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Exclusive: Starmer hoping for Tory support to stop SNP ceasefire amendment

Backroom maneouvres underway to try to block SNP and Labour amendments to King’s Speech trying to protect Gazan civilians

Keir Starmer is hoping the Tories will support his attempt to prevent SNP and Labour backbench motions that call for an immediate ceasefire in the Israeli genocide in Gaza even getting to a vote in the Commons chamber, according to sources in Westminster.

According to parliamentary insiders:

Starmer’s motion will be heard first and if it passes the SNP amendment calling for a ceasefire will fall with no division [without MPs voting]. Only if Labour’s amendment falls will there be a vote on the SNP amendment.

The SNP thinks Starmer is trying to do a deal with the Tories to support Labour’s amendment order to deprive MPs of any opportunity to vote for a ceasefire – but there are also rumours that the Tories will vote against the Labour motion, which would mean the SNP amendment going to a vote, to put Starmer in trouble.

Keir Starmer is such a friend of apartheid and genocide that he is allegedly prepared to do a deal with the party that has killed hundreds of thousands of poor, sick and disabled people in this country in order to allow Israel to continue killing civilians in Gaza and to head off a revolt among Labour MPs disgusted at his willingness to enable war crimes and slaughter.

MPs have now gone to vote on Starmer’s amendment, so we’ll know soon.

Update: Starmer’s amendment fell heavily, despite his manoeuverings, by 183-290.

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  1. Mouth almighty philips voted against & spewed it.

    If yer expecting any kudos, philips….you can feckin’ WHISTLE 😗🎵

  2. he is allegedly prepared to do a deal with the party that has killed hundreds of thousands of poor, sick and disabled people in this country

    The rags have done the twunt a mahoosive favour by saying they’re gonna send the sick&disabled out to work (again) …Cos that was MOST DEFINITELY on keef’s agenda.

    And you’ll notice not a single one of the smarmerists has uttered a dicky-bird against it. I’m surprised reeves was capable of doing the rounds on tv today (or was it yesterday?) . Unless, of course, she was literally wheeled from one studio to the other. 😙🎵

  3. United Nations – 15 November 2023
    Peace and Security
    The Security Council passed a resolution Wednesday calling for the immediate release of all hostages held by Hamas and for urgent and extended humanitarian corridors throughout the enclave to save and protect civilian lives.
    The affirmative vote came after four unsuccessful efforts to take action last month.”

    1. Could, perchance, a link be provided to a similar successful UNSC resolution calling for the immediate release of all the Palestinian hostages – including the women and children – currently held by the Israeli Regime?

      1. Dave – Not to my knowledge, was your question rhetorical?

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