Tories deny hiring ‘army of tweeters’

blower tory twitter
Cartoon by Patrick Blower. Used with permission.

Last week, the right-wing Daily Telegraph claimed that the Conservative party was “hiring an army of paid tweeters” to try to combat Labour’s social media dominance:

tg bl twitter.png

The article elaborates that the Tories are “recruiting hundreds of staff across the country in a bid to dramatically increase the party’s online presence“.

This appears to be… not quite correct.

A Conservative Party spokesperson told the SKWAWKBOX:

We will not be using paid Twitter activists. Brandon’s message to members referred to paid campaign managers – part of their remit is social media, for example setting up local campaign Facebook pages,  along with all the other responsibilities that come with being a campaign manager, organising volunteers, campaign days etc .

According to the Electoral Commission, such “paid campaign managers” will only have to be declared as an electoral expense if they do not have a “direct employment contract” with the party.

The Conservatives’ press office has not responded to requests to clarify whether the Telegraph claims constitute ‘MSM’ fake news.

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  1. And Tweezer says she’s got plans to make those nasty tech giants who are causing all the trouble provide (up to) two email deliveries a day. Even gonna put in the next Tory manifesto (as an ‘ambition’ of course –
    not a promise) so we’re doomed.

  2. That’s right, folks – they’ll be ‘volunteers’. Howeer the tory definition of that word changes with the weather

    Will they be ‘volunteers’ like demonic raabid’s office staff?

    Or like the poor sods ‘volunteered’ to work (for their dole) in sally army or sue ryder shops, poundland, tesco etc etc

    Although it could be fair to suppose those working on behalf of the toerags in that call centre in south wales were all ‘volunteers’ too…

  3. PS

    Is that what david davis looks like when he’s asked to do any sort of work, in that top picture?

  4. I really can’t believe that Tory trolls on social media are a new phenomenon. They seem to have been acting like a pernicious virus for years now.

    Just go on “You Tube” to listen to socialist/progressive music and see the vicious and vapid political right vent their spleen in the comments section!

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