Sargeant Jr wins late fathers Welsh Assembly seat by landslide

sargeant j.png
Jack Sargeant

Jack Sargeant, son of the late Welsh Assembly Member Carl, has won the Alyn & Deesside by-election triggered by his father’s death in a landslide, winning a significant increase even on his popular dad’s majority:

sargeant result.png

A superb result for the new Assembly Member, but questions will be asked in Plaid Cymru’s HQ about that party’s slide of over 3 points into fourth place.

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  1. Jack Sargeant, Labour – 11,267 (60.7% – up 14.9)
    Sarah Atherton, Conservative – 4,722 (25.4% – up 4.4)
    Donna Lalek, Liberal Democrat – 1,176 (6.3% – up 1.8)
    Carrie Harper, Plaid Cymru – 1,059 (5.7% – down 3.3)
    Duncan Rees, Green Party – 353 (1.9% – down 0.5)
    Turnout – 29.1% (down 5.5)
    Results from the BBC

    Seems odd that turnout is down but 3 largest parties’ shares all went up.
    Has the population increased so much since May 2016?
    Boundary changes?
    Did I miss something stupid?

    1. Yes, I wordered about that. It doesn’t seem to add up. Anyway, the following is from The Independent re him winning:

      The son of late Labour politician Carl Sargeant has succeeded his father in the Welsh Assembly.

      Jack Sargeant, 23, triumphed at the by-election in Alyn and Deeside as Labour retained the seat.

      He had said he would fight to represent local people “in the proud tradition of my father” and vowed to find out the truth behind his father’s death in an apparent suicide in November.

      It’s interesting that it says he has vowed to find out the truth behind his father’s death, and then (the Indy) goes on to say ‘in an apparent suicide’.

      Is he implying that the family don’t believe Carl committed suicide? I must say I am highly dubious that he did, and for a number of reasons.

  2. On one of the online rags some fool respondent claimed the son’s election proved nepotism was rife in Labour.
    I mean… nepotism ffs?
    It seems you can’t get decent trolls at any price nowadays.

    1. perhaps the twat of a troll means post death nepotism , complete insensitivity as usual from Tory turds

    1. Ah, thanks.. guessed even while I was writing it I was having a senior half-hour.
      Hmmm… UKIP… no, can’t place the name..?

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