Oops. Twitter slip proves Activate/’Our Conviction’ same people


The disaster of incompetence that is ‘Tory Momentum’ group ‘Activate’ descended into outright farce on Friday evening as an attempt to be clever backfired spectacularly – and revealed that ‘splinter’ group ‘Our Conviction’ is run by the same person or people.

A smoking gun – or perhaps a huge, steaming pile of ordure.

Left-wing Twitter account ‘The Agitator‘ decided to poke a little fun at Activate’s Twitter account, @activatebritain. Being tender souls, they blocked him.

Not being one to give up easily, Agitator decided to issue a challenge to Activate to unblock him and engage:


The person behind the Activate Twitter account was clearly falling over him/herself to make a snidey, snappy comeback – presumably forgetting that, as Activate had blocked Agitator, s/he shouldn’t even be able to see the tweet in question.

And also forgetting to sign out of one account into the other before responding:


So, ‘Our_conviction’ answered a challenge to Activate to unblock – with ‘we haven’t unblocked you’.

Slam dunk – two accounts, one person, one device. Tweet at haste and get busted at leisure.

Wonder whether the message is getting through to Tory HQ yet – Tories are just not very good at social media.

Or grassroots.

Or truthfulness.

They appear, however, to be very good at entertaining the rest of us with their capacity for disaster.

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  1. I’m just wondering why the emails I get from you are now saying they’re from ‘WordPress.com’ and not ‘Skwawkbok’ like they used to be before you had a remodel ?

  2. It’s getting like one of the funnier episodes of “Crossroads”, complete with cardboard sets. All we need no is Benny’s hat, and we can all go home 🙂

  3. Tories aren’t very good at ‘social’ anything, it’s not in their nature. Maggie Thatcher let the cat out of the bag and gave us an insight into the Tory mindset when she said: “And, you know, there’s no such thing as society.There are individual men and women and there are families.”

    N.B. Here’s a list of ‘social’ synonyms Tories ‘don’t do’:

    Socialise, societal, communal, community, community-based, collective, group, civil, civic, public.

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