Tories to RETRY bill to make you pay for your NHS Fri 15 June

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The Deputy Speaker as NHS ‘co-payment’ legislation was rescheduled

As the SKWAWKBOX covered on Friday, Tory MPs made an attempt to pass a bill yesterday to allow NHS patients to be charged for their treatment – a move described by senior medics as “a nail in the coffin” of the NHS and ‘catastrophic‘ for patients.

nhs copay

The bill did not pass on Friday – it ran out of time – but the Tories have rescheduled the bill for yet another attempt, on Friday 15 June.


The Tories talk officially of their commitment to an NHS free at the point of need – even while continuing the longest period of squeezed NHS funding in the service’s history.

But the Tories’ real intentions for the NHS are betrayed by – alongside that funding squeeze and many other things – the persistent attempts of its MPs to push through legislation to end it in any meaningful form.

By forcing us to pay at the point of use as well as through our national insurance and taxation.

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  1. This is a hill worth dying for.

    All parties must reject this attempt to destroy our National Health Service.

    The Tories shall not pass and the privatisation of the NHS will be completely reversed by a Labour Government.

  2. Christopher Chope MP for Christchurch Dorset , coffin dodger city Tory voting mainly white OLD people in Christchurch , talk about foot,, shot,,, in,
    ANyway good to see they reap what they sowed.

  3. Coffin dodger here: Tuberculosis at the age of nine;
    Perforated Duodenal Ulcer at the age of 29;
    Uterine Cancer at the age of 61;
    Extreme Osteoporosis diagnosed and on-going check-ups and medication provided 4 years ago;
    Skin Cancer at the age of 76 – sorted;
    Breast Cancer removed, 2 years ago, medication and regular checks provided, thanks to our NHS.
    Still running my own business, providing remedial massage for clients with back and shoulder problems.
    78 years of age.
    You bet, I’m fighting to save our wonderful NHS!

  4. Some Labour filibustering is needed on 15th June to make sure it runs out of time again. (It would make a change from having to listen to Philip Davies MP droning on to kill off bills designed to help people and the environment!). There is SO much material going back to 2010 of the Tories actively trying to destroy the NHS, that the MP could probably talk for months if necessary.

  5. This is a private members’ bill proposed by the idiot Tory Chope. It is not supported by any party and has zero prospects of becoming law.

    1. Don’t be so naive(or disingenuous)Iain Mac,you surely don’t believe this happening without approval from the top?It is a classic “kite flying “exercise.

      1. John Thatcher, I am not naive, I am pragmatic. I repeat, there is zero chance of this private members bill becoming law

    2. You’d think so, but Private members bills NEVER get three readings, on the 15th, this will have. It is clearly getting backing from the Tory head honchos or it would have been scrubbed after attempt one.

  6. Yippee, another FAIR TO ALL tax – like VAT. Everyone pays the same so how could that not be fair?

    So what if no more NHS means selling or re-mortgaging your house when you get sick and it’s “Sorry, computer says only the PREMIUM policy covers you for THAT.”
    Should have bought premium, shouldn’t you? You had the same opportunity as the rest of us.
    So what if your health insurance has more exclusions than a secondhand car warranty – didn’t you have your lawyer check the policy?
    Why should I pay for your treatment – I don’t ask you to pay for my Rolls Royce, do I?

    Get a bit of a sniffle a few years from now and your wife, husband or kids will finish you off to keep the house.
    The 1% won’t be happy until they own every last acre and every last one of us, the bastards.
    If I had the money I’d put a price on ALL their worthless heads. And I’m not even lying 🙂

  7. think not NHS then no national insurance payments can’t have it both ways

  8. I’m a 54 year old Male who at 36 yrs old nearly died of a brain Annurysm and stroke , the subsequent , knock illnesses from my stroke etc , in the yr 2000 , makes me rely on our free NHS I worked hard pre illness ( 80hrs weekly and paid tax & NI ) , keep , the nhs free for the UK CITIZENS charge everyone else

  9. It’s not my fault I inherited epilepsy age 11, now 61, 18 months ago I went to hospital my fits were bad enough to cause damage to my lungs and my heart. I take 11 tablets a day, what will I do if they make me pay?. I hope this is false.
    Alan Johnson west lancs

  10. Did this get discussed yesterday(15th June 2018)?
    I can’t find any mention of it in mainstream media, only countless articles on the upskirting furore.

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