Some idiots think Corbyn’s #Grenfell hug staged. Their problem is, here’s May..

Jeremy Corbyn was caught unawares today during a moment of eloquent solidarity with a young man during Thursday’s Grenfell Tower commemoration. It was deeply humane, absolutely un-self-conscious and spoke volumes about the Labour leader and why the UK needs him as our next Prime Minister:

jc grenf

So of course, the bots and paid trolls were sent out to try to claim it was staged.

The drawback in this nonsense for the bots, the paid trolls and those who commission them is huge. Here is their preferred leader’s recent attempt – not at the commemorative silent march, as she was apparently nowhere to be seen – at solidarity with a Grenfell campaigner:


Theresa May looks like she would rather be anywhere else but standing next to a human being – and the poor campaigner clearly couldn’t be less warmed or impressed:

may wooden.png

And, of course, this is anything but the exception for Mrs May as a quick Google search for her with schoolchildren will reveal.

Worse still, May’s utter cowardice and failure in the immediate aftermath of the disaster was a betrayal of the human values of compassion and empathy – she failed to meet survivors, families and neighbours for days after the tragedy.

Theresa May claimed ‘security concerns’ had meant she could only visit the site and not the people – yet just a day later, the Queen and Prince Charles were there among them. When May eventually eventually did meet them, it was a disaster, ending in her being bundled away by police to her waiting getaway car:

may bundle.png

Corbyn, by contrast, was immediately there on the ground – without fuss or fanfare, giving comfort and showing solidarity in a way entirely consistent with his behaviour on Thursday:


Those who attempt to dismiss Corbyn’s show of empathy toward Grenfell survivors and rescue workers today are doomed to draw attention to their own leader’s lack and failure.

Solidarity with Grenfell. Corbyn for PM.

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  1. The look on her face as she arrived for her count during the general election was absolutely priceless.

    1. The look on her face at this week’s PMQs after JC had asked her if Trump is going to take over the Brexit negotiations was pretty priceless as well.

      If looks could kill…

  2. May looking like someone’s accused her of ‘losing’ 114 files of child sexual abuse in Westminster…

    …Oh, she DID??? Oh well…In that case she’s looking like the gentleman next to her has proved his citizenship…

  3. The difference between Jeremy Corbyn’s humanity and Theresa May’s could not be more stark. It doesn’t even take a photograph to know that.

  4. Yes Fake Tories they PRETEND that they rule for the people because they have to win votes but its all a CON.
    They really rule for the rich.
    Evidence demonstrates this – austerity for us but tax cuts for millionaires, corporations, hedge funds, private landlords with multiple properties, grouse moor owners – don’t worry rich and powerful this austerity stuff was never meant for you!
    Then they set neighbour against neighbour re welfare as a distraction perhaps from £93b Corporate Welfare a year (equivalent to £3,500 per household) and £120b a year in tax avoidance by the rich.
    We need to get the working class and progressive middle class on our side which they generally are but the most conned group in society it could be argued is the general middle class – we need to win the first two in terms of class and the general middle class intellectually.
    We need to win them to the progressive middle class – a higher social plain for them.
    Just read a great piece by Wolfgang Streekt in the brilliant New Left Review re Vogal’s book on money.
    Central Bankers show that theirs is an art not a science, their skill is pretending that they know what to do “When they haven’t a clue” Ha! Ha!
    But we know what to do, Jeremy like Wolgang are genuine stars!

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