Cowardly May daren’t even follow through on attempt to flee Parliament early

may bleak cropped

After her humiliating surrender to her extremist Brexiteers yesterday, in which she whipped her MPs to defeat her own proposals, Theresa May tried to pull a dodge to allow her to flee Parliament early, before her own remainers could bring her down.

May tabled a motion to break for Parliament’s summer recess on Thursday – five days ahead of schedule – and the motion was due to be voted on this evening, though not debated as May even used a parliamentary mechanism to prevent any discussion of the move before MPs voted on it, such was her eagerness to avoid any accountability.

But after hearing that Labour was whipping its MPs to vote against the early recess, she has abandoned the motion rather than risk another defeat.

How much longer can the country bear this government of cowards? How long before her own party ends her career – and will the Tories have even the wafer of integrity needed to know her demise requires a general election, not just another Tory leadership procession?

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  1. With MP’s such as Mann, Field, Stringer and Hoey, we also have our own problems. At such an important time as this, those MP’s have let us and their constituents down. They must have the whip withdrawn and then be deselected prior to a GE. Until they are gone, they will be a constant obstacle in achieving a Labour Government.

    JC MUST take action now.

  2. I read that the only reason she was risking going for this 5-days-early vote was that the Tory whips were led to believe that Labour would support them … but then it transpired that the Labour leadership was not in agreement with such shenanigans.
    … so some “Government sources told The Independent” apparently.

    This made me wonder which elements of Labour had suggested they’d support the Tory whips in their cunning plan …
    Now, who in Labour might not want to see the imminent downfall of May’s government? … oh! wait a minute! Weren’t we just talking about this a few days ago …

  3. Yes and May’s neck was saved re the customs union by four Right Wing Labour Barbarians – Field, Hoey, Stringer and Mann. If we had have had four left wing democratic socialists instead of these po,itical imbeciles a 307-301 defeat would have been turned round to 305-303 for and perhaps meant the end of May and the Tory Govt.
    How do these political morons explain themselves to their CLPs?
    Choose left wing democratic socialist Labour MPs.

  4. I think we must expect a Labour anti semitism row to break in the next few days,see the odious Hodge has already set the ball rolling.

    1. While I don’t accept that Labour have a problem with anti-semitism above and beyond (and more likely lower) than society as a whole … did the NEC really think that “altering” the IHRA examples was going to result in anything but outcry amongst groups such as JLC and Board of Deputies not to mention the “centralist” wing of the Labour party?

      I’m not defending their behaviour, just pointing out that the NEC were on a hiding to nothing with their alterations. I don’t believe Jeremy Corbyn or the majority of his supporters are anti-semitic … but once that thought has been put in people’s minds they have to be very careful or their actions will always be construed with that thought in mind.

      1. Doesn’t the NEC realise that the Labour party only exists to service the endless needs of British Jews, who only comprise about 0.84% of the population?

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