Where is the centrist outrage re Woodcock over ‘sex pest’ allegations?

The Daily Mirror alleged yesterday that Cumbrian MP John Woodcock was facing a ‘sex pest probe’ over alleged sexual harassment of a female Labour staffer:

woodcock mirror.png

The howls of outrage and calls for the Labour whip to be withdrawn have so far been absent among the Labour MPs and ‘activists’ who were vocal about the case of Kelvin Hopkins in particular.

The Labour whip was immediately and correctly withdrawn from Hopkins pending the outcome of the party’s investigations.

Surely the Labour right is not so cynical that their outrage was driven more by a desire to attack a Corbyn ally than a genuine concern for the protection of women in politics.

The Skwawkbox was attacked by many of them merely for publishing, without comment on its validity or otherwise, Kelvin Hopkins’ statement about his case.

John Woodcock is entitled to the presumption of innocence until his guilt, if he is guilty, is established, but the withdrawal of the whip without prejudice is a correct part of the process.

But it’s interesting to note the tumbleweed-silence of the Labour right so far. Without question, Woodcock’s alleged victim deserves the same level of concern and support – regardless which wing of the party her alleged abuser inhabits.

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  1. C’mon, jess – Let’s hear it? Where’s the faux indignation now?
    Harriet – There’s a woman involved here?
    Greasy – You know what it’s like to be harrassed?
    Mizz Balls?

    No? None of you?



  3. Skwawkbox – Have you emailed the ‘usual suspects’ for their reactions to these revelations?

  4. Anybody else think this picture of Woodcock makes him look like a ventriloquists dummy. Who then is the puppet master? Perhaps his partner Isobel Hardman who was missing from the panel on Marr this morning which is an unusual occurrence .

    1. Ventriloquist’s dummy?

      You’d have to be some sort of deviant to want to stick your fist up his ‘arris…

      Your boot would be acceptable though 🙂

    2. Yeah, it does… a ventriloquist’s dummy of a woodchuck with its cheeks full of nuts.
      Maybe Isobel couldn’t find her wristwatch alarm?
      Come to think of it there was an unexplained beeping when he was interviewed the other day.

  5. ‘The Labour MP Jess Phillips threatened to cut up her party membership card over the issue.’

    Yes, well – woodcock threatened to resign when owen smith was 9-10-Jacked a few weeks ago

    john mann threatened to sue twitter users within the last fortnight.

    streeting threatens skwawkbox this week.

    Notice a pattern here anyone??? Spineless charlatans, ersatz blowhards, the lot of them. It’s time the leadership took note and they were all duly punted.

  6. Oh what joy it will be when these scabs are deselected by their CLP’s!

  7. John Woodcock:

    “I have not yet been notified of any date for a hearing and was following the party’s guidance that the process should remain confidential to reassure potential victims that they could make complaints without being exposed to unwelcome publicity.”

    Strange that the opposite was said of Kelvin Hopkins’ case … then it was that the publicity was justified to allow other ‘victims’ to come forward.

  8. Where is the condemnation from Cooper,Harman,Smeeth,Kendall,et al?
    I am waiting for it for if a member of so called ‘hard left’ was called out then the so called ‘modernisers’ would be screaming for the whip to be withdrawn.
    Richard Dennis.

  9. One of Christine Shawcroft’s complaints against the NEC members was that they invariably voted according to the recommendation of the investigating officers. According to the Huff Post, the NEC disputes committee (under Iain McNicol’s stewardship) decided last Dec 17, not to suspend John Woodcock. This evening that decision has been reversed by Jennie Formby. However, it seems likely that this is evidence of the manner in which Iain McNicol was able to manipulate suspensions and expulsions at will … and his will was decidedly anti-Corbyn.

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