Video: ‘No ceasefire!’ – US pro-Israel rally chants for continued slaughter of Gaza civilians

Crowd of around 30,000 supporters of apartheid state cheers right-wing antisemitic pastor, boos speaker who says he wants to see an end to the killing of children

A crowd of right-wing supporters of Israeli apartheid and genocide booed a speaker who said he wanted an end to the killing of children – but cheered an extremist right-wing ‘pastor’ who has been called the US’s most powerful antisemite – and chanted ‘no ceasefire’ as Republican Speaker of the Congress Mike Jones said asking for a ceasefire was ‘outrageous’.

The crowd, claimed by its supporters to number more than 300,000 but in reality about thirty thousand according to video footage, also made the chant in an attempt to drown out centrist speaker Van Jones as he tried to appeal for humanity toward Gazans and for all lives and deaths to be treated equally:

Israel has killed as many as fourteen thousand Gazan civilians, around half of them children and another quarter women. The UK House of Commons yesterday voted against calling for a ceasefire, with both Tory PM Rishi Sunak and so-called ‘opposition leader’ Keir Starmer supporting Israel’s ‘right’ to keep bombing and starving the more than two million Palestinians in Gaza in its blatant programme of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

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  1. ‘murrica…land of the free, and home of the brave…Until they wiped most of them out.

    The irony that the septic tanks would give israel Apache attack helicopters (to commit what amounts to ethnic cleansing) – named after an indigenous tribe essentially wiped out by US ‘settlers’, who’d seized the land from Mexico.

    The US see themselves as the solution to the world’s problems. I see them as the cause of almost all of them.

    1. A Long Read, but Medea Benjamin and Nicolas Davies’ brilliant article, Israeli War Crimes and Propaganda Follow US Blueprint, confirms your point, Toffee. Seriously people, bookmark it for later.

      “But the wars and the killing go on, day after day, year after year, out of sight and out of mind for most Americans. Did you know that the United States and its allies have dropped more than 350,000 bombs and missiles on 9 countries since 2001 (including 14,000 in the current war on Gaza)? That’s an average of 44 airstrikes per day, day in, day out, for 22 years.

      “Israel, in its present war on Gaza, with children making up more than 40% of the more than 11,000 people killed to date, would surely like to mimic the extraordinary U.S. ability to hide its brutality….”

      1. “Hey, Hey, USA! How Many Bombs Did You Drop Today?

        “Over the past 20 years, as documented in the table below, U.S. and allied air forces have dropped over 337,000 bombs and missiles on other countries. That is an average of 46 strikes per day for 20 years. This endless bombardment has not only been deadly and devastating for its victims but is broadly recognized as seriously undermining international peace and security and diminishing America’s standing in the world.”

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