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Labour bins social housing promise – now only ‘long-term aspiration’

Starmer never saw a promise he wouldn’t break or an ordinary person he wouldn’t betray

Keir Starmer has shredded yet another longstanding Labour promise – I know, who knew there was one left – his second in just a couple of days.

After scrapping Labour’s promise to end the charitable status of the ‘elite’ private schools used by the rich, Starmer has now binned Labour’s promise to restore social housing as the second-largest form of tenancy – and instead the party says it is now a (meaningless) ‘long-term aspiration‘.

Starmer can’t keep a firm promise to save his life, so an ‘aspiration’ isn’t worth the respiration it takes to say it. Starmer is a tool of the Establishment with no concern whatsoever for the needs of ordinary people.

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    1. But according to those like Billy no mates on this site, that represents the ‘only viable alternative.”

      An approach which gives us scenes like this:

      1. The Corporate Oligarchy have a lot to answer for and one which should end with them against the metaphorical wall at dawn.

      2. Dave – It may have escaped your notice but most of us don’t have the misfortune to live in the USA.
        Only yesterday the Tories were showing off about how they were going to cut the welfare budget by doubling down on their evil sanction regime and today they announced that they are going to import everyone’s passport details into their CCTV facial recognition systems.

        …..and the credible alternative that you are offering the electorate is what, another Conservative win?
        Come back and tell us all about it when you have something a little more substantial to offer than empty rhetoric and irrelevant videos.

  1. What the actual f@#k is Sir Kid Starvers Labour party, he said it was ‘his’ party, trying to do for working class people? Oh shaft them harder than the Tories have. He must really believe there’s votes in this.

    1. We are not the party for people who are on benefits. That means that they are also not the party for people who can’t get benefits. I remember the old city under the Barbican. I remember people living under tarps in posh green centres surrounded by opulent Inns of Court. Do you remember SHAC, Shelter, Snow – Southwark network of squatters. I remember the golden reassurances from our tops and bottoms. I remember soup kitchens. Oh yeah, both Blairs wrote all about it, one phone call away from comfort. Where have the Scarborough homeless gone? We used to help when we could, but now there aren’t any Big Issue sellers. I can’t get any info about the scale in our town because there is no one to ask. Have we found the answer here in North Yorkshire or just more questions.

  2. Let’s wait and see if Labour can win the bi-election next Thursday in Scotland. I see it as a 50/50. If Labour fails to win the seat I wonder who Starmer is going to blame?

  3. New New Labour’s aspiration to restore social housing as the second-largest form of tenancy will become like universal health insurance for the Democrats in the US; an aspiration the moderate Democrats have had since1909.

  4. Herr Flick
    I see one of the Fuhrers former colleagues turned up in the Canadian parliament the other day on the eve of Yom Kippur
    Why is the Jewish Community he supports not up in arms
    Zelensky saluted him, Israel backs Ukraine to the hilt, what kind of Jews are these people
    The biggest threat to the Jewish Community is the Jewish State and their supporters like Kid Starver

  5. Is it possible in a Democracy to have a party or politicians standing for election who represent the Oligarchs
    They dont believe in Capatalism or Socialism, they will gladly kill millions to make a profit and protect their interests
    The ‘Never ending War Pigs’ the creators of the ‘Mandemic’ the ‘manipulation of elections’
    So repeat ad nauseum ‘who do you represent’ ‘who are you voting for’ them or us

    1. This piece from early August this year provides a a useful synthesis of the problem:

      ““Normative” is the word here. Because PMC [Professional & Managerial Class] education doesn’t actually involve learning anything useful, its representatives show a vast carelessness about what actually happens on the ground: all they ask is that what happened can be presented as a success, or at least an interesting learning experience, demonstrating that “measures of success” need to be more “granular,”or that “better coordination between stakeholders is needed” or finally that “our message needs to be more focused.” But there isn’t, and there cannot be, any acceptance that their ideas may be wrong, because they are by definition normatively correct….

      ….Because this caste lives in a world where discourse is the only reality, as they learned somewhere at university, they’ve grown up with the idea that control of discourse means control of reality. Repeat after me, these are not Nazi tattoos. When the truth is too painful to handle, you try to cancel it, and if that doesn’t work you find a safe space somewhere. The problem is that, whilst this approach can work in a system, such as a university, where you have total practical control, it can’t work when the real world comes knocking at your door, and you have to do something.”

      Objective Reality always, without fail, reasserts itself. Usually in ways which involves heads literally rolling on the floor. Wherever those heads happen to be.

      1. Dave – Or to be a little more succinct – You can’t convince enough people that you have anything to worthwhile to offer🤔

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