Audio: BBC plumbs new depths of govt apologism with report on early Parliament break

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Yesterday was an unprecedented day in Parliament – one that stunned seasoned observers – as Theresa May whipped the Tory party to defeat her own EU proposals rather than face a rebellion by her party’s ‘Brexit Ultras’.

May followed up her self-defeat by immediately tabling a motion to send MPs home for the summer five days early, in a clear attempt to buy time and escape the plots to bring her down that her outraged remainers and others will almost inevitably already be under discussion.

But when Radio 4’s The World Tonight discussed the day’s events, while the BBC’s reporter acknowledged that some ‘sceptics’ or ‘cynics’ might say Theresa May is running away, the government may well just have decided there wasn’t enough business to do for it to be worth coming in for the remaining days:

The reporter goes on to say that the events could be ‘read’ as a sign of tensions at Westminster – but the idea that this was purely a ‘housekeeping’ issue, diminishing the impact of the events and giving Theresa May an ‘out’ in the minds of voters, is well and truly planted.


Events in the House of Commons yesterday represented a genuinely historic level of government chaos and turmoil. It was the mainstream media’s job to explain why to viewers and listeners who may not know what represents normal procedures and process well enough to fully grasp why those events were so significant.

Instead, the BBC was damping down flames and opening escape hatches for a Prime Minister who – seen objectively – must now be rated as one of the worst in history and for a government that requires urgent replacement for the good of the country.

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  1. Think the same was indicated in this morning’s BBC (television) news. Bloody outrageous!

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