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Breaking: SNP ceasefire amendment falls

Friend of genocide Keir Starmer

The SNP amendment to demand a ceasefire in Israel’s Gaza genocide has fallen by 125 votes to 293. The debate saw right-wing Labour MPs shamefully claim a ceasefire would be wrong because it would mean only Israel stops shooting. No definition of a ceasefire is one-sided – and Palestinians’ record of keeping to ceasefire agreements is far superior to that of Israel.

According to insiders, Keir Starmer had attempted to prevent the SNP amendment even coming to a vote, by doing a deal with the Tories to support his weasel-worded amendment asking for longer pauses in Israel’s relentless bombing.

Several current front-benchers are likely to be sacked or to resign for rebelling against Starmer’s order to vote against the SNP amendment, but the rebellion was not enough to overcome the votes of those careless of the suffering and death of Gazan civilians.

Skwawkbox understands that Wavertree MP Paula Barker has resigned, as well as Imran Hussain, Naz Shah, Afzal Khan and Yasmin Qureshi.

Fifty-six Labour MPs voted for the SNP amendment in total. Helen Hayes reportedly did not vote for the amendment, despite earlier saying she supported a ceasefire.

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