E Mids Lab MP tells members breakaway party to launch

No prizes for guessing…

An East Midlands Labour MP told constituents at a CLP (constituency Labour party) meeting last night that a group of ’12-20′ Labour MPs is about to announce they are splitting off to form a new centrist party.

The group is expected to be led by a London MP with a taste in Tory friends, a penchant for the anti-Brexit movement and a history of attempting to undermine Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The move looks set to press ahead even though Theresa May, in finally choosing a position over Brexit, looks set to offer an even softer version than this and allied MPs have felt brave enough to outline – leading to the inevitable (and always obvious) conclusion that the move is all about trying to prevent Corbyn from becoming Prime Minister at all costs.

The move will be met with the disgust and disdain it deserves by those who care about freeing our hard-pressed population from Tory government – but it’s unlikely the MPs will have enough courage of their convictions to resign their seats and fight under their new flag having been elected by virtue of the Labour rosette they wore last year.

If the MP is correct in his/her assessment, the Labour Party will at least soon be rid of some of the people who least deserve to represent it.

History has, rightly, not been kind to the MPs who broke away to form the SDP decades ago, condemning the UK to years more of Tory privations – and it will be brutal to this motley crew, even though their aim of ‘stop Corbyn’ is little more likely to succeed than the 2016 ‘chicken coup’.

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  1. 12-20?

    Is that all? Still, if they’re rid of john mann, umunna and greasy then it can only be a good thing, eh?

  2. I had rather assumed that this was more than possible immediately after a Labour gov’t (and themselves) was/were elected…. a point when they could hold a ‘likud’ type hold over some sort of coalition. Does this mean that they think that the dynamics have really shifted?

    Do the defectors expect a landslide for Labour… which reading ConHome activists after the Chequers meeting might suggest? The tory activists are threatening not to vote or to vote Ukip… and if Leave voters do the same and/or return to LP ….

    Do some expect certain deselection? Or as with the chicken coup could this be to take the heat off the Conservative leadership.

    Or is it that Chuka et al see an opportunity to be the ‘Remain’ party who will keep the UK in the EU … the softest brexit of all?

    Tbh this is likely to be hot air. Those MPs would be very foolish to take the risk but we are talking about those who enacted the chicken coup… But, in any event, no doubt many/some would find a soft landing place for a career after parliament (having been so useful).

  3. The idea is to prevent a General Election by propping up the Remainers in government. This bunch would cancel out the last credibility of the Tory Brexiteers while keeping the UK in the EU. This on its own would prevent Labour from introducing socialist measures, which are illegal/impractical under the EU’s neoliberal rules.
    “Today, the European Union offers the fullest realization of the neoliberal political vision. There is no sovereign people of Europe; the authority of European institutions rests on a body of law and treaties. The European Union is not a nation, but it is not simply an agreement among nations either. Unlike international agreements, European regulations are directly binding on individuals and not only on the government signing them. In many areas, European regulations and authorities don’t merely constrain, but actually replace, their national equivalents. (This is what makes Brexit so difficult.)”

  4. By being in the Labour Party, whilst they have benefited from Corbyn’s leadership, they have contributed little or nothing in fact the reverse.

    Let’s see the back of these pretend Socialists for good. Although I suspect there are many more than twenty.

  5. Although its cleverly gender neutral, I suspect John Mann, given his penchant for shouting his mouth off at the most inappropriate times. I am reading this, eating toast and marmalade (as one does) and that leads me to repeat the word “toast”……..

  6. Another consideration is where is their activist campaigners going to come from and who is going to finance them. I would guess it’s unlikely PROGRESS and Labour First between them have more than 5000 members and not all would go in for such a massive betrayal of other members.

  7. Getting rid of 12-20 of the worst of the New Labour troublemakers would greatly improve the Labour party.

  8. The Labour Party needs to become a left wing democratic socialist party built on independent socialist critical thinking and driven by ideas, decided by democracy following comradely discussions.
    I felt sad tonight and concerned walking home, saw grass verges dry and white (never seen this before) – climate change and Trump the climate change denier and Neo-Liberal Capitalist Barbarian arrives next week.
    Perhaps at times the planet offers symbolism against the Rich Neo -Liberal Barbarians of the World.

  9. It’s going to be fun watching them fight over who gets to be leader.
    Maybe they’ll split again into Owenites, Umunnanites and Mannananites?

  10. Still waiting. Rather than the Co Tim ed undermining of anyone with different views, the enemy is the Conservatives. Most appear to know the people concerned. Put up or shut up.

    1. It will be soon: now there are Cabinet positions going you can expect the Fifth Column to join Theresa’s mob. Just like “National Labour” in 1931.

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