Video: Cable’s non-denial of new party plans – and “I want my party at the centre of it”

The SKWAWKBOX has published information over a number of weeks showing that the long-predicted but little-anticipated formation of a new party out of disgruntled and defunct centrists was imminent. Allies of a number of right-wing Labour MPs around the country have been resigning lately in what may be a move to pave the way for the MPs to follow.

Vince Cable

LibDem leader Vince Cable reportedly – and ironically – missed a vote, helping Theresa May avoid by a handful of votes a major Brexit defeat last week to meet representatives, not thought to be MPs, of the group seeking to form the new party and there has been talk this week of the LibDems being absorbed or parasitised by the new group so that its existing infrastructure can be exploited.

Cable appeared yesterday in a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ segment on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme featuring an excerpt from his radio interview with John Pienaar, in which he made what appears at first hearing to be a denial – but isn’t quite – but then went on to indicate that he did anticipate a new party and that the LibDems would be ‘at the centre of it’:

Cable says ‘that’s not correct’ – but what is ‘that’? In context, given Pienaar’s question about meeting for dinner, he might be saying he met them for drinks, or snacks. Or he might be denying that was the topic discussed. It’s not quite a denial.

But Cable goes on to make his position clear – as far as he’s concerned, a new party is coming and he intends the LibDems to be ‘at the centre of it’. Of course, it’s unlikely to be purely down to him, as it’s unlikely the LibDem constitution would allow such a change without a member vote on it.

But the noise around the launch of a new party is undeniably growing. The question is, how many right-wing Labour MPs are prepared to end their meaningful careers and be remembered for betraying the party that got them elected by trying to keep the country under a Tory yoke, just to try to stop Jeremy Corbyn from becoming PM?

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  1. Macron has been a walking disaster in France! I doubt very much that anything will get off the ground – just variations on Neoliberalism with right-wing stooges of various colours. NO GRASSROOTS!

  2. The question is….How many right-wingers will remain behind as fifths columnists to do as much damage as possible in an attempt to give the neoliberal party credence?

  3. Imagine behind the scenes spats over who will be the leader. I’ve heard that Love Film bloke fancies himself as the British Macron. Ha ha, can’t see Umunna going along with that.

  4. Realistically whatever happens this is likely to be Werther Original’s last grab at the prize, so let’s at least all be kind to him, can we?

    Chuka Obama is highly self-regarded, has burning ambition and the advantage of not being just another entitled old white male.

    The rest of the also-nearly-rans either don’t want it enough or have just enough of a clue to see that leadership of a party of treacherous Quislings can hardly be anything but a poisoned chalice.

    Wonder what this latest iteration of the overlooked-and- getting-nowhere-slowly gang will call itself – RenewExLabLibDemToryBritain maybe?

  5. How many right wing labour MPs will go ,,,,,,all of them I hope. We don’t want or need any more right wing rot in the Labour Party and we’ll take them on and beat them hands down at the GE

  6. B list celebs with bigger egos than the politicians themselves and no concept of party discipline and the “seasoned politicians” without the army of committed party workers who put them where they were. It should make for a hilarious political diversion.
    I just can’t wait. I give the whole thing a couple of years before whatever they call themselves just becomes the “Liberals” again.

    1. My sentiments exactly, Albert.

      Bunch of narcissists with next to no concept of public opinion – even in their own constituencies (See woodcock as a prime example).

      Then there”s ‘old fluffylugs’ vince cable; wanting his party: ‘At the centre of this new centrist party’ (Code for…Well, I need not insult anyone’s intelligence here)

      I can guarantee the scenario will not be dissimilar to:

      ‘Yeah, but YOU sold Royal Mail for a pittance’

      ‘Well at least I didn’t leave THAT letter about there being no money left’

      …And so on, ad nauseam. *Orders popcorn*

  7. Could it be that Vince Cable thinks that the Libdems are finished and will jump ship along with one or two others to be reborn in a new party?

    Clearly Hodge and the rest of the right wing faction are trying to damage Labour in the public’s mind, in order to give this right wing centre party a fighting chance.

    We need to be making that point as loudly as we can and as has been said above, there will be fifth columnists constantly creating diversions within the party, even though they pretend to want a Labour victory.

    Rapid deselection must be the order of the day, and I would go so far as to say the dismantling of all regional offices, where there has been a total lack of support and indifference to the membership’s real needs.

    Use the money saved to provide essential campaign material and equipment.

  8. Nothing new here, it all sounds horribly familiar. This is the family tree as best I can remember it:

    Gang Of Four – Social Democratic Party – SDP/Liberal Alliance – Social & Liberal Democrats – Liberal Democrats.

    Going round in ever demeaning circles.

    Ambition before loyalty. How Conservative.

  9. Just curious to know, if Vince Cable was awol from the vote, who was he in discussions with ? Presumeably not other MPs or they would also be awol and easy to spot ?

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