UK firms sold nerve agent components to Syria

On Sunday, Jeremy Corbyn – who has a track record of opposition to abuses in Syria – reacted with outrage to news of the chemical attack on Syrian civilians:

jc syria chem

The latest attack in Syria – believed to have involved chlorine gas or similar – took place just over a year after an attack using the deadly nerve agent Sarin killed more than eighty people and just over a month after the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, which the government has said involved another nerve agent.

Corbyn faced criticism at the time of his statesmanlike response to the Salisbury poisoning, with his call for a measured, evidence-based approach to Britain’s response condemned by adventurist Tories and centrists as disloyal, even traitorous.

But Establishment memories are short – and it’s hard to argue that it is accidental.

Because in 2014, the UK was revealed to be selling the components used in the manufacture of Sarin – to the Syrians:

bbc syrsar.png

The UK’s hands are far from clean when it comes to the illegal, international use of deadly toxins – and the country should be thankful to have one person leading a major UK political party who takes a balanced view of international affairs, is routinely on the right side of history and has respect for international law and due process.

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    1. It has got to the point when anything the war propaganda media in UK spout is not to be believed without wide research, critical thinking and same goes for lying May regime. British people are being put at grave risk by disingenuous lies of media and May regime who are marching to war with Russia to deflect from their crumbling system and ineptitude.

      Every time SAA and allies free Syrian territory and people from western backed medieval terrorist tyranny, claims of dastardly crimes by Syrian government and allies fill the airwaves of imperialist UK.

      The real tragedy is far too many Brits are apologists for so called British values and sit on fences or offer vile apologist disclaimers out of fear of being called names by a corrupted imperial/supremacist minded establishment.

      Not me… British foreign policy and war propaganda is the real danger to the lives of British citizens. The establishment is prepared to risk war with a major nuclear power to continue to freely stamp the western Capitalist jack boot on countries that resist western banking/corporate plunder.

  1. I commented here some time ago that the Skyrpal business made Macron’s odd statement a month ago that France would attack Syria if chemical weapons were used, now have an eerie ring. Syria has been the elephant in the room from the Skrypal outset. The west with Nato and Israel will not accept Russia has won in Ghouta keeping Assad in power. Nothing to do with top gangster Putin being a “goodie” either; it’s about a Russian naval port in Syria, and it’s about the west and Israel wanting to deal with Iran – at last. The BBC will wind us up about Iran in due course. And there in the middle of all this fabrication and violence is Corbyn, still keeping to reason and staring down the media hysteria at him. Above all, actually, the one figure who is genuinely thinking about our security.

    1. It’s also about the petrodollar, which is the only reason the USA can continue to run it’s deficit and spend $trillions on war. The fiat $ is only supported on international exchanges because as the petro dollar it is underwritten by the world petrrochemical trade. The Russians and Chinese have been cooperating to sell Russian petrol & gas to China using their own petro-ribini, and for Syria and other countries such as Iran to try to sell their petrochemicals outside the petrodollar too. If the dollar “loses confidence” and they can’t finance their debts (largely owned by China) then the USA goes into hyperinflation and economic disaster, and won;t be able to spend all that (borrowed) money on war.

      1. Good one Florence, Lest we forget, the Arabs and Israel!
        All out nuclear war!
        Then, thereafter, come the four horsemen of the apocalypse!

  2. As soon as the West says they will use force against Assad if he uses chemical weapons, he uses them? Something doesn’t add up.

    Assad has won in Syria, why would he need to use chemical weapons now, why not just use conventional weapons?

  3. Will the press admit that this government have been supplying the Syrians with toxins?
    I do not think so.

    1. UK foreign policy establishment has a long history of supplying states with chemical weaponsor instructions/tuition and ingredients… it supplied Saddam, when he was in favour, which he used on Kurds and Iranians in the Gulf war where the British were fooled by incubator babies hoax.

      Syrian declared chemical weapons were removed under UN resolution 2118 and declared completed in 2014 by OPCW. This would have included chemicals supplied by UK as UK knew full well what it supplied..

      Any chemicals sent into Syria since have most likely been given to western/allied backed terrorist forces trying to bring medieval extremist ideology to rule Syria and destroy the secular state and society leaving it open for easy plunder. UK has been trying to destroy Syria openly for last 7 years, it just couldn’t get away with yet another all out military assault such as in campaign to destroy Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya. Yemen, Somalia assaults et al are keep out of news as much as possible…

      US/UK/EU and regional allies are building up to another push for all out military attack on Syria especially as Syria is opposed to US (allied) illegal military presence and bases around oil/gas rich regions of Syria.

      The extreme war hawk Bolton takes up his post in the Trump regime today… lest we forget Iran has always been a target for destruction and the near completed liberation of Ghouta is a major blow to enemies of Syria, it was an important tactical location to threaten Damascus and Syrians..

  4. So many dreadful things are due to finish, including Syria War. Instead everything is escalating with aggressive attitude. Making fake news does not seem any longer abnormal but becoming norm. Only one person who could solve is JC, I believe, as other people whoever in charge of anything have lost sense of justice and democracy.

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