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Exclusive: Labour blocks conference motion to bring NHS back into public ownership

Motion that calls for ban on MPs accepting donations from private health firms and lobbyists also commits party to 100% public ownership of NHS – but party has blocked it via referral it to Starmerite NEC

Yesterday, Skwawkbox covered the decision of the Labour party to block a motion, put forward debate and a vote at its annual conference in Liverpool next month, that would require Labour to pass a law banning MPs from accepting donations from private health companies and lobbyists. Starmer’s Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves employs a private health lobbyist in her office – one who used to work in Starmer’s own office – and, along with right-wing Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting, has accepted large donations from donors with enormous private health investments.

But the party has also blocked a call, in the same motion, to bring the NHS out of the hands of privatisers and back into public ownership. The full motion, put forward by the Socialist Health Association (SHA) and at least three constituency parties, reads:

Conference celebrates

  • 75 years of Labour’s National Health Service.
  • the continuing provision by the Welsh government of a planned, publicly provided and funded NHS;
  • Conference confirms its support for the 2022 Conference NHS Composite.
  • Central to this is the elimination of the Tories’ corporate capture of NHS commissioning structures and service provision.
  • Conference notes the disastrous deterioration in our NHS during 13 years of Tory misrule, in particular the failure to match the spending increases of the last Labour Government and the passage of the Health and Care Act (HCA), which fragments the English NHS into 42 Integrated Care Systems modelled on US market provision. Labour will abolish the HCA.
  • Conference reaffirms Labour’s commitment to 100% direct employment of NHS workers and the total elimination of outsourcing. This will enable trade unions to secure fair pay and conditions for their members, whose selfless work during the pandemic has saved thousands of lives.
  • The next Labour government will ban political donations from private healthcare corporations, their lobbyists, or those invested in private healthcare corporations. Labour and Labour MPs will not accept such donations.
  • Conference therefore resolves:
  • To repeal the Health and Care Act 2022 and to reverse all aspects of integrated care systems at the earliest opportunity;
  • To fully renationalise England’s universal, comprehensive, publicly provided national health service with funding levels in line with the achievements of the last Labour Government.

Labour’s excuse for blocking this motion – about the reclaiming of the UK’s greatest public achievement from corporate barons and billionaires – is that it is an ‘organisational’ motion, a dodge usually applied only to purely internal party matters – downgrading the health and finances of the nation and the integrity of our politics to the same levels as whether votes are counted by hand at the party conference:

The manoeuvres to block the will of the party membership – which, like the overwhelming majority of the public, wants all public services to be returned to public hands – are as unsurprising as they are dishonest: Starmer campaigned to become Labour leader on a promise to renationalise the NHS, rail, mail, water and energy and then shredded those promises as soon as he had completed his con.

He and his cronies are unfit to run a tap, let alone a country.

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  1. Hmm……
    The Conservatives: The Party of Institutional Corruption.
    The Labour Party: The Party of Institutionalised Corruption.

    The two cheeks of the same bare face………

    1. An extract from Rachel Reeves’ conference speech
      “we will go after those who profited from the carnival of waste during the pandemic. Today, the cost to the taxpayer of Covid fraud is estimated at £7.2bn. With every single one of those cheques signed by Rishi Sunak as Chancellor. And yet just 2% of all fraudulent Covid grants have been recovered.
      So, I can announce today that we will appoint a Covid corruption commissioner. Supported by a hit squad of investigators, equipped with the powers they need and the mandate to do whatever it takes. To chase down those who have ripped off the taxpayer, take them to court, and claw back every penny of taxpayer’s money that they can. That money belongs in our NHS. It belongs in our schools. It belongs in our police. And conference, we want our money back.”

  2. Surprise, surprise …Weasley screeching blocking motions

    Looks like he’s having a motion blocked in that photo., the horrible quilt.

  3. Seems like the resident gobshite’s finally realised he can’t keep trying to break champagne bottles on freshly-laid turds.

    I was looking forward to hearing him defend this latest dump on democracy and common sense, too. 😕

      1. Beeswax?

        Bit extravagant, isnit? Mind you, he doesn’t know shit from shinola…

      2. @Dave

        Can you see today’s modern army allowing soldiers to heat spoons in the barracks?

    1. Addendum:

      For those with a strong stomach (and you will need one) here, in all its glory – or rather, gory – detail is the so called ‘viable’ alternative status quo results on offer from the kind of policy trajectory we are on courtesy of the trilateral stooge and his cheerleaders:

      The seven videos here from New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle give a new meaning to ‘The Magnificent Seven.”

      There ‘ain’t enough beeswax on the planet to polish that turd.

      1. Gonna get me a ticket on an airplane. Shake hands with Mickey and live free.

    2. When it comes to things it’s impossible to defend he generally avoids posting comments in that thread (as with this one) and, as such, hopes no-one notices. But the odious little creep turned up on the thread before this one last night and just goes from one poster to the next posting replies designed to wind people up and provoke a response. I did in fact respond indirectly to a reply he posted saying that it’s way past time that he was barred from posting on this site, and this was his pathetic and infantile response, and within FIVE minutes:

      Aww diddums, are you really so insecure that you and your assertions need a safe space?

      There is of course no way that most leftwing blogs would allow such repugnant posts to stand, and a site like JVL, for example (who monitor comments), would never publish such infantile sniping. He once tried it on in the comments section of a Craig Murray thread – ie trying to ridicule what posters had said – and he was very quickly jumped on by regulars on there and dispensed with.

      His MO – and what he is paid to do – is to disrupt the comments section on a daily basis in practically every thread, so as to put people off reading the comments section on the one hand, and to put people off posting comments on the other, and a few people have posted saying as much. Needless to say, only psychopathic fascist scum are capable of doing what he does, and he would of course have been welcomed with open arms by Joseph Goebbels to work in his propaganda department in other circumstances, and I DO regard such people as NAZIS, as with the groups and individuals and media outlets who participated in the A/S black op smear campaign against Jeremy and the left so as to dupe and deceive millions of people and, as such, subvert democracy. They are the modern day equivalent of Nazis, albeit working within the parameters and limitations of a modern democratic country – ie the illusion of one, that is, that they have created.

      1. We are, in effect, living in a Stasi-type environment, and it’s just slowly getting progressively worse. The ruling elites are Nazis in all but name (the political elite and the security services and most of the MSM, for example), hidden from the vast majority of people, and inconceivable to them of course. Check out this Counterpunch article which spells out the reality:

        ‘The U.S. Did Not Defeat Fascism in WWII, It Discretely Internationalized It’

        And most people in the military (in the UK, US, Canada and Australia etc) don’t have the faintest clue that they are doing the bidding of the ‘decendents’ of Hitler and the Nazis, and just like the German Nazis in the 1930s targeted socialists, their successors have been doing much the same ever since in the so-called Free World, and have REALLY gone for the jugular in the past eight years or so (in the UK), and their Stasi pin-up boy who they got elected to leader of the LP by lies and stealth and deception, has been exorcising left-wingers from the party and, as such, main-stream politics, using the Big Nazi lie of antisemitism to expel members on the one hand, and infuriate hundreds of thousands of us so much on the other that we leave the party in anger and outrage.

      2. “We are, in effect, living in a Stasi-type environment, and it’s just slowly getting progressively worse.”

        A reality which is starkly set out in this piece:

        “Fascism…. mean[s] the state [ie context of social existence] when rule is by force (and the fear of it); when state budgets, parliamentary votes, and oligarch fortunes are frauds upon the taxpayers; and when government propaganda has become so pervasive, no alternative public beliefs are permitted, and subversion is the rule.

        That’s when the majority of people believe what it is demonstrably not in their interest; and when they encourage the use of state force to suppress everyone who dares to calculate and say otherwise, so that no one can any longer apprehend what is in their interest, or not.

        There have been countless experiments by US psychologists to identify the fascist citizen or totalitarian personality, ever since this became a wartime priority in the 1940s. The most telling of these is Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiments at Yale in the 1960s. They demonstrated that normal individuals will administer fatal electrocution to others if they are convinced the authority to order them to press the button is legitimate. With a wave to Hunka, Rota got Canada’s parliament to demonstrate how easy it is to press the button.”

        This is where cancel culture originates. Where the Western state puppets of an out of control sociopathic and narcissistic Oligarchy and its useless idiot cheerleaders, shills and trolls tolerate no deviation from The Officially Sanctioned subjective version of reality, its discourse and The Official Narrative manufactured to sell that delusion.

        The historical record is unforgiving. Every society based on such a structure and its processes falls apart and collapses.

  4. On another matter the real Tories have changed the election for London Mayor to FPTP, which means JC could realistically walk it on 34% if not less, the Greens and LibDums will reduce what’s needed
    If he wants to inflict maximum damage on the Fuhrer then it has to be London Mayor or figurehead for Independents in the GE
    London Mayor will become more powerful as devolution cranks up several notches and any number of Independents that deprives Red Tories of a majority at this time will shift the tectonic plates
    Anticipation is the greatest pleasure

    1. I even heard GB News mentioning this possibility WITHOUT the customary shock horror sharp intake of breath the other day!

  5. It would be interesting if someone were to ask the EHRC how many LP members out of the thousands of claims and accusations of antisemitism were 1. Reported to the police, and 2. Were prosecuted and found guilty of racism/antisemitism, and 3. To inquire of the LP if they ask complainants if they, the complainant, reported the person concerned to the police.

    As to the second question, it is undoubtedly the case that the MSM would have reported any such instances (and made it headline news), and yet there have only been three to my knowledge, and one of those was from before Jeremy became leader. And I have little doubt that the EHRC knows it.

    And how about they ask John Mann where it was he heard Ken Livingstone say that Hitler was a Zionist (as he accused Ken of doing on the Daily Politics on the day he was (later) suspended in April 2016). And for THAT matter, all the numerous journalists and columnists – along with their editors – who have said the same. And at least one other MP – Ian Austin – who made the claim in a debate about antisemitism in the HoC in 2018.

    NB I read most of the speeches made in the debate, and not one of the other MPs mentioned it, which you would have thought more than a few of them would have done if they believed it was true.

    Here’s what Austin says (in an intervention):

    Let me be clear about this: Ken Livingstone claimed that Hitler was a Zionist. That is anti-Semitism, pure and simple. It happened more than two years ago, and there has been ample time to deal with it, so it is a disgrace that it has not been dealt with. Kick him out immediately. It should have been enough when the Community Security Trust, the Holocaust Educational Trust, the Jewish Labour Movement and the Jewish Leadership Council all said that it was enough, but we even had the Chief Rabbi speaking out and still nothing has happened. It is a disgrace. My hon. Friend should stand at the Dispatch Box and tell the leader of the Labour party that Livingstone must be booted out. Boot him out!

    See Column 255

    And he enlarges on his falsehood by very much giving the impression that the CST and and the JLC etc AND the Chief Rabbi all condemned Ken for saying such a thing, and is/was of course lying through his nasty little fascist teeth, and every single MP who took part or was in attendance KNEW that it was a Big Lie and a falsehood and that he was lying, as did the CST etc and the Chief Rabbi, who would have either listened to the debate at the time, or read it in Hansard shortly after it was published (usually by the next day).

    1. Here’s a short video clip from the Daily Politics in which John Mann says that Ken said Hitler was a Zionist, and does so TWICE, just to be absolutely certain that Ken got it. And needless to say, Andrew Neil – who was being the usual complete a-hole he is – along with Jo Coburn, KNEW that Mann was lying and that it was a smear and a falsehood, and yet neither of them pull John Mann up about it and let him get away with it, which on a subtle level would lead to viewers believing it was true. But given that Ken denied and refuted it (once Mann finished speaking), it would have been the most obvious thing in the world for Neil and Coburn to have chimed in that he DID say it, if they believed he HAD, but as you will see, neither of them do, and instead – as was no doubt planned in advance – Coburn then jumps in and starts lecturing Ken about how offensive it was to say that Hitler was supporting Zionism, and yet you can be 1000% certain that both SHE *and* Neil knew that Ken was alluding to The Haavara Agreement – which despite what Ken says about it taking an hour or two for BBC researchers to verify – would literally take TWO minutes to look up by typing >hitler was supporting zionism< into a search engine. And I don't mean two minutes to find such information, but two minutes to find it AND read it!

      John Mann is nothing but a thug and a bully and a lying piece of fascist shite (as with Starmer and Austin and Hodge and Smeeth et al), and it really is time to expose the likes of John Mann and his ilk and the CAA anf JLM and BoD and the Jewish newspapers and the MSM for what they actually are, and how they smeared and demonised good, honest caring people like Ken and Jeremy and Jackie and Chris who aspire to change the world for the better, and did so to deceive the public and so as to subvert democracy, and each and every person and organisation and the people within each one of them that participated in the A/S black op smear campaign is a traitor to the population of Britain and humanity in general. And ESPECIALLY the fascist owned and/or controlled MSM who not only gave all the A/S fraudsters a platform and a voice and legitimacy, but ALSO smeared Jeremy every-which-way they could think of.

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