Activate insider points finger over leaks

activate panic

The chaos at ‘Tory Momentum’ Activate has descended into vicious in-fighting, with one Activate insider contacting the SKWAWKBOX to – ironically – point the finger of blame over various leaks from within the fledgling organisation at its former north-east representative Emmet O’Leary.

The insider told this blog:

Emmet has been leaking stories to left and right publications. He resigned from Activate over the Whatsapp chat and I’m certain he was responsible for leaking that, but I know for a fact he has been talking to various publications about other things. I’m sure he’s behind the Activate knock-off ‘Our Conviction’ too.

Whatever the truth of these allegations, their mere existence make clear that the Tories’ Momentum tribute-band is already in chaos and fragmenting at least internally – and may already be splitting into competing groups.

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  1. I am wondering if this Emmet O’Leary is the “EMTL” on the WhatsApp chat who says “Gonna run some medical experiments on them”, talking about the “chavs” that should be gassed according to “Magnus”. What do you think? J

  2. After the way the Tories gloated over Momentum’s brief period of unreset (Matt Wrack’s crew, though misguided, were at least sincere), we’re going to need a new irony detector; this one’s broken.

  3. “I’m sure he’s behind the Activate knock-off ‘Our Conviction’ too.”

    They’ve set up another one? – ‘Our conviction’? Dear lord… I have to wonder what their conviction’s for…

    Being able to count over five using the digits of the one hand? Having an overbite bigger than janet street-porter’s, multiplied by by red rum’s? Being a complete twunt in real life as well as on the interwebz?

    Or, all of the above – plus more? (My money’s on this).

    Skwawky – name your source. Go on, cause more in-fighting between the inbred 🙂

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