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Video: Israeli govt spokesman lets slip that kibbutz victims killed by Israel, not Hamas

Former UK ambassador Regev gives away reality of burned bodies when he tries to cover for Israel’s over-estimate of Israeli death toll in 7 October incident

The former Israeli ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev – now an adviser to Israel’s extremist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu – has inadvertently admitted that Israel was responsible for the deaths of those claimed by the apartheid regime as Israeli dead.

Challenged by MSNBC interviewer Mehdi Hasan about Israel’s revision of its claimed death toll from 1,400 to 1,200, Regev answered that two hundred bodies they had thought were ‘ours’ were in fact Hamas operatives:

But as French entrepreneur Arnaud Bertrand has pointed out in a tweet highlighting the video clip, this means that for six weeks the Israelis believed that burned bodies in cars and houses were their own people – and that they were burned by Israel, since Hamas would not have had the inclination – and indeed did not have the means – to incinerate their own operatives during the raid:

So 200 burned bodies previously identified as Israelis were in fact Hamas… Which tends to confirm they were burned by Israeli fire (doubtful they self-immolated) and would therefore mean that Israel thought during a month they’d burned 200 of theirs.

Israeli survivors of the carnage of the raid have told media in their own country that the Hamas raiders were kind and polite, while Israel’s forces opened fire indiscriminately on the kibbutz homes and killed hundreds of Israelis – one survivor attributed her own husband’s death directly to it. Helicopter gunship pilots also reported the ‘dilemma’ of firing on cars without knowing whether they contained Israelis or Palestinians. The kibbutz’s security manager told Israeli journalists that soldiers had been ordered to fire on Israeli homes to ‘bring them down’ on hostages and raiders alike, to ensure Hamas fighters were killed. According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Israeli troops even called in an airstrike on their own facility – with Israeli troops inside as well as Hamas fighters.

None of this, despite being widely circulated internationally and supported by extensive evidence, has been reported by UK and other western media determined to present the 7 October incident as wilful and barbaric slaughter of innocents by Hamas. Claims of rape have ‘slipped away’, according to the Israeli press – and supposed video evidence has been proven to be false – and reports of murdered babies have been disproven by Israel’s own casualty lists. Yet continue to be repeated as fact by politicians and complicit ‘journalists’ and commentators.

The supposed murderousness of Hamas during the raid has been used by Israel and its supporters to justify their ‘maximum damage’ bombing and ethnic cleansing of Gaza, which is killing thousands upon thousands of civilians – around half of them children and another quarter women – and their bombing of schools, hospitals and homes.

But Regev’s accidental admission, as he tried to cover Israel’s barbarity and deception even toward its own, appears to put beyond any reasonable doubt of the truth of eyewitness and investigative reports that Israel’s response to the Hamas raid was in fact responsible for most if not all of the deaths surrounding the kibbutz. So much so that for weeks Israel didn’t even know that some of the people it immolated were not their own citizens. That homicidal action is now directed at the innocent civilians of Gaza, killing thousands and maiming and traumatising many thousands more.

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