Tories fear gen election looming

Tory observers of Tory goings-on are getting seriously worried about the ‘bad’ news that the likelihood of a new General Election has increased significantly.


George Trefgarne is a former politics editor at the Telegraph and has written for Conservative Home. Yesterday he published a series of tweets lamenting what he considers the serious, depressing and increasing prospect:

tref 2

Trefgarne related that business leaders – presumably reading the signs among the high-ups of the party – have been contacting him on a virtually daily basis to ask whether there will be a general election:

tref 3.png

The reason? As ever with the Tory party, it’s infighting about their own peculiar, internal obsessions rather than admission of what a disaster Tory government is for the rest of us or qualms about having to do a deal with a far-right party to achieve it, but he considers it solid – and that the press is missing the signs:

tref 4.png

Added into the mix is a good dose of arrogance at the top of the Tory party – and belief in their own misleading propaganda:

tref 5.png

Of course, for the rest of us the prospect of a new general election is good news, not depressing. But it seems the Tories still live in a bubble of their own making.

Bring. It. On.

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  1. The Conservative Government is a minority government, utterly dependent on bribing the DUP with billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money in order to pass legislation.

    The Conservatives are split down the middle on the EU question and as a result its negotiating positions with the EU are a complete shambles.

    In addition, the Conservative leader is very similar to Hillary Clinton. Like Clinton, whenever she enters a campaign her polling always tanks. This is because, just like Clinton, the more people see and hear her the more they are put off by her robotic performances and inability to speak coherently and her inability to offer a positive vision for the country,

    For all these reasons it is highly unlikely that the Tories will be able to limp on to the end of this parliament. It is also simply not credible that May will lead the Tories into the next General Election.

    The Tory negotiations with the EU have stalled and time is fast running out. If they not go to the country before the deal is finalised they will almost certainly be defeated by Jeremy Corbyn at the next election. It could well be a heavy defeat.

    1. ‘…Corbyn is beatable’
      Not on account of policy deficiency, but because of relentless and sustained smears by both the MSM and the adventurist right-wing Labour MP’s. The former we can’t do much about, but the latter we certainly can and we should as a matter of urgency so that we have in place the right candidates (meaning “LEFT” candidates, that is) ready who are in tune with and an inspiration to the vast majority of the membership, in the very likely event (80% chance, I say) that this government falls and there is a GE. My estimate places the fall of this Tory regime circa 2019 after final Brexit deal, or rather, lack-thereof.

      1. Stewart960130 good point, CLPs need to have candidates ready for a reselection battle with the wreckers asap.

      2. Does this explain Jess Phillips’ appearances last week on both The Wright Stuff (Thurs) and Have I Got News For You (Fri)?…

  2. I’ll believe it when I see it. Tories and cross party neoliberal/neocon supporters in parliament, MSM and at local level are too near achieving many goals to call an early election. They have to be brought down by events or sustained public pressure.

    It looks like we are heading towards a totalitarian neo-feudal type system where 0.1% and their class financial and corporate structures own everything and live high on the hog on the rents they rake in and even charge us for funding their plunder overseas in the name of ‘British/western interests’. and ‘British/western security’.
    Meanwhile, some of the terrorists and mercenaries (‘rebels’) they support in covert and illegal regime change ops come back and kill us as well as the millions they have terrorised overseas. The millions who flee the terror, bombs, financial and economic coercion of ‘democracy’ put pressure on populations already suffering under unnecessary austerity which gives more opportunity to fuel ‘divide and rule’ and confusion in Europe.

    I still say foreign policy cannot be separated from domestic policy, they work hand in hand, both must be brought to account, into the light and under true, properly informed democratic control.

  3. There is no such word as ‘hoving’. If you make your living writing is it really too much to ask for a basic grasp of the English language? And it isn’t just the right wing that show ignorance in this respect.

    1. hoving is a past participle of hove: From Middle English hoven (“to linger, wait, hover, move aside, entertain, cherish, foster”), from Old English *hofian (“to receive into one’s house”), from Proto-Germanic *hufōną (“to house, lodge”), from Proto-Germanic *hufą (“hill, height, farm, dwelling”), from Proto-Indo-European *keup- (“to arch, bend, buckle”). Cognate with Old Frisian hovia (“to receive into one’s home, entertain”), Old Dutch hoven (“to receive into one’s home, entertain”). Related to Old English hof (“court, house, dwelling”).

      1. I wouldn’t bet the farm on it no matter what wiktionary thinks it thinks 🙂
        Things, commonly ships, may “heave into view” – hove is just the past tense of heave.
        Or, I said, “Heave on that warp” so he hove on it (trad).
        Or a (usually sailing) vessel may be “hove to” as a result of heaving to, usually by backing the headsail, so that it slowly fore-reaches in a self-correcting attitude to the wind without needing to touch the sails or the helm.

  4. Perhaps the General Sec could have plan and timetable ready for urgent selection meetings in case this does come about.
    I read in the Sunday Times a few weeks back a Labour MP quoted as saying Right Wing Labour MPs should sit as Independents in Parliament if Corbyn wins and if so this would deny us a genuine transformative Labour Govt.
    Perhaps if this is what they really feel then they could be honest and share this gem with members at Labour Party PPC selection meetings?
    Labour members need to be certain that the potential MPs they are choosing and who they will do the graft for will stand by JC and work for a genuine transformative Labour Government.
    No more appointees!

    1. So they think they can win their seats on a Labour ticket and then resign the whip the moment the election is done?

      Surely that should be illegal?

      If they can’t win as independents then they shouldn’t be sitting as independents.

      1. There is a case to be made that MPs who cross the floor or declare ‘independent’ mid term should automatically lose their seat and have to fight democratically under their true manifesto. Many constituents in GEs vote for a party rather than individuals, forced into a position of holding their nose in hope of a greater good.

  5. Quick, get the deselection process under way, two birds with one stone and all that!

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