarded as “siding with the enemy”……. I think most of us know exactly who the enemy is:

    I think the reasoning behind it all is answered with the question: Who benefits? Cui Bono? Certainly not ‘Russia’ or Vladimir Putin, let alone doing it just a couple of days before the pre-planned events to celebrate 100 days to go to the World Cup football or just a few months before the high-profile showcase event itself AND using a chemical weapon – a nerve agent – that could potentially kill dozens of other people.

    It is of course absurd and inconceivable that Vladimir Putin would jeopardise the World Cup Football Tournament AND bring the wrath of the international community down upon his head (even though they knew of course that ‘Russia’ and Putin had nothing to do with it) AND at a time when relations with the West were already approaching an all-time low AND further sanctions potentially etc, etc, and all for the sake of bumping off a former Russian intelligence officer.

    And it is also absurd and inconceivable that a hit job would be planned and carried out in such a haphazard way, dependent on so many imponderables, and the success or the failure of the operation dependent on whether it rains or not. But from the West’s perspective, there was much to gain!

    I’m sure, like myself, that many people who visit this website have come across Comments sections on numerous occasions where posters who question the official narrative about various events, like chemical weapons attacks in Syria being blamed on Assad, are then dissmissed by another poster as a Kremlin stooge or whatever……. in other words, it serves to undermine and invalidate and ‘neuter’ free-thinkers – critical thinkers – who see through the propaganda. And it also serves to deter people from checking out RT, and as we know, has led to many people being reluctant to appear on Going Underground or The Sputnik (with George Galloway) etc, because they fear the fallout, and so a medium whereby they could get their message and point of view out has been closed down to them. And then there’s the industrial military complex of course! So it’s gain, gain, gain for the British Establishment and their minions; and I don’t think President Putin would NOT have forseen such an eventuality. Of course he would!

    That’s it, except to say that it is inconceivable that two people would just happen to become incapacitated in exactly the same moment, who had been contaminated hours earlier by a nerve agent which had been coated on the outside handle of their front door. OR that it would take three weeks before the forensic and chemical weapons experts would think to check the handle of the front door. In the real world, they would have been at the house in a matter of hours once it was established that the two of them had been poisoned with a nerve agent, and the handle of the front door would have been the FIRST thing they checked, prior to entering the house.

      1. And the widely reported story on April 4th about Sergei Skripal’s pets – ie the two guinea pigs being dead etc – is contradicted by the following article in The Sun on March 17th, which ALSO contradicts the story about the Novichok on the door handle being found some three weeks after the alledged poisoning AND contradicts what it says in the April 4th story about the house having been sealed up “as part of the police investigation” (which makes no sense of course anyway):


      2. And just one more – very important – point. The reality is that the names of the three people (who were alledgedly poisoned) would have been known to the ‘authorities’ by the Sunday night at the very, very latest, and they would have determined by then that Sergei Skripal was a former Russian intelligence officer etc, etc (you can be sure that senior officers in Salisbury were well aware that he was living on their patch as of when he moved there), and yet FIRST, on the Monday (the 5th) we are being told by the MSM that “a man and a woman have been taken to Salisbury Hospital seriously ill”, then we are being told that it’s Sergei Skripal etc and a “woman”, and then we are being told the woman is his daughter, and then we are being told on March 7th that a police officer (who attended their house) is also ill in hospital, and then, on March 8th, he is named as DS Nick Bailey. So why was all the information that could have been given to the media on the Sunday night, spread out over the next four days?

        Because if all three had been named straight away AND that Nick Bailey went to the house, then it would have occured to a lot of people that it COULDN’T have been something the Skripals ate, or something they drank etc, etc, and that given that DS Nick Bailey went to the house sometime later that day, then THAT would have been the most likely source of contamination – ie some object at the house.

        And in the real world – once it had been established that all three had been poisoned by an ‘unknown substance’, as it was being described initially – the ‘authorities’ would have concluded that the most likely source of contamination was at the house, and yet they would have us believe that they didn’t think of this until some three weeks later, and that the house was “sealed up as part of the police investigation”, which is an oxymoron of course (and contradicted by the articles I linked to above anyway).

        First you get the ‘spy’ bit out, then you have the MSM accusing ‘Russia’ and Putin and going into hysteria mode to emotionalise the masses, and then, having done so, you then mention about Nick Bailey who went to their aid at the park bench (and then sometime afterwards went to the house). And ONCE emotionalised – as the PTB know oh-so well – people don’t think clearly and rationally and objectively – ie their ability to reason goes straight out of the window.

  4. Shouldn’t we include showing greater loyalty to Israel than to the UK? Let the Zionists swing!

  5. The Treason Act: is that the one on the statute books from 1351 (last used in 1945) which is written in Normal French?

  6. I have always argued the Tories are Right Wing Neo-Liberal Barbarians and now two examples in a week!
    Firstly Right Wing Neo-Liberal political moron Javed tries to show his Right Wing credentials to the Tory rank and file with an eye on the leadership then Bannerman the Barbarian sends in his gob first.
    But even political lightweight Johnson said we needed to believe in the country but who on either side of the Brexit debate doesn’t?
    More importantly I believe in the potential of diverse working people in every country if they can gain power with left wing democratic socialist reps.
    Oh history sweep the rich and powerful and their reps the true Little People aside and to paraphrase a song from The Marmalade, “Baby make it soon, make it soon, we’re coming home!”

  7. “Bloated sack of ignorant lobster dick” has to be my favourite insult of the year so far.

    Respect, Rachael Swindon!

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