Video: Johnson: ‘#PortonDown said categorically no doubt’. PD CEO: ‘No we didn’t’

In an interview today with Sky News, the Chief Executive of the Porton Down chemical weapons facility has landed Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in the deepest, hottest water of his political career.

Johnson, in an interview with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, claimed that he knew the source of the Salisbury nerve agent was Russia because Porton Down’s laboratory ‘guys’ were ‘absolutely categorical‘, before continuing:

I asked the guy myself, I said “Are you sure?”

And he said, “There is no doubt.”

Johnson and Theresa May have been misleading the British people – most of whom would call it a frank lie – about the certainty of the source of the nerve agent.

Yet they have proceeded to act – recklessly – as if their claims were true, risking an international incident with potentially the wrong target, with knock-on effects around the world as various countries have expelled diplomats.

Jeremy Corbyn’s caution and his refusal to simply accept the government’s word for the source of the poison have been absolutely vindicated – even right-wing commentators had already begun to agree with him – and the Labour centrists whose grandstanding was meant to undermine him have been absolutely shamed.

And Theresa May? Earlier in the Deutsche Welle footage, Johnson told his interviewer that Vladimir Putin had to accept responsibility and culpability for the use of the nerve agent because Putin is,

in charge of the clattering train.

Theresa May is in charge of the runaway train that is Johnson’s reckless incompetence – and that of herself and her government.

Johnson’s position has today become untenable – and so has Theresa May’s.

Will either of them ‘accept responsibility and culpability’ for their words and actions? In more honourable days, both of them would be on their way out of office this evening – but these are not those days.

If they go, it will happen because UK people and their representatives refuse to allow anything else.

BBC News, so far, do not appear to be mentioning the exposed dishonesty.

As for those centrists…

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  1. This Government’s credibility is now shot to pieces. They’ve expelled diplomats, other countries have followed suit on their word. Threaten Russia, called them all sorts of names and it turns out they had no hard evidence. It’s reckless and could have caused a war, such a serious issue. They’ve dragged our country down to all time low, how is anyone in their right mind going to believe a word they say any more?

  2. I’m impressed by John Woodcock Mp. He’s an avant-gardist who has revolutionised the concept of opposition: He opposes his own party’s policy agenda while unequivocally supporting the agenda of the party he was elected to oppose. What a genius!

  3. What channel and programe was the guy from Porton Down on, and why only a couple of seconds?. We need it set in context

  4. Cheers The Times is now leading with this. Incidentally, the other lead – Jewdas – is backfiring on the editorial team there as the online comments section (normally a haunt of deranged rightists) seems now from a cursory scroll to be 60-40 against the line of the paper.

  5. “Johnson’s position has today become untenable – and so has Theresa May’s.”

    Only today?? Hmmm… Let’s all play a game.

    Let’s all play ‘Instances before today’s where either should’ve been sacked (jailed in some instances).

    One instance for each per post per poster. Let’s see if we can hit 50 instances…Should be a doddle.

    I’ll go first.

    May: ‘Lost’ 114 files about child sexual abuse in westminster,



    PS Craig Murray said a day or two after the event that Porton Down scientists were resentful of the pressure being put on them from that lot…Fully vindicated.

    1. it probably borischock anyone that listens to that clown falls ill, how he managed to get into uni si amazing perhaps he should tell us his secrets

  6. Probably this statement had to be made before they were embarrassed at the upcoming UN chemical watchdog meeting tomorrow where the same statement would have been made. PD felt they had to try to minimise the damage by making the statement themselves.

  7. The sad thing is, that it doesn’t matter about the facts. What matters is what is in the papers. And although BoJo said what he said, on film, it really doesn’t matter, because the right are fundamentally untruthful, even to themselves. They cannot campaign except through lies and whipping up hate, because the facts of their own agenda are so despicable. It’s what is in the papers, the BBC, and other MSM that matters, as false as those things are. If they say there’s nothing to see, then that’s what enough people will say to themselves.

  8. What a useless fat prick that Johnson is. Don’t hold your breath while waiting for an apology.

  9. I am more worried about the 20 Labour MPs who stood up in Parliament and deliberately undermined Corbyn, it is time for re-

  10. It’s excellant news that both victims now appear to be recovering and out of danger. It is though a little unfortunate that the Tory government have obviously suppressed this news until forced into the open by the Russians publishing a recording of a telephone conversation between the daughter and a family member in Russia. Why the secrecy about what is essentially a good news story ?

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