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Video: massive demonstration outside Parliament as people demand MPs vote for #ceasefirenow

Starmeroids are not listening – but Starmer still likely to have to sack multiple front-benchers for refusing his order to abstain on King’s Speech amendments calling for immediate ceasefire

Thousands of people have gathered outside Parliament as MPs debate and vote on amendments to the King’s Speech, to demand that lawmakers support amendments by the SNP and left-wing Labour MPs calling for a ceasefire in Israel’s genocide of Gazan civilians:

The demo has caused the closure of roads around Parliament. The monstrous war-crime supporter Keir Starmer has said he will sack any front-benchers who vote for a ceasefire, but is still facing a potentially large rebellion among MPs who either have some remaining conscience or a big enough Muslim population in their constituency that they know they will be voted out next year if they toe Starmer’s line.

Meanwhile, Israel – while claiming it gave sufficient warning for Gazans to flee Al Shifa hospital, Gaza’s biggest and a refuge for thousands fleeing the genocide – has reportedly been shooting in the legs any who do attempt to evacuate the hospital.

Ceasefire now and shame on any MPs who do not vote to demand one.

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  1. Another reason to field a unity independent candidate, Labour MP’s need to jump before they are pushed

  2. “Ceasefire now and shame on any MPs who do not vote to demand one.”

    It is not possible to shame those who have no conscience.

    Such people need to be removed.

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