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In the ten days since the SKWAWKBOX’s last report, this blog has made a big impact on the UK’s political scene in a short time. Below are just a few of the areas of impact and the news this blog has broken either exclusively or against the mainstream ‘tide’ during that time:

  • the SKWAWKBOX revealed the BBC’s outright lies in claiming that the OPCW ‘chemical weapons watchdog’ confirmed the use of chlorine gas in the Syrian town of Douma – forcing the broadcaster to change its story
  • the blog exposed the huge scandal of Theresa May’s personal involvement in a cover-up of UK involvement in rendition and torture when she blocked a security committees access to essential witnesses
  • the SKWAWKBOX also revealed the serial lies of DWP Secretary Esther McVey when she misled MPs about the government’s disastrous Universal Credit roll-out – and then lied during her ‘apology’ and again during an urgent parliamentary debate about the lies in her ‘apology’
  • the SKWAWKBOX broke the exclusive news that a tiny group of Labour right-wingers is about to break off to form a centrist party
  • this blog played a small but vital role in NHS staff’s successful battle to stay in the NHS, by exposing their employer Trust’s behaviour and tactics
  • the blog revealed the BBC’s parroting of government propaganda as fact during the breaking of the Amesbury poisoning story – and ignoring key questions during an interview with the brother of one of the victims
  • the SKWAWKBOX revealed the explosive motion passed by Labour members in Enfield calling for the party’s NEC to investigate the involvement of Enfield’s council leader in deeply-flawed candidate selections that led to her election as leader
  • the blog provided video analysis making clear the bias of the BBC in its political coverage and highlighted the wider significance of ‘shock’ by-election results
  • it provided detailed analysis exposing the serious flaws in ‘MSM’ claims about the opinions of Unite members on the Labour Party and Brexit
  • this blog’s coverage of the multiple facts of the Enfield saga led to the announcement of the NEC investigation members and half of the council cabinet were calling for
  • seeing off a major attempted attack by centrists on the blog – with hilarious results
  • revealing the huge leftward swing of one of the most entrenched right-controlled CLPs (constituency Labour parties) in the country
  • exposing the right-wing Southampton Labour figures ‘liberating’ materials and hiding information from the new Secretary for the city-wide Labour party
  • the SKWAWKBOX revealed the chaos of the Labour right in its West Midlands heartland – and the unprecedented intervention by the party that threw right-wingers into disarray

In all these ways and more, the SKWAWKBOX has affected the UK’s political landscape in under two weeks.

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  1. I think we should launch a crowdfunding page with the aim of taking the BBC to court over its historic and ongoing bias against left wing opinions in general and its bias and lies against Corbyn and the Labour Party in particular.
    God knows there is now enough documented evidence to win handsomely.

    Here is what to BBC says on i’ts code of practice
    “Our Code of Practice sets out our principles as Trustees. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity, impartiality and objectivity. We promise to be open, responsive and accountable to licence fee payers.”

    You couldnt make it up honestly !!!!!

    It further states

    “This Code of Practice reflects the Trust’s commitment to observe the highest
    standards of propriety involving integrity, impartiality and objectivity with respect
    to the stewardship of public funds and the governance of the BBC and to be open,
    responsive and accountable to licence fee payers.
    1.4 In addition to any principles the Trust may separately adopt to guide its work, the
    Trust will follow the Seven Principles of Public Life of selflessness, integrity,
    objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership, as set out by the
    Committee on Standards in Public Life

    I wonder if John Humphreys has read any of this.

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