Video: cowardice and chaos so huge May whipped vote against OWN proposal to placate Brexit ultras

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Theresa May scraped through yet another day of abject Brexit and general chaos on Monday – but in doing so demonstrated a level of cowardice that reached such unprecedented levels that observers were left wondering if they’d really seen what they saw.

May’s much-discussed and denigrated ‘Chequers’ proposals on a ‘common rulebook’ with the EU were debated and voted on on Monday evening – proposals that even seemed to confuse her, as she gave away on Sunday on the BBC’s Marr show.

But the Tories’ Brexit ‘ultras’ were so outraged by her decision to align the UK tightly to EU rules and regulations that they tabled amendments and threatened to vote against her to not only defeat the proposals but also to end her tenure as PM.

May’s response was to capitulate completely, performing a screeching, hand-brake u-turn – in which she whipped Tory MPs to vote against her own proposals.

Tory hard-Brexiters including Jacob Rees-Mogg, Priti Patel, Peter Bone and Iain Duncan Smith’s key amendment aimed to block May’s plan to collect taxes on behalf of the EU as part of the alignment:


May was staring defeat in the face – and ‘avoided’ defeat, in the most bizarre of technicalities, by ordering her party to vote against her own plan. This meant that, because she whipped her MPs to vote for the rebel amendment and against her plan, that she could claim it was not a defeat.

As long as she ‘won’, of course.

But this capitulation in turn enraged her own remain/soft-Brexit MPs – and caused Defence Minister Guto Bebb to resign his position so that he could vote against the whip.

In the end May scraped through – just – surviving by a mere three votes.

By defeating her own plan.

Journalist Shehab Khan was mystified:

sk bebb.png

Labour’s Andrew Fisher was scarcely able to believe his eyes:

fisher shambles

May was not on show in the House at the moment the result was announced – fearful, perhaps, that her expression would become an icon of chaotic incompetence for decades or even centuries.

But the announcement of her self-defeat was shown on the parliamentary TV service – and the noise from MPs at the announcement of the result leaves little doubt of the strangeness of the moment:


So profound is her cowardice that May has tabled a craven motion for debate tomorrow in which she will attempt to shut down the Commons days early, in order to avoid the near-certainty of attempts by her own MPs to remove her, as well as the certain derision of the Opposition.

But while Mrs May can try to run, she can’t hide – and the extraordinary, even unprecedented lengths to which she went on Monday evening to save her skin have rendered her a humiliated laughing stock – to both wings of her own party and unquestionably to EU leaders and negotiators.

If she succeeds in getting her adjournment passed, she might cling to her political life for a couple of months more, but instead of summer she will exist in a ‘nuclear winter’ of her own making, with what shreds remained of her credibility now mere ashes.

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  1. If only she hadn’t spunked that billion on the DUP she could have afforded to pay Argentina to invade the Falklands again.
    Cameron’s the real victim here of course – until the Brexit fuss dies down he can’t gloss over the referendum in his memoirs.

  2. Incredible May wins by just 3 votes and guess what those 3 votes are LABOUR MPS voting with the Tories
    What the hell are they doing .
    If she had lost that could have triggered a leadership contest or even a GE .
    We really are living in some fxxxx insane nutcase parallel universe , where Labour MPs vote with the TORIES and help then continue with polices that actually harm those Labour MPS own constituents .

    Thank you ,,,,,,

    Frank Field, Kate Hoey & Graham Stringer

    These three are responsible for helping the continuation of May and her murderous Govt .

    You 3 should have the whip withdrawn immediately as being part of the Labour party is not for you . You CANNOT BE TRUSTED or counted upon to help defeat this Govt thus you are NO LOSS to us in Labour. GET OUT NOW !!

  3. It would be nice to know if deselection moves have started against these three Toru supporters. Anyone know?

  4. Is this true? Surely the Conservatives can hold a leadership election without Parliament being in session.

    1. It’s a lot less convenient and prevents statements in the House to rally support or trigger challenges.

  5. The other members of the EU must be wondering what the hell is happening in this country. Probably glad we are leaving worried in case this madness is catching. How can our P.M whip her MPs into voting against her own plan and instead vote in favour of an amendment against said plan. I don’t know whether it’s a win win for her or lose lose..Crazy

  6. The times that the House of Commons sits should be a purely internal matter and nothing to do with the government.

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