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Labour blocks conference motion that would ban MPs taking cash from NHS privatisers

Starmer regime wants its lobbyist cash

The Labour party’s ‘Conference Arrangements Committee’ (CAC) has blocked an attempt by the Socialist Health Association (SHA) to bring a motion at next month’s party conference in Liverpool calling for a law to ban MPs from accepting donations from private health companies and their lobbyists.

This is as unsurprising as it is shameless, given that both Keir Starmer and his health drone Wes Streeting have accepted large donations from donors with huge private health interests.

Labour is also banning motions calling for the end of the two-child benefit cap that is impoverishing more than a million children – which Starmer has said he will not end, even though it will cost the country less to scrap it than to keep it – as well as motions on Brexit and electoral reform.

Starmer represents more of the (evil) same, not any kind of change for the better for those most in need of it. He will be an unwelcome stain on the city when he comes here.

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    1. While we are waiting for Billy no mates to find the cojones as well as the beeswax here’s an appropriate interlude:

  1. Starmer and the mandelson/bliar machine blinded by nihilistic hatred. Down and down into the sewer they go. SHA should make the stinkiest of stinks about this outrage!!!!!!!

  2. There can be no doubt that the front bench of this New Blue Labour Party are fully committed to accelerated privatisation of the NHS, and to personal gain from accommodating such.

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