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Hackney N Labour condemns ‘abuse of power’ to kill discussion of right-wing paedophile

‘Anti-democratic’ moves by Labour after favoured right-winger convicted of possession of worst category of child-rape images

As Skwawkbox has reported, the Labour party blocked elected officers in Hackney from accessing member communication systems and threatened members with sanction after members, particularly women members, insisted they needed to discuss safeguarding issues after favoured right-wing former councillor Thomas Dewey was convicted for possession of the most serious and sadistic category of child rape images.

Dewey had been allowed by the Labour regime to stand in the borough’s council elections despite his arrest.

Now Labour members in Hackney North have issued a statement on the ‘bureaucratic coup’ and ‘blatant factionalism’ by the regime to try to prevent them discussing the Dewey issue and take control of the constituency party:

Hackney North Labour Left Statement on the bureaucratic coup

We must also highlight and protest in the strongest terms at the London Regional Labour Party’s treatment of Hackney North & Stoke Newington Constituency Labour Party (CLP) against the backdrop of the Tom Dewey scandal.

After Executive Committee members raised safeguarding issues at the Executive Committee’s 13 July 2023 meeting, we were silenced by the London Regional Director, Pearleen Sangha, who suddenly joined the Zoom call. Within 24 hours she moved to “pause” the CLP’s access to Organise, the email network which facilitates communication with members. This move was a form of collective punishment for the CLP for raising entirely legitimate concerns.

The London Region restored partial access today (Thursday 7 September), but the three senior Hackney North CLP officers (chair, secretary and treasurer) have been ousted and replaced by three unelected individuals, one of whom is not currently a Hackney North member. This purports to be under the Labour Party guidance for boundary changes. However, this covers constituencies with a change of more than 15% in membership, which does not apply to Hackney North. This is blatant factionalism and outrageous. It is especially damaging at a time when we are working with grassroots members and Hackney residents and community organisations to reassure them that we take safeguarding with the utmost seriousness. Many CLPs around the country will recognise this total disregard of Labour Party rules and democratic processes both regionally and nationally.

We call on the National Executive Committee to act to reinstate the CLP’s democratically elected Hackney North officers until an Annual General Meeting and put a halt to such anti-democratic abuse of power, which can only serve to undermine the morale of many Party members, especially in the wake of the Dewey scandal and the revelations of the past fortnight regarding the elected Mayor’s dishonesty.

The events in Hackney are only the latest in a series of decisions by the party – including Keir Starmer himself – to protect alleged perpetrators and cover up whistleblowing.

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  1. ‘Kinell. It’s like that scene in farty towels

    “Don’t mention the nonces…I mentioned it once, but i think I got away with it!”

    Except it’s not amusing. It’s piss-boiling.

    Again, and for the the record, wee gobshite.


    And keef’s done PLENTY of that. Still gonna tell us we should allow him to do so?

    That makes you complicit. And every bit as guilty as the nonces themselves.

    1. Toffee, well said. And like me you can see a common thread on Starmer and his constant support of paedo behaviour. If you haven’t seen that long Twitter thread about Starmer and his Establishment paedo protecting history then I encourage you to read it. It’s jaw dropping.

    2. I used to believe, stupidly that these dark waters were wading places for the Tory, Lib perverts. How wrong, how pathetic. They’re laughing at us. How high, how low does this evil, degeneracy go? These are our kids STARMER. They will receive justice. Surely, fines, painting walls, £50 quid fines, sorry mlady, wink, wank. There are no excuses for this. I believe that the Great Researcher, and The teenage brides’ ex husband are getting their bands together for a slap along. It’s for the kids you know. Yeah, we know. How do you like your black n decker. Rare, bloody. Filthy, degenerate pigs.

  2. Wow how bad can the party stoop. In reality I don’t know what they’re worried about. Currently not much like this is covered by MSM.
    Does this CLP cover Diane Abbotts constituency? If so this is going to be really handy when the factional rotters move against and replace her with one of their chosen sycophants.

    1. Yes, Diane Abbott is the constituency MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington.
      Surely given her forthright manner she would have spoken out about this if there was actually anything to speak out about.🤔

      1. Is Abbot responsible for party sleaze affairs in Islington?

        Or even nationwide?

        Let’s not forget, prick, that abbot’s been suspendedfrom your peadophile-ring since April.

        Not her problem, at least not while the nonce excusers try to ‘wash’ it.

        And according to YOU, pedophilia isn’t worth mentioning.



        SUE ME.

      2. Not in the psycho-run Labour party, she wouldn’t. The poor woman’s considered to be no-better than a whistle-blower and is intensely-despised by every centerist psycho in Labour.

      3. Toffee – Why on earth would I give a f’ what you think or say when your comments say so much more about you than they do about me.😉

  3. “We call on the National Executive Committee to act to reinstate the CLP’s democratically elected Hackney North officers until an Annual General Meeting and put a halt to such anti-democratic abuse of power”

    Good luck with that one with a NEC which already gets bypassed and sidelined over spaffing anything up to £5 million on a personal political vendetta against alleged whistle blowers where the Junta has zilch in the way of solid evidence because they think they can get away in the real world with the same absence of due process principles and standards they operate in the Party internal procedures.

    Relying on those with a long history of anti-democratic gerrymandering to reverse such abuse of power is akin to turkeys appealing to the better nature of the chef preparing Christmas dinner.

    The tail is wagging the dog and the only way to achieve the democratic objective is for the CLP to ignore the authoritarian Junta management and carry on normal business with the already properly elected team of lay officers/representatives.

  4. The time-line (of who knew what and when) given below and freely available from multiple news sources published at the time clearly illustrates that any claims that the Labour Party knowingly allowed Dewey to stand in the borough’s council elections despite his arrest are simply untrue.

    Thomas Dewey (TD) was arrested on 29/04/2022 just 6 days before the election on 6/05/2022 and 24 days after the latest date that candidates could be changed in that election.
    The National Crime Agency who carried out the raid and arrest did not inform Hackney Council about TD’s arrest until 13/05/22 a week after the election and Hackney Council’s Chief Executive did not inform the Mayor Philip Glanville (PG) until a day later on 14/05/22.
    The Chief Executive of the Council officially informed the Labour Party on 16/05/22 10 days after the election took place.

    It has been reported that when TD was confronted on 16/05/22 he immediately resigned both his seat and his already suspended membership of the Labour Party.

    The house party pictured above took place on the same day (14/05/22) that PG was first informed of TD’s arrest. It was reported that PG said the following when challenged about his attendance at this house party.
    ”Being with Tom Dewey at all on May 14 was clearly an error of judgement for which I wholeheartedly apologise.
    “I was told of his arrest, but not the full extent of the charges, in a brief discussion with the council chief executive the same day.
    “I shouldn’t have been at the event in which we were photographed but I did so as I feared to cancel the event, or not attend myself, may alert Tom to what I knew, during what I understood to be a live criminal case.
    “This does not alter the fact I had no involvement in the case, and shouldn’t deter from the actions, including moving out of the house the following day, as well as others I have taken since his resignation and conviction, which I have made clear in previous statements.”

    Given that to date there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that the Labour Party knew anything about TD being arrested and bailed until at least a week after the election had taken place then any assertions that Labour allowing TD to stand in the election knowing that he was on bail for the possession of child porn appears to be nothing more than ill-informed hyperbole driven by factional prejudices rather than the known facts.
    Maybe an enquiry will reveal further details but until someone comes up with some credible evidence that presents a radically different time-line on who knew what and when then it looks like the Labour Party were never in a position to prevent anything to do with this and given their knowledge at the time acted appropriately throughout.

    1. I’m posting here because just down the page a tad SH has done his usual of saying something provocative so as to set off a chain reaction, and THAT is precisely what’s happened. But for that, I would have posted as close as I could to Andy. So as I said in a recent thread re Andy saying in a post a couple of weeks ago that Jeremy made a ‘grovelling apology’ in the pre-election Andrew Neil interview, that Andy was lying through his teeth and didn’t somehow make a mistake. And the reason I’m posting is to alert those who were mislead by Andy to the fact that they were.

      In the interview Andrew Neil asked JC four times if he’d like to apologise to the Jewish community, and Jeremy refused to do so each time he did (because apart from having nothing to apologise for, Jeremy obviously knew that Neil – who is of course a nasty little piece of work – was baiting him). And it was headline news right across the whole of the MSM that Jeremy refused to apologise four times. If anyone reading this has any doubts, then just do a search and see for yourself – ie see for yourself that it was covered by the whole of the MSM.

      Anyway, here’s a video clip of Jeremy doing so:

      And here’s what Andy said in his post:

      As much as I respect Corbyn, I do wish he’d confronted these falsehoods head on much earlier. Mocking them dismissively, as patently absurd, as Blair would’ve done. They were demonstrably false, given JC’s political career fighting all forms of discrimination and inequality. Confronting, rather than letting them fester, which ultimately ended in a grovelling apology in that ‘car crash’ pre-election day interview with right-wing presenter Andrew Neil [Johnson backed out of his grilling remember]. That apology played straight into the hands of those in the PLP and media out to destroy the left.

      Yes, so Andy doesn’t just tell a nasty, malicious big lie concocted and designed to discredit Jeremy in the minds of readers of this blog, but he then goes on to elaborate on his lie with a further lie – ie that it played straight into the hands of those in the PLP and media out to destroy the left.

      Needless to say, just about everyone on the left – apart from younger people – know that Jeremy refused to apologise four times in the interview, and yet not a single one of the regular posters on this site pulled Andy up about it. I wonder why not!!!

      1. And just one other – comparatively – minor point. Andy says the following in respect of the falsehoods:

        They were demonstrably false, given JC’s political career fighting all forms of discrimination and inequality.

        The reality is that only those familiar with Jeremy and his politics would know of his career of fighting discrimination and racism and inequality – those of us on the left (and on the right) that is – and so it obviously wasn’t apparent to most people that the claims and accusations in respect of antisemitism were demonstrably false. If everyone had known Jeremy’s history of campaigning against racism and bigotry, then the Smearers smears wouldn’t have been effective, and they would soon have realised what was going on – ie that those smearing him were trying to sabotage his leadership so as to subvert democracy.

    2. Afterthought: I have little doubt that hundreds of people on the right – and quite possibly thousands – knew before the A/S black op smear campaign kicked off (with the Oxford Union Labour Club episode) that an A/S smear campaign against Jeremy and the left was in the pipeline – ie the Blairites and Tory leadership and MPs and the British and Israeli so-called security services and BoD and the Zionist propaganda outfits like the JLM and CAA et al, along with the editors and senior staff of the MSM…… AND, that as it initially progressed, tens of thousands more people on the right picked up on the fact that THAT is what was happening, and especially by the time it got to the Naz Shah/Ken Livingstone episode, and ESPECIALLY when much of the MSM was saying that Ken had said that Hitler was a Zionist. Precisely by coming out with such an absurd claim the saboteurs made it clear to numerous people on the right that it was a black propaganda smear campaign.

      Put it this way: You can be 1,000% certain that no-one on the whole planet has ever said Hitler was a Zionist EVER, and tens of thousands – and quite possibly HUNDREDS of thousands – of people on the right knew that Ken hadn’t said such a preposterous thing, and realised that it was the conspirators way of letting them know that they – the conspirators – were conducting a smear campaign against Jeremy (and the left) so as to damage and destroy him and, as such, subvert democracy.

      And just one other point regarding something Andy said in his post a couple of weeks ago. If Blair had been a left-wing socialist like Jeremy, he would have been smeared to of being elected leader of the LP, and it’s HIGHLY unlikely he would ever have got anywhere near 10 Downing Street, as with Michael Foot AND Neil Kinnock, who wasn’t exactly a socialist, but who they smeared anyway, and disseminated numerous falsehoods about his and the LPs policies, and ESPECIALLY during the election campaign of the two general elections he contested as leader in ’87 and ’92..

      And one of the biggest a couple of months or so before Thatcher called the GE in ’92 was The Sunday Times Kinnock’s Kremlin Connection story – which the rest of the right-wing press ran with – when Andrew Neil was the editor.

      1. To be clear, Kinnock was a verbose clown who used his left credentials to carve out quite a nice position for himself, exemplifying precisely what many years ago, one political writer accurately referred to as “parliamentary cretinism”.
        His behaviour during the Thatcher era was justly rewarded with two election defeats.
        As he was the precursor to New Labour, the party membership should have learned their lesson.

      2. The point is that he was smeared every-which-way by the right-wing press, and there really is no comparison between Kinnock and Blair. If he had been a right-winger like Blair, they wouldn’t tave relentless lied about the Labour Party’s manifesto pledges. Kinnock would have been infinitely better than Thatcher and her fascist crew (in ’87), and much more preferable than John Major (in ’92).

        So I take it you don’t have any problem with the Tories and the Tory press smearing him and endlessly lying about the LPs policies, and actually think he deserved it. Is that right? But just out of interest, what was his behaviour during the Thatcher era??

      3. @Allan

        Kinnock was in on it. He deliberately lost. This was the man who swore he’d never take ermine. Tooo a job with EU after quitting where he and his wife took over £10 million…

        Kinnock was proto-Bliar.

    3. Do try and keep up there in the Remove steveH.

      The issue is not one of the timeline. It is about the abuse of democratic norms in which members and Party Units are being forbidden to discuss and debate the issue by an out of control malevolent and incompetent authoritarian Junta.

      But then you know that don’t you. You are once again simply acting in bad faith by pathetically attempting to deflect from the issue in order to protect the narrative. Just like a good little sycophant.

      You are so transparent.

      1. The blatant clue is in this paragraph steveH:

        “After Executive Committee members raised safeguarding issues at the Executive Committee’s 13 July 2023 meeting, we were silenced by the London Regional Director, Pearleen Sangha, who suddenly joined the Zoom call. Within 24 hours she moved to “pause” the CLP’s access to Organise, the email network which facilitates communication with members. This move was a form of collective punishment for the CLP for raising entirely legitimate concerns.”

        Which bit of the concept of people being concerned about safeguarding issues are you so contemptuous of?

        Perhaps toffee is on to something?

  5. Haha.. Corbyn polling 15% in the London mayoral race and he hasn’t even stated any intention of running. Can you imagine a full campaign with tens of thousands of young volunteers, plus leftist social media pulling behind him. He’d probably walk it like Ken Livingston before him.

    Ridiculous Starmer gobshite, Paul Mason, seems to think 15% would be the upper limit to khan’s current ~33%.

      1. Why ? So Starmer’s media attack dogs can get to work early?

        The UK is just that sort of country.

      2. Dithering????
        I suspect that he isn’t procrastinating and has known his intentions for some considerable time, but can’t be bothered with the fact that some obsessed freak across the pond has nothing better to think about.
        Standing, or not standing, you’ll find out in the fullness of time. At least, then, one of your stock comments will have to be abandoned.

      3. Are we to take it that Jeremy has concluded that the risk of losing in his own constituency is too great?
        Jeremy may decide to have a go at standing for London Mayor but I have my doubts. I think that Jeremy is simply hanging on until the last possible moment to announce his retirement from front-line politics because he is all too aware that the moment he announces that he won’t be standing then he will become irrelevant and hardly anyone will care much what he has to say.
        We’ll see what next year brings.🤔

      4. Ah, “prevaricating” – Like Starmer when asked about policies.

      5. When will Jeremy stop prevaricating? I don’t think the man has ever prevaricated once in his life. Admittedly, it might look like he did when as party leader he couldn’t stop Starmer’s psycho-centrists hijack the Conference decision to not have a second referendum on brexit and lost GE19 for Labour, but even then he didn’t prevaricate.

        prevaricate | prɪˈvarɪkeɪt |. verb [no object], speak or act in an evasive way

      6. qwertboi – Are you having a laugh, WTF was month after bloody month of constructive ambiguity❓

      7. SH: ” Are you having a laugh, WTF was month after bloody month of constructive ambiguity❓”

        2 things:
        1. Dangerous sociopaths like Starmer (and the billionaires he serves) going about their vile, anti-democratic, pro-oligarchy business, produce a need for ‘constructive ambiguity’. (In fact, the CIA even issue ‘commentary’/instruction manuals on this to facilitate the ‘black art’ psyops it results in.
        2. ‘Constructive ambiguity’ at a personal level can be a defence-mechanism (as the millions of people who were duped by the Covid CON, know that SARS-CoV 2 is not ‘novel’, particularly infectious or dangerous, know) but the vile kid-starver was using the CIA-backed mechanism to disable a threat to the billionaires – one Jeremy Bernard Corbyn (may he be thanked and praised).
        I’m sure that even Allan Howard won’t mind me saying that poor Jeremy C. was well-and-truly fucked by the army of psychologists, the zionist-brigade and the anti-democratic corporate centrists who sold–their-souls to the American empire laughingly called ‘the free world’.

      8. qwertboi – Are you really that stupid and gullible, or is it just an act?

      1. Yep.

        He posed as a big Corbyn fan c.2015-2017, but today acts like he’s got major shares in Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and BAE systems. Ultra hawkish about fighting Russia and indeed China, he opines endlessly about Russia’s brutal occupation urging Ukrainians to fight to the last Ukrainian resisting occupation. This while saying sweet FA about Israel’s and whether the Palestinian resistance is equally justified?

        He also has a very simple view about the conflict. As if he believes the views of Crimeans and those in the Donbas just don’t matter. As far as Mason is concerned, it’s simply Kiev’s territory in the same way Scotland would be London’s territory in any dispute, using the same reasoning. Ignoring the people who actually live their and their wishes. How a shattered Ukraine would reintegrate people in Crimea and the east, who likely don’t want to be part of Ukraine and have indeed fought against Ukraine? Well Mason hasn’t thought about that.

        He was pictured dining with Starmer in 2019, which some allege was two state assets discussing strategy. I would personally like to know if he authored the 10 Pledges; because that is exactly the language he’d use and he knew which buttons to press to impress the left. “Based on the moral case for socialism here is where I stand” for example. Does anyone think Starmer would write that?

        Worse still, Mason argued that voting Starmer was the ONLY way the left could prevent a purge, as Starmer would never allow it. He also attacked RLB over her religious views on abortion. Basically pure treachery.

      2. Yes Andy. When he did his posturing bit in front of the TV cameras, going on about how nobody in the City of London had been banged up for causing the 2008 crash, I though that he was just a not very bright bloke who had his heart in the right place and who had just lost it for a few minutes. In retrospect, I think that it was part of the creation of the persona of a ‘leftie” so that he was in a position to undermine any progressive developments – which is exactly what he has been doing all along.

      3. goldbach

        He’s really bad. He used to use the red flag emoji in his tweets a lot, claiming real socialists MUST back Starmer – VOTE STARMER – A REAL LEFTWING Leader!!!! Now he’s writing books denigrating ‘REDS’.

        He reminds that bloke in the US Capitol riots demanding everyone must “march on the Capitol!!!” and “we must go in!!!” Ray Epps, who later walked away scot-free with everyone alleging he was an undercover agent provocateur ‘FED’ i.e. FBI

      1. Have you all forgotten that the Tories have done away with PR for the London Mayoral elections. This Mayoral election will be decided by FPTP because the Tory government believe it will give them an electoral advantage.

      2. SteveH

        Why do you think Corbyn would stay at 15%? When he ran for the Labour leadership in 2015, did he start as overwhelming favourite?

        The answer to my question is of course, no! He won through putting his case and offering change in the husting debates. Just imagine what Corbyn could offer in terms of reforming police and the utterly discredited Met and the chronic expensive housing situation, maybe further financial assistance for a new vehicle or widening exemptions for those with lower incomes, with regards to ULEZ.

        The truth is, he’ll win it simply through making a better offer than Khan, if he runs. Yourself and Paul Mason are talking crap saying he’d simply be a Tory enabler. If he’s in it , he’s in it to win it.

      3. SteveH

        Question: if he enters the race and goes ahead of Khan in polling, should Khan drop out? Do you think Khan would drop out?

        Personally, I think Khan should retire, there should be term limits (2 terms).The UK does democracy badly. As bad as US democracy is, in terms of big money corruption, they do at least have things like primaries and term limits to mitigate things somewhat.

      4. Andy – I’m not keen on term limits but have wondered about primaries.
        The thing about primaries is that, when an “outsider”, like Sanders, gets the majority of the votes the system conspires to make sure he doesn’t win. Whereas, in the system we have in the UK, if an outsider, like Corbyn, ……………………. oh, hang on.

      5. “A system that gave us Donald Trump”
        Whereas our system gave us Boris Johnson and ………………. oh, hang on.

      6. goldbach – Unfortunately at the 19GE far too many exLabour voters, including more than a few misguided souls who contribute to these pages, chose to vote for Boris Johnson in preference to Jeremy Corbyn.

      7. goldbach – Oh dear, is that it? Don’t give up the day job🥱

      8. qwertboi – “Susan Hall would be a better Mayor than any ULEZ-backing centrist.”

        Really❓ I’m surprised at you supporting someone with her views.

      9. SteveH

        There is logic in those on the left preferring a weak Tory to win over a centrist.

        Obviously power is cyclical, especially in a two-party system. That is to say the ‘other lot’ getting in is inevitable every two decades or so. Wasting that golden opportunity with a ‘change nothing’ cowardly centrist in charge is frustrating as all hell for progressives. I’d rather postpone for a true leftist than endorse a centrist. Even if that means tolerating a Tory.

      10. ……is it any wonder that the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ can’t make any consistent progress

  6. How has this thread got onto the subject of Corbyn once again? He lives in the Red Tory supporter’s miniscule brain like a tapeworm. Gnawing away 24/7.

      1. ” he started it” – the standard comment of the school psychopath being used, I see.

  7. Is it me….Or has anyone else noticed the verbose answers from the nonce enabler on this specific subject i.e. nonsenseism?

    Answer to him (on any subject) in over 400 characters and you get chapter & verse about how you’re ranting

    When smarmerist nonsenseism is the order…. there’s one one poster defending the enabler with the detailed answers he refuses to provide for questions on any other topic.

    Go figure…

      1. It’s simple enough – even for a simpleton like you to understand.

        But, for clarity…

        Explain just why it is that you go to great lengths to mitigate for keef’s nonce-enabling; more so than on all other subjects where keef can rightly be criticized.

        Explain just why it is that when fronted with your own nonce-supporting views, you avoid the issue altogether. Any normal person wouldn’t go as far to excuse keef’s disgusting record, and would be at pains to state that they disagree vehemently with keef’s execrable ideology.

        However, your reluctance to distance yourself from keef’s abhorrent record on the protection of children, combined (and aggravated by) with your persistent mitigation for him/it can only lead a normal person to deduce that you agree and condone with him.

        There is NO excuse for allowing children to suffer. You seem to think there’s ample reason.

        That makes you every bit the nonce.

    1. Who, throughout the collective West, is going to be credible negotiators?

      Every single promise and agreement over decades has been broken or repudiated. From no NATO expansion through Nuclear Missile treaties to Minsk 1 and 2 which those well known “Putin puppets and apologists” (© all those on the planet with an IQ in negative numbers) Merkel and Hollande openly admitted last year were agreed in bad faith by themselves and the Collective West Oligarchy in order to buy time to equip and train the Ukraine Armed forces to invade the Russian speaking areas of Ukraine and the Crimea.

      The reality is that there is no one to negotiate with in the West. They don’t do negotiations only the “we make the rules, you obey the orders’” ‘Rules Based Order’. Which is why the Russians and the Chinese are not picking up the phone and an increasing number of Global South States are queuing up to joint BRICS, SCO, Belt and Road etc to bypass an out of control, incompetent, and failing rogue minority.

      The controlling and authoritarian Western Oligarchy has nothing to offer other than the same bluster and bullying it has engaged in for centuries and the chickens are coming home to roost. They had their chance in December 2022 and the ignorant and arrogant numpties blew it. They are unlikely to get a second bite of that cherry.

      1. Quite right, Dave. The “realists” at RS have realised that the war will be lost and are trying to find a means of ending it so it can be spun as “statesmanship”. They’re way behind the curve, but at least they’re advocating talking, which may result in them seeing the need for a European security framework for ALL countries which was being proposed around twenty years ago. Now remind me who was proposing it.

  8. Well, well – I’ve just been reading that Rustem Umerov, the recently installed new defence minister of Ukraine was one of the team who negotiated the March 2022 Istanbul agreement that was initialled, but then repudiated by Ukraine after Boris Johnson’s visit to Kiev. [N.B. It was one of the other negotiators who was murdered in Kiev shortly afterwards]. Could this be another straw in the wind suggesting that we may be heading towards negotiations? Let’s hope so.

  9. SteveH08/09/2023 AT 4:32 PM
    goldbach – Unfortunately at the 19GE far too many exLabour voters, including more than a few misguided souls who contribute to these pages, chose to vote for Boris Johnson in preference to Jeremy Corbyn.


    Names AND proof or GTFO

    1. Toffee – His is as simplistic “assessment.
      I voted neither for Johnson nor Corbyn because neither of them were on the ballot paper in this neck of the woods. People vote for a party or, occasionally, for an individual. The people I know up here who switched to the Tories did so because they wanted to “get Brexit done” and believed that Labour was trying to engineer a second referendum to overturn the result of the first one. In that, they were certainly correct ……. as far as the shadow minister for Brexit was concerned.

      1. And I was never gonna vote illeagle – especially after it’s shithousery, the lying, whining, deceitful, useless bastard.

        Anyhow, I demand to know who these posters are who actually DID vote toerag. It MUST be true, wee nonce enabler has said so.

        AFAIC that’s only second to being (correctly and evidenced) discovered as a nonce-friendly paedophobe (sic).

        …But the superfluous paedophobe seems to have taken the GTFO option, instead of stumping up names along with irrefutable
        proof. (As is his M.O.)

        That is, until the next thread; when it will be back to do the same thing as it always does.

        Therefore, I’d suggest everyone does nothing else to entertain the rat until he has cleared each and every one of you of his baseless accusation, designed to do nothing less than deflect from his own demonstrably reprehensible behaviour and outlook.

        Wee stevie paedophobe says posters on here voted toerag. No names, no citation.

        Therefore, you ALL fall under that accusation until the nonce enabler clears you.

        You gonna stand for THAT, coming from something like THAT?

    1. Every CLP with a democratic bone left un their body should resign en masse and put up an Independent candidate

      1. Doug – The TUSC put forward 135 candidates in 2015. They all lost their deposits.

      2. Herr Flick
        No comparison, the publicity alone will do the majority of the legwork needed
        If its coordinated with oin a handful of seats to add to ferocius assault on the Fuhrer by MSM and Toilet papers, Lib Dums, SNP and Socialist group MP’s to give us the required hung parliament

        Do the maths Einstein

      3. Doug – The 619 prospective councillors that the TUSC also stood as part of their co-ordinated push didn’t fare any better.🤔

      4. Herr Flick
        WTF have TUSC got to do with CLP’s resigning en masses and putting up their own candidate, with other anti Tory parties stepping aside
        The quid pro quo would be them reciprocating in non Labour seats
        A proper fuck off stitch up to take out Red and Blue Tories

      5. Herr Flick
        Is ‘Make Brexit work’ Prevarication until the Fuhrer can get his preferred 2nd Referendum through

  10. Well, well. Interesting things keep happening.
    Here’s a bit from the G20 declaration released at the end of the conference:
    “We appreciate the efforts of Türkiye and UN-brokered Istanbul Agreements consisting
    of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Russian Federation and the Secretariat of the United Nations on Promoting Russian Food Products and Fertilizers
    to the World Markets and the Initiative on the Safe Transportation of Grain and
    Foodstuffs from Ukrainian Ports (Black Sea Initiative), and call for their full, timely and
    effective implementation to ensure the immediate and unimpeded deliveries of grain,
    foodstuffs, and fertilizers/inputs from the Russian Federation and Ukraine. This is
    necessary to meet the demand in developing and least developed countries,
    particularly those in Africa.”
    Signed up to by all 20 nations.
    A clear recognition that the US and Europe have never implemented their bit of the deal, and a clear signal to them – one made with two fingers.
    Here’s the full statement.

  11. SteveH11/09/2023 AT 12:53 AM
    Doug – The TUSC put forward 135 candidates in 2015. They all lost their deposits.

    Nevermind your deflection, evasion and obfuscation.

    Give us the names, along with the proof, of those posters on here that you say voted tory in 2019.

  12. ^^^^You see, everybody?^^^^

    That’s how to be rid of the gobshite. Sure enough, he’ll come back – to reply to something else entirely unconnected with his usual manufactured bullshit, or entirely irrelevant to the original post – whatever the subject may be.

    But if everyone else adopts the approach demonstrated.

    He owes you an explanation, after all.

  13. Get a move on, wee paedophobe. We’d all be grateful to know who you reckon voted toerag in ’19.

    Now, I know you’ve seen my most recent posts, and you’re lurking around, hoping for someone else to make an off-subject post so as you can reply to them.

    And you’re the one always moaning about Corbyn’s supposed prevarication/b>.

  14. What’s a National Executive Committee for? It executes. Labour imitates capitalism’s structures. A radical movement needs a radical structure: federation of autonomous groups. The debate about this goes back a long way, but the evidence is on the side of those who reject hierarchy and the passing of power upwards.

    1. Society is like a stew, if you don’t keep stirring it the scum rises to the top.

    1. ……this:

      Most of the seven here, if not all, are from the political right of the party and the BS cover story about not voting for the local plan as the reason for the suspension is bogus.

      Apart from the now former Deputy leader – who only held that role recently – all those suspended were associated with the trees debacle. All seven were called in to Region to sign a document presented by the paid flunkey’s which included in their view an element in which they were admitting individual and collective complicity in the trees saga.

      Deadlines came and went back in July this year and it was only a matter of time before they were suspended for refusing to sign.

      The snake is now eating its own tail.

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