Two short videos show how Establishment fools nation Labour and Tories ‘all the same’ on Brexit

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Jeremy Corbyn took Theresa May to task on Monday afternoon about her government’s Brexit incompetence, her failure to control the egos of her competing Cabinet ministers and the two years she has taken over the government’s Brexit White Paper – and has still produced… nothing.

It was a studied and forensic dissection of the woeful performance of May and what passes for her ‘team’ – but all that viewers of the BBC’s main 6pm news programme got to see of it were two lines made almost meaningless by being amputated from their context.

Here is Corbyn’s questioning of the lamentable May:

Almost none of this made it into the broadcast. Here’s what the BBC showed:

The mainstream media – often the BBC most of all – clips only a minimal, neutral section of Corbyn’s speeches on the EU and people who get their news from the ‘MSM’ are left ignorant of the clear differences in approach between the Tories and Corbyn’s Labour.

Meanwhile – as MSM commentators daily describe Labour’s position on Brexit as unclear when it is not – exchanges like this happen constantly on social media:


Corbyn’s obvious ease – and May’s equally obvious unease – with NHS staff has nothing to do with Brexit, but an obsessive jumps in anyway to drag the thread onto that topic.

When challenged to examine evidence that his assertions are untrue, there is no interest – even though the evidence would show, in this case, that Corbyn’s position is emphatically not to be ‘out of CU’ – and the ‘stop-Brexiter’ continues with his obsession regardless.


‘MSM’ coverage obscures Labour’s real position on Brexit and its leader’s strength on the issue, cutting down strong performances to a couple of neutered lines and allowing presenters and talking heads to misrepresent the party’s position.

Meanwhile, ‘FBPE’-obsessives – whether real people, bots or paid trolls – challenge any positive incident involving Corbyn with some version of ‘What about Brexit?’, or claim that Corbyn is acquiescing to May’s plans, or that there is no difference between the Labour and Tory approaches.

It’s deeply misleading and in many cases dishonest.

Anyone who sees the video knows – or has no excuse for not realising – that Corbyn is constantly challenging May and is the only leader fighting for the best outcome for both leavers and remainers.

But the BBC’s coverage – and often that of other media outlets – often hides that clear reality from viewers and readers, allowing Corbyn’s centrist enemies to push a narrative that simply doesn’t stand up against reality.

But it’s a reality that is all too often filtered out by a media estate that does anything but serve the genuine interests of the many.

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  1. ”challenge any positive incident involving Corbyn with some version of ‘What about Brexit?’,The remain camps on FB have been hijacked by a political mob,mainly centrists libdems and Tories .I watched them develop a strategy which was to infiltrate the labour groups and media and when positive press or discussions happen to bring it down with ‘Brexit Brexit Brexit” I do feel sorry for the real people with real concerns about Brexit who are being used by the above. But I would not like to be in Chukka’s shoes when the remainer’s realise they have been used to bring down the leadership and the party.
    ”Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”

  2. #TheMinistryofTruth

    I issue a challenge, here. I challenge @HenryCPorter #FBPE, who has blocked me, to come and read this article, and watch both clips with an open mind, or even Parliamentary TV from yesterday, just before 5:00, and still maintain that there is no difference. The same goes for @JolyonMaugham.

  3. If I worked in the NHS i make it quite clear that I am here to care for the NHS and not to be a photo opportunity for a tory party that has underfunded the NHS for a considerable amount of time and I am not anything to do with promoting her strong and stable party

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