Breaking: Johnson resigns after missing meetings

may johnson

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been exercising mainstream political commentators amid the increasing expectation that his resignation is imminent. That resignation has just been confirmed.

Johnson had missed, without explanation, two scheduled appearances – the Western Balkans summit and an emergency ‘COBRA’ meeting to discuss the tragic death of Dawn Sturgess, one of the victims of the Amesbury poisoning.:


Johnson is famously said to have written two versions of a pre-referendum article while he decided whether a leave or remain stance would best work in his favour. Clearly he has eventually decided his career is best served by resigning now.

The move is likely to trigger a series of further resignations and a leadership contest. There are strong rumours that Theresa May has called a press conference for 3.30pm.

May has lost what little control she had of her government. Her resignation as PM is not enough – she must call a general election immediately.


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  1. SEE YA! 😀

    (tugendhat to replace the beaut, I reckon – unless may does the right thing and calls it….But I doubt it)

      1. Really should be mcvile…but like may, she’s another scrupleless cling-on

      2. The lot of them, BHS has plenty of mannequins left, charge them up with duracells until they can find real people that know what there doing

  2. Another wastral like Cameron playing political roulette with this great nation. Always was and always will be, a sad travesty of a Churchill wannabe with a superficial grasp of history and a classical .education distorted by xenophobic Victorian public school prejudice.

  3. Now there is the prospect of a GE can we expect to see the usual suspects to start sucking up to their CLPs in a desperate attempt to avoid the fate they deserve

  4. Can anyone seriously imagine that Boris has a snowball’s chance in hell of leading the Tories now?

    It’s looking increasingly likely that he concocted the whole novichok Brexit-distraction charade and had MI6 carry it out and he’ll be lucky if that hasn’t blown up and destroyed what’s left of his reputation by the end of the year/this government’s tenure, whichever comes soonest…

    1. let him try, after all what we have is load of blond buffoons at the moment, might have to die my hair black

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