Video: Leadsom #Grenfell visit bombs as residents ask “Where’s May?”

Credit where it’s due to Andrea Leadsom for turning up in person and actually engaging with Grenfell Tower residents. But to call her visit a car crash would be kind, as both media and residents demanded to know where Theresa May is and why she sneaked in and out yesterday without meeting any of the people affected by the terrible fire:


The residents and neighbours of Grenfell Tower are outraged that the only assistance they’re receiving is from individuals, volunteers and charities – and that the Prime Minister doesn’t have the spine to face them.

Rightly so.

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  1. I would be the last person to make excuses for her, but the simple answer to your question, when faced rightfully with really very angry residents, could be that maybe Mrs May was acting on Police advise to limit her visit?


  2. Did the Tories ‘elect’ the wrong woman.

    Was this at Andrea Leadsom’s own idea or was she sent in as a substitute for Theresa May to test the waters.

    May has history on sending in substitutes when she’s too scared to turn up herself. eg hiding behind Amber Rudd, who’s father had died only the day before, when she was too scared to debate with Jeremy Corbyn.
    Maybe I’m misjudging Mayhem, perhaps she was simply showing her compassion and empathy for Rudd by distracting her from grieving for the loss of her father.

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