Video: a year since GE2017, a humorous pick-me-up reminder for the battle-weary

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A year ago today, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour shook the Establishment to its core by destroying Theresa May’s parliamentary majority in the biggest general election surge since 1945.

But once the Establishment stopped reeling, it has been working relentlessly to restore ‘business as usual’ – and away from the relatively honest broadcast coverage of a general election period, it’s easy for the left’s activists to be wearied by the constant smears and bias.

But below is a reminder of what happens as soon as the ‘MSM’ are forced to be even a bit honest in their coverage – with a little twist thrown in for extra fun:

(original videos courtesy of @el4jc and Alex Nunns, subtitles and edit by SKWAWKBOX)

Since then – in spite of Establishment attempts to claim otherwise – further advances have been made, even after months of ridiculous ‘smear we go again’.

So enjoy, share and roll up your sleeves. More to do, but we’re on the advance no matter what the propaganda-machine tells us.

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    1. Nope. It’s just slime.

      ‘I have no idea’

      Yes – that much has always been evident, you slug.

  1. Yes we actually stood for a transformation and had popular policies to deliver this. Shame everyone wasn’t and still may not be singing to the same hymn sheet. Need genuine socialist singers.

  2. Great to see and reiterates how wrong the RW Blue Labour MPs were and STILL ARE .
    The commentarite pundits I don’t give a crap about but the runt ends of the so called New Labour MP’s need this stuffed in their faces every time they cost Labour credibility in the public’s eye , just by opening their mouths , although that is all part of the “Get Corbyn” plan.
    It is obvious that no matter how well Labour does the runt ends of New Labour will not accept it as can be seen by their smears and underhand attacks/corruption of Labours processes. The only way in Not Essex BUT OUT the party for them.

    The inexorable grinding away of their corrupt power base in rotten CLPs/LCF has now started in earnest As Regional corruption is removed by the membership and supported by the new Gen Sec the party and the electorate can only benefit.

    Onwards and upwards colleagues next is the real enemy the Tories once we can get these irritating wasters out of the way .

  3. It’s interesting watching this, now, after the event, and realising that, despite how wrong the MSM constantly is just about on every topic, people (and politicians) keep on believing in its predictions. It’s like a drug that you know is bad for you but you just can’t help taking.

  4. It was a stunning campaign and congratulations to all those who worked their socks off to pull off such a huge achievement.

    I really hope the next one smashes the myth of ‘government is like a household’ and related myths on tax and money creation.
    UK has a sovereign currency and it should be used for public good.

    1. That’s one of the biggies isn’t it? I’d love to live in a house with a royal mint that can print infinite amounts of money out. I think that’s probably the biggest difference right there. Such a shame it never seems to work when people want legal aid, or disability benefits, or local hospital services, or libraries, or an end to the public sector pay freeze, or any investment in infrastructure whatsoever. It always grinds into action when the Tories have to bribe a party of religious lunatics to stay in power though doesn’t it? Funny that.

      The Tories are doomed to electoral oblivion and they know it, which is why they’re really sticking the knife in. Make sure you look after your friends, family, comrades. There are people out there literally starving to death because of the sadistic policies being enacted by this now completely deranged government. It feels like they’ve declared war on the country they’re supposed to be governing. It’s insane.

      1. “That’s one of the biggies isn’t it?”

        I believe so. It is the bedrock of keeping the neoliberal economic consensus narrative fixed at the forefront of people’s minds and ensures Labour is always on the back foot when the question ‘yes, but how can we afford it?’ comes up. Engaging in the frame of that question further reinforces the false neoliberal vision of the economy and finance sector.

        “Such a shame it never seems to work when people want legal aid, or disability benefits, or local hospital services, or libraries, or an end to the public sector pay freeze, or any investment in infrastructure whatsoever.”

        Magic money tree works a treat when war, subversion of foreign governments is on the agenda and to bail out reckless private banks and pick up the bill left by irresponsible private corporations though…

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