BBC forced to correct Douma gas story after SKWAWKBOX exposes fake news

Last night the BBC published outrageous fake news when it claimed – both on its website and in its broadcast coverage – that the OPCW ‘chemical weapons watchdog’ had confirmed, in its ‘fact-finding mission’ report, that chlorine gas had been used to attack civilians in the Syrian town of Douma.

The government, supported by right-wing Labour ‘hawks’, launched missile attacks on Syrian facilities on the basis of the alleged ‘gas attack’. The buildings destroyed showed no signs that chemical weapons had been present.

This morning, the BBC has changed the content of its story to one less distant from the truth:

bbc douma1.png

The article does not – as normal journalistic practice would require – inform readers that it has been amended from its original content. The news channel does not appear to have given viewers any correction on its false claims of last night. The BBC has been asked whether the channel will advise viewers they were misled.


The BBC’s resort to outright fake news is a scandal, even for a thoroughly-compromised ‘impartial’ broadcaster.

Other broadcasters and press who followed the BBC’s lead and made similar false claims do not yet appear to have corrected their assertions.

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  1. Well done,though it should not be necessary for someone like your self to correct the national broadcaster,and it is a mark of how far they have fallen,especially given the poor quality of the correction.

  2. Even if the OPCW report hadn’t cast doubt over the ‘chemical attacks’ Theresa May would still be a war criminal for ordering a military attack on Syria in contradiction of international law.

  3. Well done, Skwawkbox!

    I can hardly wait to hear Mike Gapes MP demand that people not appear on the BBC propaganda channel.

  4. As we are leaving the EU, why not sign trade deals with Russia (gas), Cuba (doctors), Iran (oil), Venezuela (oil). F*** America.

  5. Now, I thought the BBC was starting to step back from their hard right views!
    Getting a little softer around the edges!
    Having a fraction of left wing views on their political programs!
    Their right wing political interviewers, the likes of David Dimbleby, having to withdraw, when the audience, like this Thursday, leaned towards booing the right and cheering the left, along with loud applause!
    The “TIDE”, is a changing?
    “Alas, Steve has put me back in the real world”!
    How dreams are easily dashed.

  6. All I ever saw was film of people/kids being hosed down. Does anyone recall seeing film – or pictures – of dead bodies?

    I think it must have been on RT a day or two later that they interviewed a doctor, and having shown a clip from the day of the alledged chemical attack of him in the hospital, that had been used widely by the media, the doctor explained that no-one was suffering from being exposed to chemical weapons at the hospital, and that someone just suddenly came running in shouting the explosion had been a chemical weapon attack and started hosing everyone down etc.

    So-called white-helmets no doubt, and of course there was no chemical weapons attack, chlorine or whatever.

    I just did a quick search on RT to see if I could find the piece about the doctor, but I couldn’t. But I found THIS, which is very interesting (although I’m sure most people who come on skwawkbox are familiar with most of it):


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