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The SKWAWKBOX continues to have an impact on the UK’s political narrative and events – and to be the target of concerted attacks by the Establishment and its media.

Since our last impact update in mid-November, this blog has:

  • exposed the Tories killing an amendment that would have prevented them using the Official Secrets Act to hide evidence of child abuse
  • forced the BBC to issue a public correction after it showed old footage of Jeremy Corbyn and claimed it was his Budget response
  • showed the real attitudes of staff at GQ magazine after its Tory-supporting editor smeared Jeremy Corbyn almost unchallenged on national radio
  • exposed a series of BBC ‘failures’ – all ‘coincidentally’ anti-Corbyn
  • revealed the reality of Labour First and Progress receiving data submitted by anyone registering on a site supporting ‘independent’ candidates for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC)
  • exposed a serious security flaw in parliamentary IT processes, revealed by a desperate email from parliament’s ICT management service
  • been credited by unions with a key role in the successful end to the Birmingham bin strike
  • showed the BBC favouring Philip Hammond’s narrative on Budget day
  • exposed the government’s failure to keep its promise to make the Universal Credit helpline free to call – the DWP finally implemented the change on the last day of November to save face
  • revealed Welsh Labour’s disenfranchisement of its members
  • exposed the nature of the pornography allegedly viewed by deputy-PM Damian Green
  • revealed an email supporting a candidate for Labour’s NEC, sent to members by a centrist MP whose office received £36,000 from the candidate
  • exposed attempts by right-wing Labour councillors in Rochdale to prevent members calling for the suspension of Rochdale’s council leader after he was alleged to have kept quiet about child abuse and to have misled the public inquiry into child sexual abuse
  • exposed the reality behind centrist claims of a ‘purge’ of councillors in Haringey
  • revealed Labour’s plans for ‘Democracy Review 2’ after the first year-long review ends
  • exposed the reality behind attacks by right-wing Labour figures on the NEC’s changes to the election process for Young Labour’s NEC representative
  • revealed that new Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard will take Scotland’s NEC seat in person
  • exposed the falsehood of mainstream media slurs on a well-known Labour social media campaigner

and much more. In many cases this information was revealed exclusively by the SKWAWKBOX and may never have come to light otherwise.

By design, the SKWAWKBOX depends on the support of its readers. We do not carry any advertising or accept corporate sponsorship, so the information is not compromised and the site is as easy to read as possible.

If you think what we do has value and are able to do so without hardship, please consider making a one-off or modest monthly donation to support our work. Thanks for your help.


    1. I’m fed-up with Paypal. It messes me about. But I would like to give more. What can I do?

  1. Continued exposure, vigilance and investigation our society’s only weapon.

    Most people do not know and none are told, what is actually going on.

    Quite the reverse, they are lead to believe from all media, what the establishment need them to believe to continue their totalitarian agenda.
    That is why this blog is so important and needs support.

  2. Skwawkbox is one of just a handful of reliable sources in today’s media.

    I consider it a privilege to be able to support the journalism this site publishes.

  3. If you have another way to donate I would gladly do it? But PP isn’t secure IMO. The page doesn’t come with a padlock to show it’s secure, and I’ve been hacked when using PP before. Once bitten, twice shy.
    Please let me know by DM of another way.

  4. Just donated. Happy to help the best blog in the known universe. Please keep up your excellent work. I’d be lost without you. Many thanks

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