May running scared of democracy as she tries to shut down Parliament 5 days early

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After squeaking through her Brexit bill this evening in which she fended off a rebellion by the hard-Brexit fringe of her party by surrendering completely to their demands and then barely survived the resulting backlash from remainer Tories – by a mere three votes – Theresa May is now running scared from the UK’s democracy.

The vote cost her at least one more minister, as Guto Bebb resigned from his defence brief to vote against the government.

The panicked PM has tabled an attempt to shut down Parliament tomorrow for the entire summerfive days early – in the hope of escaping further rebellions and disasters until the autumn.

early summer

To make so desperate a move, May must seriously fear that the ramifications of her latest chaos, cowardice and incompetence would be so severe that she would not survive the rest of the week if she didn’t.

The UK Prime Minister is not even attempting to lead the country – instead she is almost literally running scared of it and its democracy. It remains to be seen whether her bid will be successful or vengeful Tories and a resolute Labour Party will combine to defeat her attempt.

Cowardice, chaos and incompetence infect the whole Tory government –  a fish rotting from its head.

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  1. Yet again Theresa May claims that nothing has been changed by her capitulation.,

  2. Strong and stable. It’s embarrassing. It’s like a computer game, where you’ve made a right mess of it, only have 1 life remaining, can’t achieve anything at all so you just play the time out. Only she’s playing with a country. Unfuckingbelievable.

  3. close 5 days early then they can all go out and work in the voluntary sector particurly the ones that there policies have created, that should be mandatory for all politicians and there advisors, nightshift food-shelters, drop in’s and for some the luxury of handling appeals for fitness to work so they can learn what a mess these medicals are rather than guys like me to have to pick up the pieces because of incompetence and greed, as well as doing complaints against the assessors, come on mcvey are you strong and stable enough, bring smith, grayling and fraud as well, you get a free meal in the evening, no expenses though

  4. MPs would rightly condemn rail managers if they all went on holiday for the same SIX WEEKS leaving the timetables mess to fester.

  5. .What a bunch of absolute shithouses may’s lot are. Dragging people off their sickbeds to ensure they vote, refusing to sack pathological liars and sex pests, and now trying to shut up shop early when the job’s further away from being done than it ever was…They already get more time off than the pope’s John Thomas ffs.

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