Video: Butler accuses May and govt of racism – “an apology is not good enough”

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Shadow Women’s and Equalities Minister Dawn Butler appeared on Sky News this morning to discuss Theresa May’s immigration policies and her treatment of the ‘Windrush generation’ of UK citizens, who have been shamefully hounded by May’s specific policies, which in 2014 withdrew protections they enjoyed under 1973 immigration legislation.

The interview was explosive:

Nailing May’s lie about Labour’s involvement in the discrimination and calling on May to ‘reconsider her position – that is, to resign – Butler described how May’s policies, as Home Secretary and then as Prime Minister, have disproportionately targeted and discriminated against people of colour.

May has, all too typically, been attempting to blame anyone but herself for policies she introduced – and has dodged questions about what she has done to bring back the wrongfully-deported citizens.

But Dawn Butler told her what Windrush citizens and the people of good will who support them want May to hear:

An apology is not good enough.


If May holds true to form, civil service heads may roll or even Amber Rudd’s, as a ‘human shield’ to protect May’s position.

But Theresa May was the longest-serving Home Secretary since the war and as Prime Minister she did nothing to correct this injustice, in spite of being warned about the consequences even as she pushed through the 2014 ‘hostile environment‘ legislation.

She has no place in our politics, let alone in Downing Street.

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  1. Theresa May was more than willing to implement racist policies to appeal to the racist Conservative base.

    She is not fit to hold office and her institutionally racist Conservative Party is not fit to govern.

  2. Theresa May behaves EXACTLY like my children, when caught out doing something wrong instantly blame someone else. It’s always someone else’s fault.

    I wasn’t in office at the time it was Labour
    I was on holiday

    There’s always an excuse a REAL leader would stand up & say I’m really sorry for ruining people’s lives I will do everything to put it tight, but she won’t do that because to err is Human and she’s not human

    1. So you’re saying that Tweezer’s lying is the result of poor socialisation in childhood?
      Hmm, didn’t I read something somewhere about her father allegedly covering up for paedophiles and her allegedly covering up for him?
      Wonder if he too tried to use his imaginary friend as ‘evidence’ of his truthfulness and that’s who she learned her mendacious ways from?

      ps. you know it’s not just YOUR children, right? 🙂

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