Video: ‘journos’ tweet fake news re Lab campaigner. She responds with proof

In a distasteful extension of the co-ordinated attacks on left-wing campaigners who inconvenience the Establishment, a number of people who claim to be journalists today tweeted long-since debunked claims that Labour campaigner “Rachael Swindon” is in fact a man.

These rumours have been circulating for a long time in an attempt to discredit an account that has been ranked as one of the most influential on social media – and have continued to be used by desperate right-wingers even after a right-wing Labour councillor had to admit the claims were false after speaking to her:


Those facts are not difficult to check. However, in spite of that fact, the ‘journalists’ have repeat the claims in what amounts to fake news:

deacon rachmerrick rach

Some journalists weren’t quite sure, but couldn’t be bothered to check for themselves:

payne rach

No, Seb. It was confirmed that she wasn’t. Do keep up.

Sure enough, the dogpiling by right-wing numpties began. But so did support from the better informed – including this, which is a personal favourite so far:

deacon jpj

Let’s be clear: Ms ‘Swindon’ is under no obligation to prove her gender to agenda-driven idiots who should know better. But she decided to anyway, with this short video:

It’s probably too much to hope that this will put the foolish smear to bed once and for all. No doubt there will be a few who’ll claim Rachael is a man who can do a very good impression of a female voice and who happens to have a Labour membership card laying around in a handily-correct woman’s name.

But for any concerned with the facts of the matter, it should be the end of it.

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  1. Increasingly desperate and grubby tactics from the establishment media.

    They don’t seem to understand that their baseless and phony attacks only destroy their own credibilty.

    They are engaged in a propaganda campaign which yields exponentially diminishing returns.

  2. Did you know jane merrick is actually john merrick; but it’s unknown whether john merrick is actually a man or an elephant?

    Also, I heard sebastian payne is actually a genetically-engineered hybrid of ‘tory boy’ and ‘tim nice-but-dim’ from Harry Enfield & chums.

    I think it was that….Or maybe just a twunt.

  3. Tories are intimidated by Rachael and with good reason.
    She says what millions of us would say if she hadn’t thought it first.
    Must be hard for those misogynistic old farts to accept they’re scared of a mere woman.

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