Centrist financial attack on SKWAWKBOX fails hilariously – with a serious lesson

On Friday afternoon at around 4pm, a mysterious and unusual flurry of donations hit the SKWAWKBOX’s PayPal account.

All of them were for exactly £0.01 – a penny – each.

The cause of this flurry was unknown – and as other things were going on this evening, they were not investigated further at the time and they soon stopped. But a little later someone flagged up a message by Twitter user @Lafargue:

lafargue 1.png

And so it turned out to be. A group of so-called ‘centrists’ had persuaded themselves that PayPal transaction charges would cost this blog money if the donated sum was tiny.

The original tweet was deleted once the fallacy of the idea was pointed out, but enough tweets remain to show that the attack was suggested by one of the more ugly Twitter accounts @freddybinyusuf and coordinated by @twlldun:

fby disappwaterson fail

While neutral or left observers were amused, various centrists were disappointed at the failure of their ‘jape’ – some even aghast at the thought that they might have donated a penny:

twll 15p

twll explode


Would-be coordinator ‘Twlldun’, to be fair, owned her failure – even when Waterson and others indulged in some humour at her expense:

twll mockery

But ‘freddybinyusuf’ appeared intent on finding an alternative way to damage yours-truly:

fby persistfby disapp

Sadly, Guardian media editor Jim Waterson’s ‘great headline’ can’t be used. While the centrists ‘self-owned’, the net effect of the ‘donations’ was exactly zero – PayPal’s transaction charge cancels out such small donations. But the public ‘self-own’ by this blog’s enemies – they must surely merit that description – was certainly enjoyable.

But the incident has a serious side. The SKWAWKBOX clearly inconveniences supposed ‘centrists’ so much that some of them are prepared to go to significant effort to try to find ways to damage it – and would gleefully do so if they could.

That’s fine. This blog is meant to inconvenience the faux-Labour right almost as much as the Tories – and routinely does so by exposing the tricks and underhand practices right-wingers attempt in order to undermine Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the success of the left ‘project’.

This scrutiny is self-evidently unwelcome to those behind those tricks and manoeuvres – they work a lot better if kept hidden.

If this blog upsets such ‘centrists’ enough that they try not only to smear and libel it but to damage it financially, it’s a sign that it’s doing its job effectively.

But it underlines the importance of the left supporting its independent media.

The centrists were incorrectly horrified at the thought that they had contributed even a little to supporting the SKWAWKBOX – so if you really want to upset a centrist, there’s an option below to make a donation to ensure that their ‘jape’ ended up doing just that.

But if you’re a centrist reading this, please note that this blog has to pay a transaction charge of 120% on every donation of £100 or more, so if you really want to damage the SKWAWKBOX you just need to think bigger…

The SKWAWKBOX needs your support. This blog is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers to be viable. If you can afford to, please click here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal. Thanks for your solidarity so this blog can keep bringing you information the Establishment would prefer you not to know about.

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  1. To really upset a centrist, I’m sending a donation to you that I otherwise wouldn’t have sent without their half witted idiocy. Well done. It won’t be for 1p

  2. I’ve just sent £15.00 to The Skwawkbox inspired by the generosity of your centrist donors.

  3. If I read your article correct, if you recieve a £100 donation you pay £120.00 ie you are £20 less to PayPal. Looks like a good deal to me!

  4. Paypal might not be best pleased at being used in a way they might feel is analogous to an attempted dos attack on their servers.
    Juveniles get so excited by the online cred they’ll win with their cunning little plans they forget the opposition might also have some skills – and that their email addresses are now known to the Skwawkbox 🙂

  5. Perhaps the poorly read Centrists (in an extreme Neo-Liberal capitalist society) could better spend their time joining a library for free (if any have survived Tory Neo-Liberalism) and in reading some left wing books. We need to build a World of critical thinkers.
    Better Read than Centred!

  6. Why don’t these Labour “moderates” actually tell us who they are for? Support of TTIP and CETA, open door immigration, Saudia Arabia, the EU Commission, bankers and multinational corporations would suggest that they don’t consider the British working class high on their priorities… I’ll take that back when I see them stood with London taxi drivers against Uber, on picket lines with RMT train guards, Deliveroo bikers, Port Talbot steel workers or McDonalds zero hour contract staff

  7. Quite aside from their technical ineptitude, the worse of it hasn’t even occurred to those morons.

    You’ve got a loyal support base, Skwawkbox, even if you were to suffer a loss of the sort they intended, you can rest assured that there are plenty of people who’d be happy to make up the difference.

    You need only ask.

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