Sky try to credit Cooper – but Abbott, Butler, Lammy real architects of Rudd’s downfall

rudd downfall.png
Amber Rudd and the chief drivers of her downfall

The fall of the occupant of one of the ‘great offices of state’ is a major political event – and a huge scalp for the opposition. The Establishment will not willingly let the plaudits for such an occurrence go to anti-Establishment figures.

Many ‘MSM’ outlets are attempting to credit Labour back-bencher Yvette Cooper for Rudd’s downfall – and certainly Ms Cooper played a part, but she was not one of the few MPs who voted against Theresa May’s 2014 measures that created the abuse of the Windrush generation. Instead, as Shadow Home Secretary she pushed for the party to abstain on the immigration bill and to take a tougher ‘line’ on immigration:


cfr yc.png

The real driving forces behind Amber Rudd’s departure this evening have been three black Labour MPs – now being conveniently ignored by the MSM – who combined the emotion of genuine indignation with a forensic dissection of Rudd’s – and her leader’s – guilt in the Windrush scandal and created a weight of evidence and outrage that the now-former Home Secretary was unable to withstand.

lammy know
David Lammy taking Amber Rudd’s credibility apart in the Commons last week

David Lammy

David Lammy’s performances in the Commons and in televised interviews has been powerful. With a strong personal investment in the plight of Windrush citizens, his outrage was still tempered by a measured delivery that scorched its targets – and his withering list of the things Amber Rudd claimed not to know left her nowhere to hide.

db commons
Labour front-bencher Dawn Butler

Dawn Butler

When the media estate and much of Parliament was still equivocal about – or actively covering up – the significance of the Windrush scandal in terms of the careers of its perpetrators, Dawn Butler mercilessly hunted down the lies that were being told to cover their guilt.

She also refused to soften her conclusion about the motivations behind the treatment of Windrush citizens, stating forcefully that it was driven by racism – and that an apology was in no way adequate for such a scale of wrongdoing.

When Theresa May tried during PMQs to divert blame for the scandal onto the Labour Party by lying to the House and to the nation about the decision to destroy Windrush arrival documents, Ms Butler refused to let the matter pass.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott (creative commons licence)

Diane Abbott

But perhaps the most significant role has been Diane Abbott’s. When even Lammy was saying just today that Rudd’s resignation was a matter for her, Ms Abbott has called frankly from the beginning for Rudd to go – and has ruthlessly and forensically dissected her attempts to avoid responsibility.

Ms Abbott was also one of only a handful of MPs – alongside Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell – to vote against May’s racist 2014 legislation.

And today she used Tory chair Brandon Lewis’ dissembling on the BBC’s Marr show to underscore both his and Amber Rudd’s fundamental dishonesty – in what was probably the final nail in the coffin of Rudd’s ministerial career.


Many have played a part in the thoroughly-deserved downfall of a politician whose reinforcement and application of racist policies caused misery for thousands of Windrush citizens – including Yvette Cooper and with a far from insignificant role for Labour activists on social media, whose output forced the ‘MSM’ to be far more honest than they might otherwise have been.

But any interpretation by the media that does not attribute a starring role to Lammy, Butler and Abbott is as misleading as Amber Rudd’s attempts to explain away her department’s policies and targets.

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  1. Yvette Cooper’s successes were not the result of a forensic interrogation but were handed to her on a plate by the witnesses prior to Amanda Rudd. It was an open goal.

    1. Lets just remember those New Labour MPs who abstained on the Immigration Act 2014 and didn’t vote against it , in essence voting with the Tories , and also the decades of anti-migrant legislation,some of which was pushed through by New Labour themselves under Blair .
      Those MPs who will not accept the injustice of their decisions and will not support or accept that Corbyn was right all along , must now GO .
      We know who they are

      1. Incessant Moaner – There is a vast difference between the occasional rebel back bencher who defies the whip on a matter of principle and an opposition policy of not opposing draconian government policies because they are scared of Daily Mail headlines. Your attempt to conflate the two is clearly nonsensical.

      2. Beware Steve , Moaner has a remarkable similar modus operandi to that other Tory twat troll Graham Hinson who tried this form of time wasting provication previously.

  2. Bambi, not Amanda 🙂
    Tomorrow her rehabilitation begins as the rest of the horde praise her honourable action in resigning over something that decent people would never even have mentioned and what about the FAR worse transgressions of ALL those NASTY Labour members and their failure to do the decent thing like Ruddick did and resign?

    1. I take your point about AR resigning to minimize the damage to herself in any subsequent leadership bid but I’m confused about where you are going with “NASTY Labour members” stuff.

      1. Steve H. Returning to ‘Your attempt to conflate the two is clearly nonsensical.’

        I am not conflating the two. I have simply provided factual evidence of an Labour MP who voted with the Government.

        The motivation for doing so is irrelevant if the issue is ‘in essence’ voting with Tories is to be considered a bad thing.

      2. Incessant Moaner – “I am not conflating the two. ”

        Then why even bring it up in this context?
        The only person you are fooling here is yourself,

  3. Yep, there will be the usual ‘ spin ‘ by the Tories in an attempt to deny, disassemble and rewrite the facts.

    A big shout out to you Sqwawkbox for your part in Rudd’s downfall.
    A persistent reporting off information hidden by the MSM, meant the facts were readily made available via the daily emails.

    Keep it up …..May is next !!

    1. I couldn’t agree more Peter re the big part SB and other Left wing blogs have played here with balancing the lies and spin the MSM were pushing out and consistently getting the truth out.
      Despite the attacks from the Red Tories such as Streeting Woodcock etc on this blog . keep up the great work SB now is more than ever the time to continue the outing of the Red Tories in our party until their CLPS get on and deselect them.

      1. Could please explain ‘Spot the Tory Bot !’?

      2. “Could please explain ‘Spot the Tory Bot !’?”

        A bot that is incapable of posting to the correct thread

    1. ‘~’ well I MEANT to be but I go through these phases of thinking if I ever want to make a friend I should dial it back a bit…
      Clearly I need to try harder 🙂

    2. “Incessant Moaner – “I am not conflating the two. ”

      Then why even bring it up in this context?
      The only person you are fooling here is yourself,”

      I brought it up in this context to illustrate that politics is complicated.

      Having a rule that says that an abstention means ‘in essence voting with the Tories’ makes politics very simplistic. Mr Skinner, who voted with the Tories, illustrates this perfectly. A principled man who according to ‘the rules’ betrayed his party.

      1. Try again with your nascence when you’ve learnt how to post to the correct thread.

  4. Just noticed the nauseating, ever present mouth for hire, Kate Andrews on the side bar. Could someone deport her please?

      1. They must think by the time it’s all gone tits up they’ll have finished turning New Zealand into New Vegas and we’ll all be too weak from hunger to get at them.

      2. ““Could please explain ‘Spot the Tory Bot !’?””

        “A bot that is incapable of posting to the correct thread”

        Apologies. I am not a regular poster in Comments. How do you reply to someone who has replied to my reply?

  5. All quiet on the RED TORY front then , whilst Smeeth Streeting Austin Phillips and the usual cohorts are busy attacking innocent members for false anti-Semitism accusations , Diane and other real Labour MPs show them who the real enemy’s are and how to help protect our citizens from them .
    Well done
    Red Tories OUT NOW

  6. Yes a Big Cheer for Dawn and Diane and a little cheer for Lammy but don’t forget Bob Marley “Don’t worry about a thing, every little things gonna be allright” and hopefully no more “The Heathen knock they on the door.”

  7. To credit a middle class white woman with defeating a racist policy instead of 3 black campaigning MPs who have spoken out on this from the start, isn’t just supporting the centrists, it smacks of the same kind of racism that saw a gang of white MPs marching to throw a black working class activist out of their club.

  8. It is still happening. There is a plane booked for a 63yo Jamaican woman this week! There should be a suspension of deportations until things are put right.

    Also, the first I heard of all this (I am a white person living in France) was when JC brought the question up in PMQ’s, of a man in his 60’s who was refused treatment for his prostate cancer unless he paid 54K!

    For all the credit to Diane Abbott, Dawn Butler and David Lammy, it must not be forgotten how JC has changed the culture of the Labour Party from running away from racism to fighting it.

  9. Serial home flipper and beacon of parsimony (Certainly, negotiating a discount from the hotel that’s hosting your wedding reception, then using part of that discount for guests to pay for your wedding is on a par with anything the piss-taking cherie bliar has ever done to make or save a shilling) mizz balls took credit for tess may getting abu hamza’s deportation date wrong once… Not that the ‘meeja’ cased may for it, neither.

    Then there was the time mizz balls was gonna win the leadership election at a canter. Until Jeremy did 🙂 TWICE 😀

    Don’t expect her to redirect the current media adulation & kudos to the proper recipients, given her previous…

  10. On a related note, has mouthpiece phillips been in the MSM, lauding her ‘right honourable’ friend mizz balls’ ‘efforts’, yet?

    I’d love to see the grid on phillips if the interviewer was to put her right about the black MP’s efforts (Especially Diane Abbot’s).

  11. During the 2014 Immigration Act 2014,where were Cooper and the bulk of the PLP?
    Running away from Murdoch and the Daily Mail.
    Only 18 including Corbyn,Abbott and McDonnell actually voted against it.
    Richard Dennis

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