Tories ‘Activate’ incompetence continues. This one’s a beaut

As the SKWAWKBOX highlighted yesterday, Tory incompetence at all things social media led to hilarious consequences when the ‘independent’ ‘grassroots’ ‘movement’ vacated its Twitter account that mimicked its web address – and it was immediately grabbed by switched-on lefties for use as a parody account.

Add to that Evolve Politics’ outstanding work in identifying the dinner-jacketed ‘activists’ behind the site and calling their start disastrous would not be an exaggeration.

It’s about to get worse – clearly all that privilege and private education doesn’t guarantee competence.

As you’d expect, Activate’s home page has a link to its Facebook and Twitter feeds, so ‘interested’ visitors can follow them on those social media platforms. The Facebook link is unproblematic, as they haven’t messed with their Facebook account.

However – gloriously – the same does not apply to their Twitter.

Hover your mouse or hold your finger on the Twitter icon on their home page – and you’ll see that it still links to the old Twitter ID:

activate twitter link.jpg

In other words, the Tories’ manufactured attempt at a ‘grassroots movement’ is sending visitors to the parody account.

No doubt that will be changed when word reaches them – but the SKWAWKBOX has archived the page, complete with parody link, for your enjoyment.

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  1. Yes,I’m sure the youth will flood to activate,just like they did for your youth training schemes……40+ hours a week for the princely sum of £27.50,so yes I’m sure it will be a huge success 😆😆

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