These 56 Labour MPs voted to end the slaughter of Gazan civilians

Barely a quarter, but some surprising names stood up for humanity and against genocide

On a night of shame for Westminster, fifty-six Labour MPs voted for a ceasefire and an end to the genocide in Gaza:

Tahir Ali
Rosena Allin-Khan
Paula Barker
Apsana Begum
Clive Betts
Paul Blomfield
Karen Buck
Richard Burgon
Dawn Butler
Ian Byrne
Liam Byrne
Dan Carden
Sarah Champion
Stella Creasey
Jon Cruddas
Judith Cummins
Marsha de Cordova
Peter Dowd
Julie Elliott
Mary Kelly Foy
Barry Gardiner
Margaret Greenwood
Fabian Hamilton
Kate Hollern
Rachel Hopkins
Rupa Huq
Imran Hussain
Afzal Khan
Ian Lavery
Emma Lewell-Buck
Clive Lewis
Rebecca Long Bailey
Khalid Mahmood
Rachael Maskell
John McDonnell
Ian Mearns
Grahame Morris
Kate Osamor
Kate Osborne
Sarah Owen
Jess Phillips
Yasmin Qureshi
Bell Ribeiro-Addy
Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Naz Shah*
Andy Slaughter
Cat Smith
Alex Sobel
Zarah Sultana
Sam Tarry
Stephen Timms
Jon Trickett
Valerie Vaz
Nadia Whittome
Beth Winter
Mohammad Yasin

Ten of these MPs were on the front bench prior to the vote. Some have already formally resigned:

Paula Barker
Naz Shah
Afzal Khan
Yasmin Qureshi
Mary Kelly Foy
Rachel Hopkins
Sarah Owen
Dan Carden
Andy Slaughter
Jess Phillips

Helen Hayes did not vote for the amendment, despite earlier indicating her support for a ceasefire. Liverpool MP Kim Johnson tweeted before the vote that she was out of the country on a previously-arranged parliamentary visit and so not able to attend the ceasefire vote, but would have supported it. Mick Whitley and Olivia Blake were reportedly in a similar position. All three had signed CAABU’s letter demanding a ceasefire.

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  1. Bet you a pound to a penny none of them condemned the Genocide
    Called out the crimes against humanity or attacked the Apartheid Jewish State

      1. Allan
        Take a break your gambling is out of control
        Half of one penny which I expect to win from you will pay for Human Rights advice from Sir Gaza Kid Killer

    1. My MP Lyn Brown, Shadow Minister for Africa, was likewise out of the country in Africa for this vote but sent a long email to me & doubtless other constituents very sympathetic to a ceasefire.

  2. Mick Whitley would have been on the list but was called away for a family emergency. Best wishes and solidarity to him.

  3. The ones who abstained, or voted against a ceasefire can (metaphorically) kiss my arse.

    …And so can jess philips. I’m as cynical as to reckon there’s been a spec on (toerag) TV** offered to the mouthy gobshite.

    **Most likely murdoch tv than gammon bacon news – although that wouldn’t surprise me – all to maintain a charade of “balance dontcha know?!

    1. Reply to Toffee
      Regarding your comments about Jess Phillips, you could well be right about her future media career or it could just be Jess doing her sums. 34% of the people in her Birmingham Yardley constituency are Muslim and she has a majority of 10,600. Therefore she depends on Muslim votes and she knows that if she hadn’t voted for a ceasefire she would have been out on her ear at the next election.
      I have no doubt whatsoever that she and Starmer had a cosy chat about this and they agreed she should resign over the ceasefire and in due course she would be reinstared to the front bench.
      I see Owen Jones is praising her on twitter for resigning. Is he really that naive? Does he not see that Jess was just doing what comes naturally to her – looking out for herself and her own best interests.

      1. Talcum X can be pretty sharp, could be promised a scoop?

    2. Jess Phillips was only looking after her own arse. Her constituency is mainly muslim. Frightened of losing her seat.

    3. Dead right about Jess Phillips. She doesn’t do anything unless it’ll advance her career and as an attendee at Murdoch shindigs in the past, it’s all too likely he’s made her an offer she can’t refuse. I smelled a rat the moment I heard she’d resigned from the front bench “with a heavy heart”. Yeah, right!

  4. Some with their “Constituents, heads, hearts” (and wallets) (?)
    Some of these are far from socialists but perhaps have a large number of Asian voters but overall great it was passed.
    They say things come in threes: Braverman sacked, Rwanda policy illegal, and Ceasefire Now passed in Commons.
    A good few days for humanity here.

  5. Oops sorry no 3 was lost.
    Bit tired, just been on a peace vigil.
    Stealing Gaza’s oil, gas fields enables slaughter of Palestinians.

  6. Living in the UK is like being in an alternative Universe – separate from
    everywhere else on Earth.

    The Israeli people (according to polls) blame Netanyahu for the situation –
    this includes TWO ex Israeli Prime Ministers.
    (1) For his incompetence in not foreseeing the strike from Hamas, not least
    because there were Intelligence reports pointing to it.
    (2) For his collusion with Hamas in excluding of peaceable Palestinian leaders.
    There is an allegation that Netanyahu aided the transfer of funds to Hamas from
    Qatar – the reason being to split the Palestinian cause.
    (3) There are increasing calls for Netanyahu to resign NOW most particularly
    from theMilitary.

      1. “Re 1): Not so much incompetence, more cynicism. He let it happen to advance this agenda:”

        timfrom …

        You may say that – I couldn’t possibly comment ..

  7. Question. Given that the Welsh (Labour dominated) Senedd has just voted for a ceasefire, why have all but one Welsh Labour MPs taken it upon themselves to oppose a ceasefire? Just asking!
    A dismal reflection of Labour’s lack of respect for devolution. ‘You get on with the (less important) devolved issues and leave the important stuff to us. What would you (the Welsh) understand about the important matters of state ?’

  8. Natural resources off the coast of Gaza is more than enough for the never ending War Pigs to unleash the dogs
    Good news is the American empire is morally and more importantly financially bankrupt and will take Israel down with it
    Genius is knowing when to stop and be a builder of the future, very much like they were post WWII and the BRICS are now

    1. RE: the comment section in that link.

      Martin Odoni says Israel & Palestine are too small to have a two-state solution.

      I disagree. He’s an erudite chap, but has perhaps forgotten that in England we have – and have had for centuries – the city (state) of London. A mere square mile in size, It has its own government and it’s own laws & police force. It also collects it’s own taxes.

      …And, like the similar parasitic, archaic monarchy, it should not be allowed to exist in its current state.

  9. Media today focussing on 56 Labour MPs rebelling against Mr S but 142 Labour MPs still sat on the Genocide Fence.
    As Palestinians are slaughtered & dispersed for profit (Gaza gas fields, offshore oil, a new canal in the Levant).
    So we have 76% of the public wanting a ceasefire & 80% of MPs not supporting one – clear them all out at the ballot box.

    1. Please see my posts on other threads. I agree with you. This whole topic is beyond me. Socialists, faux leftists, greens, humans shouldn’t have to consider the whips. What is there to debate? It must be a no brained, to hell with jobs and careers . This is a human being thing. Planes dropping bombs on hospitals. What have you got to debate? We will remember come election Thursday. I hope that you remember that when your oozing, oiling and grinning before the microphones. We won’t forget, remember that. Exes will become exegesis. Boo hoo! Now how can you represent the people in your next scam?

  10. Democracy is the least worst option
    Unfortunately what passes for Democracy at the moment in the West is a complete sham, every foudation stone has been undermined, bought and paid for by the fuckers

  11. It’s great to see that at least 56 Labour MPs have some spine ….
    Are they just afraid for their seats with safe salaries and safe pensions ?

  12. My MP, Debbi Abrahams, is missing rom this list. Disappointed, not surprised, I’d have had something to think about next election had she voted for the ceasefire.

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