Rudd resigns. It must only be a staging post to the real culprit


may rudd.png
Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd – and the real Windrush villain

Amber Rudd has resigned as Home Secretary over the Home Office’s treatment of the Windrush generation.

It is a disgrace to our politics that it took so long and so many attempted evasions before she took responsibility for her part in the scandalous treatment of our citizens – but it is done at last.

Rudd’s resignation is welcome – but it can be nothing more than a staging post on the road to the demise of the real culprit in the Windrush affair: her boss and predecessor, Theresa May.

Rudd was allowed to last as long – and to make as many attempts to avoid her fate – primarily because she served May’s interests by acting as a human shield. But May is the architect of the ‘hostile environment’ measures – and therefore of the suffering of our Windrush citizens – to a far higher degree than Rudd was.

The Establishment will now try and treat this as the end of the matter, using Rudd as the sacrificial lamb. But the public’s outrage and our demand for the real perpetrator to fall must not only be undiminished but must burn hotter now that the way to the true culprit is clear.

Theresa May – one of the longest-serving and most malignant of Home Secretaries in our history – must not be allowed to sail on as Prime Minister, with Rudd carrying away the disgrace of the ‘Windrush’ scandal into the distance.

The primary responsibility is hers and the demands for her resignation must redouble.

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  1. I guess Amber Rudd got pissed off with taking the flak for her boss, I wonder if they are still best mates?

  2. About time too! PMQs ought to be interesting on Wed. We can but hope JC can locate his inner Galloway and skewer May and her whole rotten government.

  3. Theresa May is the architect of the Windrush scandal.

    Her position is untenable. She will have to resign.

  4. We haven’t heard much from the Tories about an ineffective opposition, I wonder why

    It is somewhat ironic that the only reason that Theresa May is still in office (as opposed to power) is that the Conservatives are shit scared of a General Election against Corbyn,

  5. Leave Theresa there as PM, then When it comes to a proper election with the downing street parrot squawking strong and stable, with the red bus and it’s troup of entertaining liars, we can all laugh as they all lose there deposits, hopefully a lot of that will happen next week and I wonder how the DUP will get on with there strong and stable partners, what will they try to find as a distraction, doubt if they can, now all we need is some ex DWP Minister’s to face misconduct charges and a few more of there so called health professionals to do the Barham and soon the tory might be a extinct breed

    1. The problem is that, that would allow the Tories to manage an orderly transition to a new leader before a 2022 GE. Whereas if they are forced into the inevitable bloodbath of an unplanned leadership election and an early GE.

      Why give them the opportunity to regroup on their own terms?

      1. Dilemma I agree but perhaps better to have the new replacement for Treeza now and gut and fillet them ( metaphorically speaking ) before the next election in 2022 cos I can’t see the Tories voluntarily going for any election before then

  6. Racism is endemic in the Tory Party, it is wheeled out in one form or another before every GE and it was wheeled out again to secure Brexit for the hard right. There is so much nastiness in the nasty Party that deporting people who have every right to be here is seen as some sort of joke and a wheeze to be admired.

    After all who but the nasty Tories could dream up such and evil scheme as the bedroom tax and try to justify it as being for the benefit of the homeless?

    If the Tories tell you something is good for you, run a mile and don’t look back, they are master sake oil sellers.

  7. Amber Rudd, probably got fed up of being the Fall Guy for her boss’ vile, inhumane and downright racist policies.
    With so many of our citizens sent to Commonwealth countries they have no links too being still subjected to deportation, the furore is unlikely to be dimished.

    Maybot has lost two of her most trusted lieutenants due to lying within six months. She cannot afford to lose anymore cabinet ministers.

    Time is running out for Maybot, if the local elections on Thursday turn into a bloodbath for the Tories, her backbenchers will be getting very nervous and Boris may just decide to send Mad Mad to Graham Bradley he of the chair of the 1922 Committee and keeper of Maybot’s fate with the list of 44 Tory MPs signatures for a leadership election.

  8. All quiet on the RED TORY front then , whilst Smeeth Streeting Austin Phillips and the usual cohorts are busy attacking innocent members for false anti-Semitism accusations , Diane and other real Labour MPs show them who the real enemy’s are and how to help protect our citizens from them .
    Well done
    Red Tories OUT NOW

  9. As Skwawkbox and other peripheral political sites get excited about trivia like the resignation of a Home Secretary and the illegal deportation of British Citizens, thank God the BBC and SKY are concentrating on the real issue of how the Kremlin manipulated us into voting for Corbyn.

  10. Lying to parliament = Malfeasance in public office = should go on trial.

    ” ” = gross misconduct = should’ve been sacked.

    Not knowing about ‘targets’ = gross negligence = sackable offence anwyhere else.

    Allegedly not knowing about ‘targets’ then claiming they were only ‘localised targets’ = catastrophic incompetence = sackable.

    But instead she gets to keep an obscene, taxpayer-funded cabinet pension.

    There you go rudd, by allowing your resignation instead of sacking you, tess has repaid you for the time you went on the Tv brexit debate instead of her, two days after your father’s demise.

    That’s the sort of company they’re all happy to be in…

  11. Rudd is irrelevant. She won’t even be an MP after the next election – her majority is ridiculously small, and required two recounts for her to even get her seat. Theresa May is also irrelevant – because even if she goes, like Rudd, there’s an endless conveyor belt of shit to replace her with. The entire government needs to go.

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