Woodcock quits Labour blaming ‘witch-hunt’ over sex-pest allegations

John Woodcock

Barrow MP John Woodcock has resigned from the Labour Party. The MP was under investigation by the party over allegations that he had sexually harassed a female aide. He had recently announced he was ‘withdrawing cooperation’ from the party’s investigation into the allegations.

Woodcock’s case had highlighted the hypocrisy of the Labour right, who were happy to try the still-suspended Kelvin Hopkins in the media, but were – and remain – conspicuously silent about allegations against one of their own.

The state of the Labour investigation is unknown, but now that Woodcock has removed himself from the reach of the party’s discipline it is essential that a parliamentary investigation takes over so that the allegations against him are properly examined – and its conclusions must be made public.


Mr Woodcock’s reasons for resigning are his own, but if he compares notes with left-wingers he might find that his understanding of a witch-hunt needs adjustment. In spite of his unhappiness about public discussion of his case, he showed little hesitation in making public, unevidenced accusations that Labour’s general secretary had leaked details of his case and briefed against him.

In any case, he will be little missed and Barrow Labour members should waste no time . in selecting a genuine Labour candidate to take his seat at the next election.

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  1. dun dun dun, another one bites the dust!!!

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Effing coward.

  2. Hurrah!!! Now for some of his chums! Oh, and Mann, Stringer, Hoey and of course the irritating Sun supporting Field!!

  3. The Labour Party is well rid of him. It would be interesting to see how J Woodcock (Ind) fares agains a real Labour Party candidate should a by-election be forced (I have little doubt that he is arrogant enough to stand in such an election, unless a parliamentary investigation concludes that he should be banned from holding public office either temporarily or permanently).

    1. WoodCocK probably will not stand at the next election cos he’d get slaughtered at the polls , so he’ll ” move onto pasture new ” ” to spend more time ” etc etc BS BS BS

    2. I suspect that he will wait for a year or two before joining the Tories. He wont be able to join now as the spotlight is on him but will do so after everyone has forgotten about this below average MP. Of course the Tories would welcome him with open arms and he will run the next GE on a Tory ticket. This way, Tories get a seat off Labour because his majority is so small, and he gets to continue visiting despots around the world on behalf of the defense industry which is less controversial because Tories are the party of big business.

  4. One down, around 74 others to go. Will they have the courage of their convictions to join one of the new “centrist” parties we keep hearing about? The ones funded by rabid remainers, advocating social liberalism and supply-side economics, which are LibDem in all but name. Or will they go through the revolving door and get on-board the gravy train.

    1. Lib Dems wouldn’t have him. Cable boycotted the Saudis, Woodcock fellates them.

    Now has he the conviction to step down as the MP and give his constituants the opportunity to elect him as a Independant ,,,, naaahhh probably not

  6. woodcock has taken the cowards way out before he was exposed as a sex pest if he was innocent of these allegations why not stand your ground and fight to prove your innocent he should take a leaf out of JC for over 2 years he’s had more abuse than any labour leader in history .and the man stands his ground

  7. Awful that he can’t accept his deviant behaviour – nothing to do with politics. He has been a shame to the local CLP and people of Barrow.

  8. Woodcock, Mann and the rest of the right wing in the Labour Party should shuffle off and commit political suicide in silence!
    He still sits there on the Labour benches were he doesn’t belong. “Resign you Right Wing Hypocrite”!
    Your constituents deserve a proper Labour Left Socialist!

  9. I was gonna light my Mont Cristo…But then I thought: ‘Nah, not exclusively for that contemptuous little sh*t’

    Where’s all his mates, rushing to his defence? Oh that’s right – rodents like have don’t have any mates. (See johnny, I told ya, didn’t I?)

    Eerily quiet from the philips, greasy, mann, etc camps, innit? And so it f**king should be, too. 😀

  10. Notice he had a slot in PMQ tday. He chose not to bring up the NHS, social care or the dangers for Cumbria from Brexit – but train cancellations ascribed by Northern Rail, without evidence, to ‘staff wanting to stay home or go to the pub to watch the world cup’ – an implicit insult directed at members of the RMT, TSSA or ASLEF. Does he mean to go on as he has started ?

  11. Rather than his complaints about a ‘witchhunt’, it’s worth noting that the accusations vs Woodcock were made at the same time as those against Hopkins but Iain McNicol chose not to suspend Woodcock or leak information to the press…. a clear case of one rule for the Right and another for the Corbyn-supporting Left and suggestive that Iain McNicol’s own political position may have influenced his actions as general secretary.

  12. The Guardian too has taken a rather apologist tone as if Woodcock was the victim. Appalling little worm.

    1. The Guardian and many of it’s readership have shown themselves to be very illiberal liberals since the referendum.

  13. F**king Ada…

    Anyone see john mann on CH4 news just now?

    I thought that the hallucinatory mcternan was utterly delusional because he thinks the sun shines out from blair’s arse…mann thinks it shines out of his own arse!

    What an absolute self-aggrandizing f**kwit. Words fail me. And a message for Jon Snow…pull yer fookin finger out, ffs.

  14. As he has been such a faithful servant of the arms industry, he will probably get a job with them.

    I am delighted that he is no longer a Labour MP.

    I hope Labour will have a clear anti-Trident position for the next election. Guarantees of new projects will have to be given to the workforce that currently make nuclear weapons and related matters such as the submarines.

  15. Corbyn has since responded to the resignation.

    A Labour Party spokesman stated: “Jeremy thanks John for his service to the Labour Party.”

    Presumably, this is a reference to his decision to leave it!

  16. Happy that this snake has gone.

    What a shame that our disgraceful government just voted for such investigations to be carried out in secret now.

    Slither off Woody.

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