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J Chronicle deletes snap showing late serial anti-Rosen troll Newbon with wife in ‘award’ promotion

Corbyn attackers nominated for ‘award’ that accidentally exposed deceased habitual smearer’s atrocious record

In May, Skwawkbox revealed that an ‘award’ set up by his supporters to honour late Northumbria University lecturer Dr Pete Newbon earlier this year accidentally exposed his record as a serial troll who was on a final warning from the university because of his appalling online activity and was being sued, along with two others, by an opponent whom he had smeared and whose life he endangered.

Newbon’s smears rose to infamy after he published a picture of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reading much-loved Jewish author Michael Rosen’s ‘Bear Hunt’ book to a group of children that had been doctored to make it appear that Corbyn was reading a notorious antisemitic text – and Newbon also plagiarised and corrupted the text of Rosen’s book as part of his ‘tweet’. The announcement of the creation of the award, as well as giving away Newbon’s awful behaviour, also extensively attacked Rosen.

Newbon killed himself last year after an argument with his wife and his supporters have tried ever since to smear Rosen with the blame, even though Rosen was so far removed from the even that he was never even mentioned at the coroner’s inquest.

And now, an article announcing three right-wing Israel supporters nominated for the ‘award’, the Jewish Chronicle – which has paid out huge amounts for libelling left-wingers and supporters of Palestinian human rights – has been edited by the paper to remove the picture of Newbon with his wife that it originally featured:

The original ‘Newbon Award’ announcement, left, and how it now appears

The reason for the deletion is not public, but Newbon’s suicide took place after a row with his wife, academic Rachel Hewitt. Hewitt subsequently sacked the lawyer who had been advising Newbon in his ill-fated attempt to sue Michael Rosen for objecting to the abuse of his work to smear Corbyn.

As well as being a lecturer, Newbon was a director and founder signatory of the anti-left ‘Labour Against Antisemitism’ (LAAS) group that relentlessly fuelled smears against Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters as part of what has now been recognised, even by barrister Martin Forde KC in his Starmer-commissioned (and then Starmer-ignored) inquiry into a leaked report about smears and abuse against the left, as a ‘weaponisation’ of antisemitism for political purposes. The Al Jazeera ‘Labour Files’ documentary also exposed the smear campaign’s political motivation.

Newbon’s supporters continue to attack Michael Rosen for the ‘crime’ of not wanting his work to be plagiarised and abused.

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