May tried to bribe Davis with Johnson’s job not to resign – even screwed that up

may bleak cropped
May’s government – incompetent from top to toe

David Davis’ resignation as Brexit Secretary last night exposed the absolute chaos of Theresa May’s Brexit incompetence and triggered the eventual resignation – no doubt after due consideration of what would be best for his career – as Foreign Secretary of Boris Johnson.

May is now receiving threats of multiple further resignations until she dumps her so-called ‘Chequers deal’ – but has announced it this afternoon to the House nonetheless. Even the BBC is now openly saying that a leadership challenge is inevitable – or even a vote of no confidence that could bring down her government.

Now it has emerged that May attempted to head off the ‘dominoes of disaster’ by bribing Davis not to resign, offering him Boris Johnson’s job to stay on – but according to a source tweeted by ITV’s Robert Peston, she even screwed that up:



Incompetence infects May’s ‘government’ from root to tip.

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  1. Johnson’s job? Then loathsome’s job?

    Surprised it wasn’t Southgate’s…

  2. Can anyone seriously imagine that Boris has a snowball’s chance in hell of leading the Tories now?

    It’s looking increasingly likely that he concocted the whole novichok Brexit-distraction charade and had MI6 carry it out and he’ll be lucky if that hasn’t blown up and destroyed what’s left of his reputation by the end of the year/this government’s tenure, whichever comes soonest…

    1. My money’s on Gavin Williamson.
      Demanded loadsamoney for defence, has the contacts as nouveau defsec and morally it’s only two half-steps from whips’ office blackmailer to blackmailer of prime ministers to assassin’s middle-man.
      QED 🙂
      ps. If I go missing you all better avenge me…

      1. pps I meant my money’s on him as concocter of charades, not as next Tory leader, obviously.

  3. May looked crestfallen when informed in the house that the 48 letters had been received by 1922 committee

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