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The SKWAWKBOX continues to have a significant impact on the UK’s political narratives by exposing the plans and actions of the right both within and outside the Labour Party. Naturally, this upsets the right wing.

A more detailed report will follow, but a few highlights include:

  • exclusively revealing the behaviour of a right-wing Labour MP toward Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott
  • revealing the unwillingness of the Establishment – and the Metropolitan police – to provide any update about the Skripals – even a month after the last, strange statement
  • exposing repeated Tory attempts to push through legislation to force NHS patients to pay for their treatment
  • highlighting the Labour’s right’s hypocrisy in complaining about the selection process for Heidi Alexander’s replacement as Lewisham East MP
  • revealing the ‘hell freezes over’ moment when the BBC agreed that Theresa May is vacuous in PMQs
  • revealing that the Tories’ losses in last week’s local elections were three times what the BBC was showcasing – and why
  • providing the local election overview that reflected the results far more objectively and accurately than the mainstream media

and more.

The SKWAWKBOX does not charge for its articles and pays extra for its hosting to eliminate advertising, to optimise the readability of its content. It relies on the goodwill and support of its readers to cover its costs. Note that these are not related – at least yet – to any legal expenses.

If you are able to do so without hardship and would like to support the blog, please click here to make a one off or modest monthly donation via PayPal. Thanks for your solidarity and support.


  1. I support Skwawkbox but I’m totally baffled why although you won’t let the Skripal business drop, with which I agree, you have almost completely ignored and do not press the fact that our Prime Minister has committed a war crime and is in effect a War Criminal by invading Syria against International Law.

  2. Any luck sourcing an alternative donation system? Now my phone number is not acceptable despite being the one I have had for 10+ years and used when paypal (single donations, no full account) worked for me.

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