Starmer orders MPs to vote against SNP ceasefire motion

Cowardly regime hides behind Scotland to whip MPs to vote down motion to save Palestinian civilian lives

Keir Starmer has hidden behind the excuse of Scotland to order Labour MPs to vote against next Wednesday’s SNP amendment to the King’s Speech calling for a ceasefire in Israel’s wanton slaughter of civilians in Gaza.

Starmer’s craven and counter-factual opposition to a ceasefire to spare the thousands of women, children and other vulnerable people being killed by Israel’s targeted, mass bombing of homes, schools, hospitals, refugee camps and other vital civilian facilities is already on the record – but his party ‘whips’ have been given a script to use with MPs considering voting for the ceasefire amendment – one that uses Labour’s electoral fortunes in Scotland as an excuse.

Which is utter nonsense when Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has already come out in support of a ceasefire.

The whips have been told – after cynically asking MPs how they’re doing given the public pressure to back a ceasefire – to tell them that voting for the SNP amendment will ‘totally undermine’ Labour’s position in Scotland and that they’d have to vote against it if Labour were in government.

Labour isn’t in government, as if that makes any difference to the rights and wrongs of a ceasefire – though Starmer is admitting through this line that a Labour King’s speech would be as poisonous and murderous as the Tory one. Scottish voters, like the rest of the UK public, overwhelmingly want a ceasefire. And Sarwar’s position makes the claim it would damage the party in Scotland palpably nonsensical.

But such is the shamelessness, hollowness and cowardice of Starmer and his toxic regime that even though they have no proper, sane argument to make against calling for an end to the mass murder of innocent civilians, they are resorting to blatant nonsense to try to head off the rebellion among MPs with sizeable Muslim (or just decent and humane) constituency populations.

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  1. Similarly, Prime Minister Gordon Brown did a similar thing on the subject of an inquiry into the invasion of Iraq. Too many Labour MPs caved into such nonsense.

  2. Well – This is a test for Labour MPs.
    We shall see how many of them have any principles and any backbone.
    As for Starmer – His support for mass murder by the Apartheid Regime of Israel will hand round his neck like the albatross.
    It will be his epitaph to be engraved on his tombstone.

    1. *Failed to prosecute nonces.
      *Allows UK children to go hungry
      *Promotes – PROMOTES – the so-called *right* of foreign states to carry out the indiscriminate murder of children; euphemising it as “self-defence”
      *Orders those who call for a stop to it to go against their conscience; with veiled threats.

      Anyone else see the patterns here?

    2. Preserve our valuable wildlife by always using the right tool for the job.

  3. I just turned on the TV, and it was on Sky News, which I was checking out this morning (re Braverman), and the latest is that the police will be stationed in Jewish areas of London later today, because there ‘are rumours that convoys of protesters are planning to drive around Jewish neighbourhoods intimidating them’. You couldn’t make it up, but these fascist bastards DO!

    Oh, and the police are there guarding the Cenotaph all through the night, thank heavens! There really are no limits to how low these people can go….. and KEEP going! Demonising and smearing, and duping and deceiving and manipulating.

    1. I’d forgotten about this one, which I heard earlier:

      Meanwhile, veterans were advised by military officials not to wear their medals or berets when they travel to Remembrance services today to honour the 1.3million servicemen and women killed in action since 1914.

      But the Sun doesn’t explain why of course, and neither was there an explanation given earlier. Anyway, the Cenotaph is being guarded from assault in any and every direction:

      ‘HOW HAS IT COME TO THIS? Cenotaph will be kept under 24-hour police guard for first time during Remembrance commemorations as PM appeals for calm’

      How has it come to this? says the Sun, so as to amuse themselves and all their buddies!

      1. I also came across the following on Vox Political (whilst trying to find an article he posted about four weeks ago) re the 78 year-old poppy seller. It just seemed too good to be true; for the establishment, that is. And it was, but millions who’ve been led to believe it happened will probably never know that it didn’t. Not that there is any satisfactory explanation, which there really, really needs to be:

        ‘Story about poppy seller attacked by peace protesters was a LIE’

    2. Given this kid of coverage, watch out for agent provocateurs from both the State and the far right. I hope the stewards are aware of the possibility.

      1. Who is responsible for picking and training the stewards. Even CND and AA could be problematic when over enthusiastic volunteers realised what being a steward involved. All good experience for a very unsettled future. I had to admit, through gritted teeth that women were ace at defusing potentially dangerous situations.

  4. Keef smarmer – even as an adult – reminds me exactly of the type of weedy kid, who during a hot day in the summer holidays, wouldn’t partake in a water bomb fight, using the shit excuse that: “My mum (who was a nurse by the way) said im not allowed to get wet”

    And then, when hit with one anyway would burst out crying that waaaagh! That hurt!! I’m telling!.

    The fooking drip.

  5. Quite apart from the immorality of not calling for an end to the slaughter of Palestinians amid the physical destruction of Gaza, this policy will probably strengthen the SNP on the basis of its support for Palestinians AND opposition to the UK government. Labour’s recent gains in Scotland are imperilled.

    For Starmer, the defence of Israel and subordination to US policy come first. This is the logic of his policy of supporting Zionism and NATO (now with a world-wide jurisdiction) without qualification.

    1. The ‘script’ that Starmer is imposing through the whips will, as Skwawkie says, not just imperil Labour’s future votes in Scotland, it will alienate remaining members and prospective votes everywhere.

      Surely, even Starmer’s most loyal chicken-coup centrist MPs recognise this and are beginning to fear for their futures?

      Maybe not. As I’m sure SteveH would say if he wasn’t assigned to other ‘duties’,

      1. How can anyone wield the whip in such circumstances? The party is beyond redemption. How can you walk back agreeing to the mass murder of innocents? Don’t say,” that’s politics”.

    2. That nonce infused Party had to have a good point and this is it.

  6. This has NOTHING to do with Labour in Scotland, and EVERYTHING to do with Starmer’s idiot-standard stance on Palestine and protecting HIM! It matters not (to him) if thousands of Palestinian children are brutally murdered, as long as his long march to dictatorship in Number 10 is not pushed off track.

    1. Let’s hope that a Greasy exes laden Gang of Whore rise and defeat the child murdering monsters.

  7. I’m probably not on my own when predicting Starmer would call a three line whip over the SNPs ceasefire motion. As pointed above this has nothing to do with Scotland. It has everything to do with the hierarchy of racism that operates in the Starmers “my party.”

    It is now up to those Labour MPs who have called for, or signed Richard Burgons EDM for a ceasefire to show what they’re made of.

    Mind you such is the warped minds of some inside LOTO they are anticipating with joy that Muslim MPs will defy him.

    1. They should have left the party on mass right at the start. How can they stay? What manner of people sit on the benches and allow Their leaders to act like this. Surpririseme, did some of em give speeches etc. Stuff em. Leave the party act as if you mean what you say you believe. Stay of the airwaves unless your going to hand in you cards and say “I would be a hypocrite if I remained with this bunch of baby killers a moment longer. I can’t live with myself for not going immediately. Will you sign my exes form for me? Oh, that’s rent, taxis to the front of the march. That form? Well, it’s for food allowances. Yeah I was really hungry and it seems like a lot if you look at it in a certain way. Don’t take the amounts into account because its the attitude that counts. I bought a Big Issue once. Yeah, the telly was there and I got on QT as a result. Raised my voice about something and heads nodded. I can’t leave all of this. What about all of my sections. Lawyers, teachers, colours, handicaps, judges, cyclists, anti carboneros, all with exes. I want to vomit whenever I hear or read the words Labour Party.

  8. I came across the following on Vox Political (whilst trying to find an article he posted about four weeks ago) re the 78 year-old poppy seller. It just seemed too good to be true; for the establishment, that is. And it was, but millions who’ve been led to believe it happened will probably never know that it didn’t. Not that there is any satisfactory explanation, which there really, really needs to be:

    ‘Story about poppy seller attacked by peace protesters was a LIE’

  9. You are either for a ceasefire to stop a genocide in Gaza.
    You sit on the Genocide Fence & watch twiddling your thumbs like Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb.
    Or you vote against a ceasefire & enable a Genocide.
    We need to remember how MPs vote on this.
    The USA & Israel are after Gaza’s Gas Fields & Offshore oil & are wiping out Palestinians and clearing them out.
    People before profits.

    1. Bazza. What true socialist disagree with you? None. Now let’s see how the worms crawl back to their dark, moist, corrupted holes.

  10. It is “stand up and be counted time” for the PLP. Supporting the SNP motion is the right thing to do as the massacre of Palestinians is a war crime and an affront to decency. Those MPs who oppose the motion will be seen for what they are – Zionist Friends of uncivilised War Criminals or immoral self interested careerists or both.
    I hope every mosque follows the example of the Preston mosques and lets their congregations know how their elected reps voted in respect of ending the slaughter of Palestinians.
    But of course this is not a Muslim issue.It is a human issue about the mass murder of children and innocent Palestinian men and women, the sick and the disabled ,aid workers, reporters , doctors, nurses and ambulance staff. Its about withholding food, water, and fuel from Gaza , the creation of insanitary conditions and the prevention of the proper burial of the dead which not only denies them dignity in death but subjects the living to the risk of serious disease.
    Therefore the names of the MPs who oppose or abstain on this motion should be well publicised and nobody should vote for those individuals- put them positions of wealth and power – as they will have clearly demonstrated that they are so deep in the pockets of Israel that they share Israels contempt for universal human rights and international law.
    We all need to hit them where it hurts – in their pockets – by taking away their tickets to the gravy train.

    1. The shits stay in place while Starver does what he does. Thirst, hunger, shelter. The very things that this crew line up in Parliament to claim exes for. Justify that, if you argue that you help financially, then prove it. Show us how so that we can all join in. I hope that the guilty are reading my posts. I live in the NE come and find me. I’m crippled and I’ve got months to go but I want to meet you. Every one of you. Its not enough to refuse the whip. Leave the party you can’t say that you don’t know what it stands for.

  11. Smartboy, I agree with every word. I salute you comrade. We are talking about people who are in positions of trust, friends of the friendless helpers of the poor and supporters of the suffering. Reality check, they are money grubbing, self aggrandizing media grasping wretches of the lowest order. Maybe this is the moment when their backers and loyalists see the truth and the whole shabby tower crashes. Asocialist mps constituency is far more than a mob of intimidating loyalists. Centrist be damned, Fascist enabling trash. Bring em down, they’ve leeched for long enough. Lady how did we get to this?

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