May avoided #Grenfell residents ‘for security’. So why not Queen/William?

When Theresa May visited the site of the Grenfell Tower tragedy yesterday but completely avoided all the residents, to their outrage, she claimed it was because of ‘security concerns’:

may grenfell visit

So how come the current and future monarchs of the United Kingdom could go there this morning and meet residents and volunteers?

queen grenfell.png

queen grenfell 2

Clearly the Queen and Prince William are not cowards completely lacking the ability to empathise and to connect with human beings. Clearly Theresa May is.

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  1. But…..But….But….They sent andrea leadhead this morning….and sajid javid said he was going there to meet the affected today…

  2. I think the answer to the question is fairly obvious.

    The Queen hasn’t been found guilty (without trial) of being responsible for the disaster. Mrs May and some of her colleagues appear to have been found so by some.

  3. Bit unfair, May isn’t the only nasty, uncaring money worshipping parasite in the Tory party. Cameron, Osborne, IDS & Co deserve some of the credit.

  4. Don’t forget that as Home Secretary, May identified herself with the security apparatus — her every act and statement was seen through the PRISM of state security vs the rest of us.

    The Guardian (which should have been more critical vs. the regular Tory press) led the way in rebranding May when she became PM. Remember the “battle of Theresa and Andrea”.

    To the extent that the PM has any power, May represents the ascent of a tool and puppet of the security apparatus.

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