Departing Ceredigion exec calls for Starmer’s resignation over Gaza ‘disrepute’

Slavish following of US policy and inhumanity to Palestinians is intolerable, say elected Welsh officers

Keir Starmer has been told to go by the outgoing executive of the Ceredigion Labour party in Wales, for his appalling support for genocide and his refusal to call for a ceasefire in the one-sided slaughter.

A statement released on the constituency party Twitter page gives the officers’ reasons:

The statement has been applauded by supporters of human rights, but some have said he should be expelled from the party altogether for his shameful siding with the apartheid oppressor and his contempt for the lives of civilians, including thousands of women and children – not to mention for breaking every promise he made in order to con his way into the job in the first place.

Israel’s bombing of schools and hospitals continues, including the bombing overnight of yet another school run by the UN relief agency and the destruction of the oxygen tanks of the Al Shifa hospital, Gaza’s largest, to force a desperate attempt to evacuate desperately ill patients that will surely cost further lives. Some reports have said that all the hospital’s intensive care patients have now died.

Starmer, friend of genocide and apartheid, go.

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  1. 5. Not content with the demolition of the Palestinian health service in Gaza, he (smarmer) is content to concur and continue with the toerag policy in the selling off (to the US, see point 3) of our own national health service.

    1. Yet more calamitous dereliction by the one-man pig-circus that is Starmer, the man who massively enabled the Tories at GE19 with his Brexit shift. He was quite happy to enable the Tories to topple Jeremy Corbyn so why should Britain trust him with anything?

      1. qwertboi – Why doesn’t Jeremy Corbyn put himself forward as the OCISA’s candidate in Keir’s constituency.

  2. Herr Flick
    For the record I voted Brexit to do something about the EU being arselicks of the Yanks and the Banks
    JC wanted to bring back control
    Israel and Nordstream proves this country and the EU are bought and sold for, our Democracy is proper fucked
    What does that make the Fuhrer

  3. Apparently Starmer is now worried for his family’s safety. I suggest they had better not go to Gaza then.

    1. Or a UK (sink) estate containing a high proportion of families with more than two children struggling to get by.

      No doubt the axle-greased gobshite’s after what bliar got – (lifetime?) taxpayer-funded security for all his houses and all his litter.

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