Tories killed measure to stop Official Secrets Act blocking child abuse evidence

As the SKWAWKBOX covered on Tuesday, Theresa May and her successor as Home Secretary have been accused of using ‘national security’ to withhold evidence of child abuse from IICSA – the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

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The accusation was made in the Commons by Labour MP Lisa Nandy:

In February 2015, when May was Home Secretary another Labour MP, John Mann, moved an amendment to prevent the Official Secrets Act (OSA) being used to block witnesses giving evidence about child sexual abuse.

The Tories voted it down.

The Solicitor General responded to Mann’s call:

hansard 230215 osa.png

Departments and ministers can permit

I assure the hon. Member.. that the Government are committed…

We are satisfied that the Official Secrets Act is not, will not, and should not be a bar to evidence being provided, but I am grateful to him for raising that important issue.

‘Permit’, ‘assure’, ‘satisfied’. In other words, “we think the current situation is good enough and expect you to accept our assurance the OSA won’t be used to prevent evidence coming out – so we’ll keep things as they are”.

Because we all know that Tories never lie or break a promise – and they never cover up child abuse for their own purposes…

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  1. Those who suggest the Tories have no plans need to take note, much is planned meticulously (even apparent chaos, as distraction) to promote and protect the interests of the government and their constituency the private wealthy vested interests.

  2. TM’s father is implicated. Exposé available if you Google. Witness was threatened to keep silent. She’s been covering up for years.

  3. is Black Friday Week (now) a real celebration of the banking crisis and our enjoyment of it?

  4. Totally trying to cover-up something. But, when in it comes to child abuse, or any other serious crime the names should be out there for investigation.
    THE use of the Official Sectrets Act is a travesty and should never be used in this way.
    THE victims are not getting justice. They didn’t get when the crime was perpetrated and they’re not getting it now with this cover up.

    1. There are senior Police officers who have direct knowledge of cover ups or the closing down of investigations against VIPers who cannot give evidence for fear of prosecution under OSA.
      Secrets are kept to protect Officials not the Nation

  5. The truth to why she would want a cover up might be deeper than just covering for Tory and other Party Grandee’s sexual crimes against children. Their is her own past connections to people who were involved or had knowledge of Organised Child Abuse in the 50s and 60s. Her Father trained as Vicar at a notorious Seminar The house of the Resurrection in Mirfield West Yorkshire run by the Italian Order of the Verona Fathers. Whether he was involved is not known but he must have had knowledge of the goings on.
    Perhaps this and the fact that Saville’s contacts with Prince Charles and his favouritism with the Queen Mother or could it be the fact that her Mentor Margaret Thatcher PM entertained him every New Years Eve at Chequers or did Saville provide the entertainment as he did for previous Premiers in Jersey where another cover up goes on. What ever the motivation for the secrecy you can bet your bottom dollar it involves the so called Highest of the Land

    1. All information about Mays father has been deleted on Wikipedia. But some were found in French using a journalists way back machine (nor me). Or copying the Wikipedia address and putting Herbert _Brasier at the end. Is the cover up closer to home than Teresa May would like? It would bring down the government if it got out and probably all of Westminster.

  6. And we’re meant to be surprised?

    114 files on CSA gone west under may’s tenure as home sec

    Judges chosen by may that were KNOWN to have links to those accused – once could almost be forgiven; but twice – in succession??

    Groups withdrawing from the IICSA (Independent MY ARSE) after being ‘marginalised’ , calling the inquiry ”Not fit for purpose” and accusing it of being nothing more than a “very costly academic report writing and literature review exercise”.

  7. These Tories are not only inept, inefficient, intolerable and a bunch of pathetic crooks they are also cowards who pick on all who are vulnerable in our Society (which covers most of us really – at least at one time or another)! However, when it comes to their mates they’ll protect all of them, no matter what! They should be erased from history for they bring shame to the UK! They must be stopped! Can we continue to wait for a General Election which will be a lifetime away for too many people in this Country?

  8. I’ve read an interesting article about Teresa Mays father. All documents and Wikipedia entries have been deleted by the Tory government about him which is very suspect. Though you can get some information by copying Wikipedia address and adding Herbert _Brasier to the end. Teresa May is doing all she can to bury the sex abuse documents. I’m wondering if the reason why is much closer to home.

    1. I read it before it was deleted but unfortunately I didn’t copy the contents.

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