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Starmer breaks another promise: elite schools to retain ‘charity’ status and tax breaks

One more for the endless list of betrayals to please the obscenely rich

It’s hard to imagine there were any promises left that Keir Starmer hadn’t already broken, but today he has added another to the list: the pledge to end the tax-perk ‘charitable’ status of elite private schools.

Starmer and his Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves have announced that the schools will now keep their charity status – allowing them and their donors/fee-payers more tax breaks – though as a sop Starmer says he will still charge them VAT if he becomes PM. As if anyone can believe that either.

Every day, Starmer and his toxic cronies show themselves more and more the creatures of the rich – and to be unhesitating in betraying and lying to ordinary people to please billionaires and corporations..

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  1. It may not be immediately obvious to people what this means, so here is a quote from the House of Commons Library covering the advantages of Charitable status for private schools…

    Charities benefit from a series of reliefs for a variety of taxes – principally,
    reliefs on: income tax and inheritance tax on donations they receive;
    non-domestic rates on the property they use (see below); stamp duty land tax
    on property they buy; and,
    HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) publish detailed statistics on these reliefs.
    In 2021/22 it is estimated that charities claimed:
    • £1.34 billion on donations made through Gift Aid
    • £2.38 billion in relief on non-domestic rates.
    In the same year, individuals making donations claimed £800 million in relief
    from inheritance tax, and £540m on higher rate relief for donations made
    through Gift Aid and covenants. Tax relief for charities and donors were worth
    £5.4 billion in 2021/22.14

    Maybe we aren’t being told explicitly what the VAT will be on, (school fees?) though the same document states that VAT on supplies bought or sold comes to £0.25 billion …

    1. Thank you for that Joe Robson. ‘Charitable status’ is an utter farce, and yet another disgraceful broken promise.

      I do wonder if there is someone in this otherwise totally incompetent government keeping a record of all Starmer’s broken promises during his ‘reign’ ( it could have been a full time job for someone), and it will be used as ammunition against him in a forthcoming GE?

  2. Starvernomics
    Nothing interferes with the Exploitation and Extraction
    What is truly sick is the Fuhrers paymasters don’t want the money for any other reason than they don’t want you to have it, in case it gives you any ideas of making the world a better place
    It is dead money, it will never be spent, Capatalism has never answered the question what is to much
    Time to use it or lose it, 100% Inheritance tax on anything over ?
    Methinks £10 million

    1. He,he..Nothing should interfere with Exploitation and Extraction (spot on Doug) –
      and as newlabour showed back in 1997, there are reams and reams of new Regulations planned to enhance both.

      (Regulations might sometimes be presented as ‘pro-customer/consumer’, but they are usually designed to serve the supplier. With neo-liberal Regulation andd Regulatory bodies, there’s only one show in town and it has nothing to do with protecting ‘customers’ (unles they are also shareholders).

  3. ” Starmer breaks another promise” – come on Skwawkbox thats not news. What would be news – a real shock to us all – would be if Starmer kept a promise. However we all know thats not likely to happen as you’d have to go a long way to meet a more unprincipled untrustworthy individual than Keir Starmer

    1. Well Said Smartboy. It might NOT be ‘news’ to us but it is (yet more) evidence of Starmer’s duplicity, deceit and political delinquency. I know you actually appreciate SW and Skwawkbox’s (sadly) numerous disclosures of them (if he didn’t do it, nobody would).

      Thing is, though, anyone who visits this site for the first time today will – thanks to MSM ineptitude (or worse)- be seeing this evidence for the very first time.

      Also, I suppose we should expect a reprobate-centrist to back-out of the commitment to end ‘charity-status’ of private schools, BUT (I’m gonna sound a bit SteveH-ish on this), technically, forensicStarmer isn’t u-turning on this. It was never ‘his’ commitment in the first-place – but a position he inherited from party members, a Conference (or two) and a previous (far better) leader of Labour.

  4. Hold the front page: Bear shits in wood! Now back to your drudgery, peasants!

  5. Two words, lads & lasses.

    Just two.

    They aren’t “credible alternative”

    Nor “Lost deposits”

    “Ten pledges”? Nope.

    Not even “Five missions”

    They are “Green paper”

    And you wouldn’t even wipe your arse with it because it’s already full of shit.

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